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Postby Ampersand » Thu Jul 12, 2018 10:11 pm

Ampersand wrote:TONIGHT'S FEATURE PRESENTATION: The Great Wall
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Postby Ampersand » Thu Jul 12, 2018 11:46 pm

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<autarch> 3
<lhs> gobi or go home
<autarch> 2
<autarch> 1
<dan2> lol lhs
<impdentist> i still don't understand how this got made with so many white dudes starring
<impdentist> it's 2018
<donnamartin> oh dear
<animefilm> (thanks I think im synced)
<dan2> Well, technically 2016
<bob511> Pretty sure the Chinese love white movie stars?
<impdentist> oh are they actually white in the movie
<dan2> yeah, this was strictly for china
<besoin> they're white men going east to discover gunpowder
<sideshowraheem> too bad it's not a Brian Dennehy IS Kublai Khan situation
<besoin> pay attention, imp
<Ampersand_> mm fresh horses tasty
<autarch> the moon is strong. yeah tell me something i don't know
<donnamartin> magnets, how do they work?
<lhs> his poncho is straight out of 1995
<Trebbers> Yeah, fuck your magnet
<animefilm> did he call him amigo?
<besoin> yes, he's spanish
<Trebbers> About to ask
<Ampersand_> he called him "amagnet"
<Trebbers> aha
<lhs> what happened to the russian subs
<donnamartin> it's the great spanish migration to china
<autarch> "hey does anyone have a spare magnet?" yeah, just take it, it's useless. Ive been carrying it around
<sideshowraheem> he preferred Left 4 Dead 2 because it had more guns
<dan2> I think it may just be for on screen text
<dan2> I'm assuming all it says was how long the wall was
<donnamartin> the mother of dragons
<dan2> "I don't know, the camera was swinging around too much!"
<impdentist> oh mannnnn
<animefilm> He just sliced a flying turkey leg
<Trebbers> "I don't know, this is shot so confusingly"
<sideshowraheem> "I saw this incredibly dumb plan in the last season of game of thrones"
<Trebbers> Assistant bastards
<impdentist> is damon irish
<Trebbers> Spanish
<donnamartin> why not?
<bob511> Polo-ish.
<dan2> just like Sean Connery in Highlander
<impdentist> yeah that's exactly what i was thinking
<Trebbers> "fuck it!"
<donnamartin> solid cgi work there
<autarch> boioioioioing
<lhs> boioioioing
<bob511> They've wandered onto the set of Hero
<autarch> hahaha
<animefilm> woah where did this wall come from
<donnamartin> suicide by arrow storm
<impdentist> how did they not see that
<Trebbers> Oh, that thing
<besoin> the wall's a beaut
<donnamartin> oh they already built it movie over
<bob511> It's visible from space, not from the ground.
<Trebbers> Looks small from the curb
<animefilm> seems like a lot of people employed to stand on the wall and watch an empty desert
<autarch> kill them all
<impdentist> i think the idea of putting your hands up is that you don't have weapons in them
<impdentist> oh ok
<bob511> So is your guy's copy doing this in Cyrillic too?
<besoin> these guys look really organized
<sideshowraheem> "emperor we found some white guys!"
<dan2> when you really gotta go
<donnamartin> the highlanders are coming!
<impdentist> oh shit we're not going to get any translations
<autarch> there's gonna be a hot chick in this movie isn't there
<autarch> oh there she is
<Trebbers> Looks like some Final Fantasy shit
<donnamartin> plot twist
<bob511> "Can you tell us what these subtitles have been saying?"
<sideshowraheem> classic english guy making everyone speaking english
<dan2> I knew I should have downloaded the UHD rip
<Trebbers> oh no
<animefilm> She looks like shes from world of warcraft
<donnamartin> let's just decide what they're saying
<dan2> World of Wallcraft
<autarch> that color didn't exist until the 90s
<lhs> the only russian word i know is "restaurant" because it looks like PECTOPAH
<autarch> that shade of blue
<bob511> They're skeptical.
<donnamartin> "this guy needs a shower"
<Trebbers> Trying to decide who wants to fuck Damon more
<impdentist> DAFOE
<sideshowraheem> I just don don'd me that Damon's accent sound like a Newfoundlander
<animefilm> spotted him
<besoin> willem dafoe playing the same role as the florida project
<bob511> They're still skeptical.
<animefilm> Hes the landlord of the wall
<sideshowraheem> which I guess makes sense because he's an American trying to do an Irish(?) accent
<impdentist> he should just do the boston accent
<bob511> Except the guy with the cap believes them.
<donnamartin> there's always at least one worm trying to undermine the woman leader
<impdentist> who cares
<lhs> their armor is dyed like bridesmaid dresses
<Trebbers> Asking for the key for the bathroom
<besoin> the power rangers' aunts and uncles
<Ampersand_> good thing the non-english-speaking characters are so marginal. we'd really be lost otherwise
<autarch> who's the other white guy?
<animefilm> is there supposed to be subtitles for the chinese parts
<Ampersand_> probably!
<autarch> that cgi is so bad
<donnamartin> maybe, but i'm just gonna invent their dialogue
<bob511> This is where the Olympic drummers and pollution ended up.
<bob511> (Also, yes, there are forced English subs)
<animefilm> you killed a tao discount?
<bob511> He can't find the key.
<autarch> the prophecy told of a "white savior". we believe you to be he.
<donnamartin> lol always that guy
<besoin> can the dragons not fly over the wall
<donnamartin> their wings are stunted by the pollution
<bob511> Not Chinese dragons?
<lhs> it's out of their jurisdiction
<animefilm> (timecheck? I see no dragons)
<besoin> oh, right, a mushu situation
<dan2> that's the hood ornament
<impdentist> no dragons yet, just speculation
<donnamartin> or the smoke monster
<impdentist> is this accurate
<besoin> very elaborate game of wild and crazy kids
<Ampersand_> this is a pretty good wall
<donnamartin> yes, it's a documentary dentist
<Ampersand_> wouldn't call it great
<dan2> time for the most serious Hungry Hungry Hippos game you ever saw
<animefilm> "I dont think we are in mexico anymore"
<bob511> Did they play vertical lacrosse on the side of the Great Wall?  No, I think that's creative license.
<donnamartin> maybe trump watched this movie
<dan2> Speed Racer didn't have colors like these dude's suits!
<bob511> Trump has definitely fastforwarded through this movie looking for anyone doing splits.
<impdentist> i was really under the impression until half an hour ago that this was supposed to be a depiction of some actual historical event
<sideshowraheem> "we're going to build a wall and investors who are going to make their money 3 times over in the international markets are going to pay for it!"
<besoin> didn't they actually build the wall to keep the mongolians out
<besoin> are they saying mongolians are like dragons
<dan2> same here, but for the last 2 years dentist
<dan2> I'm much happier that it's this though
<autarch> look at this army
<impdentist> yeah seriously
<donnamartin> i like that damon is just here for audience perspective
<autarch> lol
<besoin> and their defense spending as a percentage of gdp is still way below present day america
<dan2> lol
<autarch> i didn't even realize that was damon until donnamartin said so
<donnamartin> ahaha
<animefilm> how is that practical of a setup in anyway
<donnamartin> the russian is back
<animefilm> any way
<autarch> hahaha
<autarch> what the fuck
<bob511> Blue drums are for snipers.
<besoin> blue man group on drums
<Trebbers> What do you have to do to get on drum duty
<Ampersand_> chinese meatballs are weird
<sideshowraheem> those are some nasty dumplings
<Trebbers> lolol
<donnamartin> hell yes flaming hot bllas
<autarch> this shot
<autarch> this fucking shot
<animefilm> i feel like im playing age of empires
<donnamartin> yessssssssssssssss
<dan2> this is getting me nostalgic for the PS2 era Lord of the Rings games
<Trebbers> ahahhhaaha
<donnamartin> it's dragonsssss
<autarch> ssfeffsfesefefessfeewwwww
<impdentist> kill cam
<sideshowraheem> Stranger Things season 3
<autarch> oh fuck
<donnamartin> oh my god i did not think this is what this was
<donnamartin> i'm so happy
<lhs> the revenge of cuddles
<autarch> there's so many
<autarch> lol
<bob511> Oh, Crane Corps time
<dan2> the first tower defense feature film
<besoin> uh oh, what's this
<donnamartin> what
<impdentist> does the backflip help
<Trebbers> what in the world
<donnamartin> what are they even doing?
<autarch> a little cirque du soleil action
<animefilm> seems like theyve done this before
<dan2> stomping on the head does more damage
<sideshowraheem> single use seems like a waste of spears
<dan2> damon just looking on is killing me
<autarch> it's most efficient to do back flips
<besoin> take my wife, please
<donnamartin> this seems...
<Ampersand_> lol
<donnamartin> like not a great idea
<Trebbers> Seems like an avoidable casualty
<autarch> yeah how is that a good strategy
<dan2> can these things actually climb or break though the wall?
<Trebbers> ahahh
<impdentist> they have arrows
<autarch> look
<Trebbers> gif
<dan2> ahahah
<animefilm> jesus they have not figured out good war technology yet
<autarch> that guy has alzheimers
<besoin> uh, hm
<impdentist> ohp
<donnamartin> newman is gonna get eaten
<bob511> There's the Queen
<dan2> Wave Two: Begin
<besoin> we know so little about chinese history
<autarch> wait. wayne knight is in this?
<donnamartin> power shield deflect
<animefilm> lol
<animefilm> wargs: the movie
<Trebbers> You need to sell some of your crappy turrets and get new ones
<donnamartin> oh my god it's WWZ
<bob511> And you guys were dogging on the Crane Corps
<autarch> this doesn't make sense.
<autarch> why are they drumming. why are the things attacking
<Trebbers> Wait nunchuks on drums
<animefilm> fuck we spent all our military budget on drums
<besoin> seems like the jig is up
<donnamartin> this does not seem like they can win
<impdentist> feel like this will be ineffective
<animefilm> why did we wear bright colors when there are rampaging wargs
<Trebbers> looks so bad
<lhs> you go and fight
<autarch> yeah nunchucks on drums is genius
<autarch> the most racist shit ever
<dan2> Wallem Dafoe
<besoin> haha
<Trebbers> ahah
<impdentist> ah yes
<Trebbers> sick
<donnamartin> literal white savoir
<animefilm> William Dafriend
<Ampersand_> the mouth is the eyes of the heart
<impdentist> does it have eyes like halfway down its neck
<lhs> thank you, europe
<donnamartin> comeon
<animefilm> its like watching a videogame
<Trebbers> Wonder how much of the 150m was Damon's salary
<animefilm> in coop mode
<besoin> oh gosh
<besoin> toro
<impdentist> oh come on
<donnamartin> oh good lord
<Trebbers> Oh bullfighting joke
<autarch> shouldn't more of them have scurvy? just historically speaking
<autarch> yeah that was a good joke. credit where credit is due
<donnamartin> i can't decide if i'm more offended by the cgi or racism
<besoin> the latter
<dan2> racism towards white people you mean?
<donnamartin> okay fair but the cgi...
<autarch> i've seen that shot before.
<sideshowraheem> it would be great if Dafoe got eaten before he was able to give any exposition
<autarch> where he's sliding and doing an arrow
<impdentist> feel like they could have had that one
<animefilm> ill wait till the racist cgi enters the fold
<besoin> why are they retreating?
<lhs> that one's an organ donor
<donnamartin> wait weren't htey winning?
<besoin> damon killed like three of them
<Ampersand_> lol lhs
<sideshowraheem> they could have easily killed them all
<Trebbers> I want to see the funerals
<dan2> it is pretty shameful that they turned a great tragedy like this into some popcorn fodder to make a few buck
<theratwall> whoa
<Trebbers> I assume that's why they took the dead back
<besoin> ho ho ho
<autarch> why does the valley look like a halfpipe?
<impdentist> was the great wall really at the end of a scary canyon like that
<dan2> here are subtitles that seem to be in synch, I just uploaded them  https://dbr.ee/Jjxi
<besoin> please don't bow to them
<donnamartin> is this a buddy cop movie, a historical non-fiction drama, or a war drama
<lhs> the great wall was in a lot of places
<animefilm> they earned general tsaos praise?
<dan2> and it does seem like the chinese language has translations
<impdentist> are we going to need those subs
<impdentist> it seems like a lot of effort
<donnamartin> oh do they get a free dinner then? maybe chicken?
<dan2> only if you feel like it
<autarch> dan you're a savior
<autarch> a white savior
<dan2> like, do you think following the story will change you viewing experience
<autarch> idk
<lhs> i'm watching via usb stick on my tv so i'll just have to use my imagination
<besoin> you subtitleless fools are missing a lot
<bob511> Apparently, the Nameless Order still have names.
<besoin> you know nothing about strategist wang
<impdentist> oh nice it works, that was easy
<donnamartin> yah thanks dan
<Ampersand_> no way. i refuse to read The Great Wall
<donnamartin> the wall has secrets?
<Trebbers> Tobar
<Ampersand_> Toblerone?
<autarch> dan, you're a computer genius. thank you.
<donnamartin> yeah dan do you work for geek squad?
<donnamartin> that was magic
<donnamartin> dafoe gonna dafoe
<Trebbers> Clean up how
<autarch> they want cocaine?
<dan2> all I did was translate and type out all of the chinese dialogue language myself, it was nothing special
<besoin> doesn't the powder seem unimportant now?
<donnamartin> yeah there's 3,000 death dragons who will tear you apart
<dan2> Matt Shavin'
<donnamartin> and you want powder?
<autarch> okay. alright. damon clean up nice
<bob511> Still look kind of smelly, to be honest.
<besoin> white people! [applause]
<impdentist> they took out like 3
<donnamartin> oh ffs now we're applauding grown men for bathing?
<impdentist> come on
<lhs> congrats on taking a fucking bath
<autarch> haha
<donnamartin> amazing what medicore white men can do to fail up
<autarch> hehehe
<donnamartin> now imagine this movie with Riggs and Murtah
<impdentist> perhaps my english is not that good... is that a common phrase?
<besoin> hoping for an archery contest
<donnamartin> sweet
<dan2> Time for Damon to wear the sorting hat to learn what color armor he's gonna be
<bob511> Damn it, dan, I was trying to work out that joke.
<besoin> these guys don't really seem genuine about honoring damon and toblerone
<donnamartin> this is like weekend at bernie's if they went to china
<Trebbers> It's a very elaborate roast
<impdentist> the 1-2-3 isn't really helpful
<dan2> yesss
<donnamartin> oh come on
<sideshowraheem> lol
<autarch> this is so stupid
<autarch> i love it
<dan2> the original DudePerfect
<Trebbers> *slowclap*
<autarch> i absolutely love shit like that
<Ampersand_> the knight of cups
<dan2> lol amp
<donnamartin> matt damon in the meeting "so basically, it's two buddy bros in china. hijinks ensue"
<besoin> "where does the boston angle come in?:
<bob511> That's not what always means.
<autarch> lol
<autarch> dropkick murphys when?
<besoin> is he using chopsticks
<besoin> quick learner
<donnamartin> this dad accent is...
<lhs> he should just be using an arrow to spear his food
<autarch> love that he just has an american accent in this movie.
<donnamartin> wait wasn't he just a highlander? when did he become boston?
<animefilm> the age of empires soundtrack
<impdentist> he's trying to be irish i am pretty sure
<besoin> it was nice of the dragons to let them spend 250 years building all of this
<bob511> Damon watching the copy with the Russian subs, too.
<donnamartin> this is not his best acting effort
<donnamartin> like, i think he tried harder in we built a zoo
<animefilm> why is he out there without a rope
<besoin> we built a wall
<sideshowraheem> We Built a Wall
<sideshowraheem> FUCK
<besoin> :)
<Ampersand_> lol
<autarch> these aren't bungie cords. they're just fucking ropes
<donnamartin> aga
<besoin> she's going to teach him to bowl
<besoin> "like this, baby"
<sideshowraheem> then how do you eat?
<donnamartin> this is some fucking war propoganda. is 3 doors down gonna show up?
<dan2> do you think they get a lot of monter guts in their hair with it being this long?
<donnamartin> oh irish came back
<besoin> one of the strangest accents in movie history
<sideshowraheem> yeah this is some insanely bad acting from Damon
<sideshowraheem> he's putting it all into his accent
<donnamartin> it's some nic cage accenting
<dan2> the spending round is almost over, get all of your upgrades before the next wave
<donnamartin> god dafoe is kicking their acting asses
<besoin> no surprise there
<dan2> Dafoe spent 3 months living on the Great Wall to prepare
<donnamartin> this is like, when charlize was in scenes with vin diesel and it was so obvious how bad vin is
<besoin> ehhh
<donnamartin> in terms of disparity of performance
<besoin> i was ehhh'ing the magnet revelation
<impdentist> did the chinese really not have magnets
<donnamartin> wait this is the goddamn plot?
<dan2> wow, Chinese technology really was ahead of everyone else back then
<autarch> ancient chinese legend, eh?
<autarch> what if damon have ipad?
<impdentist> weird that they show the cgi rendering process right in the movie
<besoin> sounds like some unfortunate weaknesses in this dragon queen
<dan2> "The entire world would get Zerg rushed"
<sideshowraheem> lol dan
<donnamartin> i truly cannot believe this is the plot
<impdentist> there's like 30 towers, how is one "the west tower"
<besoin> couldn't one dragon kill this entire unit
<impdentist> this formation was totally ineffective earlier
<Ampersand_> Master Shredder inspired flash mob
<sideshowraheem> those shields seem very impractical, you're way more likely to cut yourself
<besoin> good thing they sent out their two most important people
<besoin> welp
<impdentist> heroes automatically regenerate health
<autarch> "what'd i miss?"
<dan2> he's just missing his torso, he'll be fine
<sideshowraheem> "Make the white guy the general now"
<besoin> yep
<donnamartin> yeah this is some velocoraptor shit
<autarch> "give this to matt"
<impdentist> the infinity stones!
<Ampersand_> "i know it's a little gaudy, my grandma had bad taste.."
<sideshowraheem> oh Tao Tei is two words
<donnamartin> wait where did the headbands come from
<besoin> east tower
<impdentist> in their funeral ritual they just dump him over the wall
<autarch> lighting a turd on fire and floating it over to the monsters
<dan2> _insane_ kite budget on this
<sideshowraheem> they're going to accidently burn down the city behind the wall
<autarch> greaet prank
<besoin> i want my funeral to be like this
<dan2> Raise the Dead Lantern
<donnamartin> the dragons are gonna show up right now and kill them all
<autarch> they should have called this movie The Great Drums
<animefilm> Do you think they could play heroes?
<theratwall> okay ive dozed off like 6 times
<theratwall> what the hell is going on
<donnamartin> there are dragons
<donnamartin> or something
<autarch> nobody knows
<dan2> you have to bungee to kill them
<autarch> it's so stupid
<animefilm> chinese leader general got a viking funeral
<donnamartin> well, we know there are alien dragons
<donnamartin> oh magnets are part of this
<autarch> this is actually starting to make good sense, scientifically
<autarch> wow. genius
<impdentist> nets don't work!
<sideshowraheem> like a whale?
<autarch> huh?
<autarch> a water beast?
<animefilm> water tao tei
<Ampersand_> hook that bone
<autarch> no. we don't have whales in china.
<donnamartin> maybe this is where insane clown posse got it's idea
<impdentist> they have a word for "spain"?
<theratwall> moby dick
<dan2> yeah, but how many chances do you get to eat dragon meat
<theratwall> lol the door didnt close
<donnamartin> oh man, i hope the dragons dont wake up before they sneak back from the party
<animefilm> too many rituals going on here
<besoin> someone went to pottery barn
<autarch> why is every soldier so well armed? that's so unrealistic.
<impdentist> *run away with me* starts playing
<dan2> those lantern kites they sent out caused a huge forest fire
<theratwall> IOH NO
<theratwall> THE CORN
<dan2> callin it now, he's a traitor for the dragons
<theratwall> god i love willem dafoe
<autarch> willem dafraud
<besoin> ricoolllaaaa
<animefilm> hes like a skyrim npc
<theratwall> do you wanna hear my willem dafoe story
<impdentist> oh they're hearing things
<impdentist> i thought they were gonna go tooooot
<donnamartin> the wall is telling htem its secrets
<impdentist> wow they did not work at alllll
<theratwall> i thought those were horns
<sideshowraheem> Death squad?
<donnamartin> that's grim
<impdentist> death squad is seal team 6
<besoin> should have used this earlier
<autarch> they just gonna gas em?
<autarch> this is so stupid
<Trebbers> ahahha
<impdentist> ahahahaha
<dan2> that's the squad people get put on when every other squad has been taken at the squad fair
<sideshowraheem> ok that weapn kicks ass
<donnamartin> okay that's dope
<animefilm> a 14 year old made this movie
<Ampersand_> need his bone?
<dan2> Zhang Yimou made this
<Ampersand_> jeez
<Ampersand_> thristy
<animefilm> need his weed bowl
<besoin> he needs his glasses!
<dan2> and hopefully got paid
<donnamartin> i would like to suggest they stop sending peopel to dive off the wall
<autarch> they're gonna have to wrestle one with their bare hands
<animefilm> srsly if this happens every day....
<dan2> Damon doing as little as he can get by doing every battle
<theratwall> how do you think matt damon sleeps at night
<besoin> teach an ancient culture to fish
<autarch> there's sleeping potion?
<donnamartin> i imagine damon sleeps fine. he's rich af.
<besoin> bigger chains next time
<impdentist> his name is william?
<animefilm> he probably lives in a replica of a blue collar boston neighborhood, but on an island
<autarch> it's good will hunting 2
<dan2> yesss
<theratwall> screaming arrowa
<autarch> hahaha
<Trebbers> Damon is all like, "Wait, this is going to play in the US market?"
<theratwall> you cant do that
<theratwall> you cant slide down a giant chain
<autarch> he should be grinding on a skateboard
<lhs> not with that attitude
<donnamartin> maybe it just wants to be a friend
<Ampersand_> snuggle that pup
<impdentist> yeah i've done it in tony hawk
<donnamartin> see now it's all sad and wounded
<besoin> why did the other two millions dragons leave
<impdentist> i fail to understand how this makes it easier for them to pull
<impdentist> or why he needed the screaming arrows
<Trebbers> "Gonna put you under a sunlamp and feed you crickets"
<donnamartin> ahahahahahaha
<animefilm> what does dafoe want anyway? to steal their powder?
<dan2> they're fighting sentient Gushers
<Ampersand_> lol
<impdentist> he just wants to go back to wherever
<sideshowraheem> this movie is approaching Snyder slo-mo levels
<impdentist> france or whatever
<animefilm> lol, the official gushers movie
<theratwall> that axe is too big
<Trebbers> waht
<donnamartin> ahahaha
<autarch> what?
<Ampersand_> these dragons shouldn't have installed whistle tips in themselves
<dan2> oh my GOD
<impdentist> what the
<theratwall> they just touched axes
<donnamartin> this is so amazing
<impdentist> why are they doing that
<autarch> yeah just waste all your arrows on the ax
<animefilm> the axe makes a rocket sound
<donnamartin> i wanna meet the person who went to the theater to seriously watch this
<autarch> it's morse code
<besoin> oh commander lin
<theratwall> morse code arrows
<impdentist> he's going to shoot the arrows in such a way that it actually sounds like the word "HELP" in chinese
<sideshowraheem> if this had come out when I was in high school I definitely would have seen it in the theatre
<donnamartin> wait they had this all along?
<theratwall> jesus
<autarch> what?
<impdentist> ah
<donnamartin> why didn't they just blow them up all along?
<Trebbers> They were trying to keep the M80s around until the 4th
<lhs> i am definitely going to sample the wall drums and screaming arrows
<besoin> just blow up the fucking queen next time
<autarch> ok
<dan2> he's going to slowly boost his friend back up the wall by shooting him a million times
<autarch> this is some mummy shit right here
<sideshowraheem> they just send all these fuckin chinese people do die on the wall but open it up to save Damon
<autarch> hahaha
<autarch> typical tough guy
<theratwall> do you think that's matt's real hair
<donnamartin> i hope not
<theratwall> scars are sexy
<donnamartin> his back is not sexy
<theratwall> i was not being sincere
<theratwall> is there such a thing as a sexy back though
<theratwall> sexy backs are hard to come by i find
<autarch> yeah, they could've used some cgi on that back
<donnamartin> JT knows all about it
<sideshowraheem> well Justin Timberlake thinks so
<sideshowraheem> god dammit
<theratwall> lol
<lhs> yeah, cgi some eyeballs onto that back
<donnamartin> :)
<besoin> off your game, raheem
<theratwall> raheem sidenote: kawhi to the raptors god bless
<donnamartin> oh fuck this did not go well in jurassic park
<autarch> why aren't they shooting arrows at it?
<sideshowraheem> is that real or just a rumor?
<donnamartin> they had a lawsuit and everything
<theratwall> its real
<donnamartin> oh fuck
<theratwall> meat stick
<besoin> slow clap?
<autarch> slow clap again
<donnamartin> there's a goddman SLOW CLAP
<animefilm> How do you think they trained them to do the battle scenes?
<besoin> wait. who is this guy?
<donnamartin> who is anyone?
<autarch> oh jesus there's so much movie left
<theratwall> the chinese invented the slow clap
<besoin> commander lin is commander lin
<besoin> and then there's toblerone
<autarch> forgot about toblerone
<sideshowraheem> oh this guy is Chekov's wuss
<donnamartin> fuck i have to be up early for a doctor's appt too
<theratwall> that will be fun to explain
<theratwall> "Donna you look exhausted"
<donnamartin> yeah, i failed my eye exam because of damon
<theratwall> "well the dragons werent gonna kill themselves"
<autarch> well maybe they will, we dont know. and with these magnets, I wouldn't count it out
<donnamartin> i really cannot get over the magnets
<Ampersand_> a thief? a cook? a lover?
<impdentist> a midnight toker
<donnamartin> lol
<besoin> the pompatus of...dragons?
<autarch> the poet, the pharmacist
<sideshowraheem> Dafoe has spent 100% of this movie hiding behind pillars
<autarch> the physician, , the farmer, the scientist The magician and the other so-called Gods of our legends
<theratwall> at the very least this movie makes this wall look really sexy
<besoin> toblerone is going to pass on what he learned here to help columbus genocide hispanola in the epilogue
<animefilm> Dafoe will die falling off the wall with his hands reaching for the camera, i suspect
<theratwall> no dafoe's gotta die in some quiet backstabbing scene
<impdentist> that seems reasonable
<theratwall> so they can push in on his face
<impdentist> chekhov's wall
<theratwall> with his big mouth and eyes
<bob511> Not so great mortar for the great wall.
<donnamartin> subtle
<autarch> wait, are they traitors now?
<theratwall> a traitor is just a hero for the other side
<autarch> booom
<besoin> never go back to a dud, willem
<animefilm> thats a large russian egg
<donnamartin> this movie can't resist a gag
<bob511> The apron over the intricate armor
<donnamartin> tiny kitchen for a big wall
<impdentist> they have to do kitchen work and everything in their armor?
<animefilm> "damn i left the kiln on''
<Ampersand_> "i need a cigarette"
<besoin> just leave him
<besoin> jesus
<donnamartin> i would do anything for love, but i won't do that...
<autarch> he's got a new willem
<autarch> he doesn't need this one
<donnamartin> oh fuck
<Trebbers> ahahh
<besoin> how do ya like them apples
<dan2> then he actually is dead
<autarch> looks like he's dropped his marbles
<donnamartin> doesn't seem liek they're good at this wall protecting
<impdentist> ahhhhh
<autarch> they gon' die
<donnamartin> so wait what are they doing?
<donnamartin> releasing a poison?
<autarch> hahah
<autarch> what's this
<besoin> wouldya look at this little asshole
<theratwall> this wont end well
<autarch> no it doesn't
<autarch> the magnet doesn't work.
<autarch> the beast is bluffing.
<autarch> calling it right here.
<bob511> Indo-Tao-Tei
<dan2> now she's starting to do Damon's accent
<besoin> surely commander lin has better things to do
<impdentist> hahahaha
<theratwall> who is this kid
<donnamartin> kitchen kid
<autarch> wtf
<autarch> what's the nameless order?
<Ampersand_> burned by the dragon of acne
<animefilm> hes the kid who was sent to kitchen duuty
<autarch> hahahaha
<besoin> don't you have a dragon problem you should be dealing with
<autarch> ampersand
<impdentist> "well this sucks"
<autarch> wrong way. they get eaten.
<donnamartin> uh oh
<bob511> Rides off into Ashes of Time
<impdentist> willem the foe
<dan2> just tripled his horsepower, nice
<animefilm> lol
<dan2> see I told you the kite budget was insane
<Ampersand_> the great tarp
<sideshowraheem> oh hell yeah,
<theratwall> what in the world
<besoin> hope they don't try to land these in new jersey
<autarch> wait, why is he in jail if he's innocent?
<impdentist> this is not going well
<sideshowraheem> oh wow this technology seems like it sucks ass
<bob511> Cid, you fucked up
<donnamartin> wait in the hell
<dan2> easier said than done lady
<autarch> is she flying?
<impdentist> again why are they putting their most important people in their untested aircraft
<autarch> this is like the end of waterworld
<animefilm> the great flying eperiment
<theratwall> this seems like a failur
<donnamartin> i have no idea what they're doing
<sideshowraheem> they're getting a like 70% blow up rate on this balloons
<autarch> if you remember the end of waterworld then you know what i'm talking about
<lhs> they find the water
<animefilm> when the boat blows up?
<autarch> but there's the flying machine
<besoin> it was columbus ohio all along
<autarch> kill the queen?
<theratwall> we're gettin a queen battle
<autarch> who's the queen?
<donnamartin> i genuinely don't understand
<impdentist> the dragon queen
<sideshowraheem> the dragon with the thing on it's head
<autarch> your beau? he was a traitor
<impdentist> he's just gonna fuck up
<sideshowraheem> Willem Dafucked
<besoin> now the bad guys have powder
<dan2> he's going to get on a balloon, shoot an arrow in the air, hop on it, ride it to the next balloon and repeat
<donnamartin> why are they taking it away
<besoin> why would magnets bother the dragons
<besoin> be reasonable, movie
<impdentist> dan i think that was a move in cool spot
<theratwall> this scene is going to be very revolutionary
<sideshowraheem> that's the queen
<theratwall> kill the monarchy
<autarch> the dragons have nfc
<donnamartin> how does a magnet calm it?
<impdentist> it's science
<dan2> extremely fortunate no birds have run into the canvas
<autarch> dragons. they're just like us
<autarch> also, that's not what . a dragon looks like
<Ampersand_> mongolian buffet
<donnamartin> ahaha
<autarch> whoopsies
<dan2> agagaga
<donnamartin> so good
<besoin> willem defused
<autarch> lol
<theratwall> lol
<autarch> haha besoin
<donnamartin> aha
<sideshowraheem> they're going to burn down the palace trying to land
<animefilm> wtf is goingb on
<autarch> wait. where are they?
<donnamartin> this also seems ineffective
<besoin> no respect for physics
<dan2> time for the on-rails level
<autarch> why are the dragons in beijing?
<impdentist> they got through the wall
<bob511> Well, under the wall
<donnamartin> i love that her hair is still perfect
<impdentist> uh
<autarch> this doesn't make sense physically
<dan2> they waited for one warrior to go thought the turnstyle at the wall and then all went through with no card
<bob511> Not really the time for hot potato
<besoin> balloon seems quite sturdy now
<donnamartin> i know she said black powder is terrible but it seems pretty good for this
<autarch> what a hunk
<donnamartin> ewww
<autarch> WHERE ARE THEY
<impdentist> what's going on down there
<sideshowraheem> they're in the city
<besoin> hold onto your butts
<autarch> what city
<autarch> this is so confusing.
<besoin> the capital
<autarch> how did the dragons get into a city with people in it.
<sideshowraheem> the capital
<theratwall> wait they need to ask permission
<theratwall> its right there
<autarch> what about the wall?
<impdentist> this guy sucks
<theratwall> just kill it
<autarch> TNT nunchucks?
<besoin> strategist wang is the real hero here
<theratwall> suicide bomber dragon
<lhs> gotta have a sewer level
<autarch> shhhhh
<donnamartin> ahahaha
<impdentist> ah ok
<besoin> is that how those shields work
<besoin> kitchen man, noooo
<autarch> yeah. that's not the first time.
<theratwall> hes not gonna make it
<animefilm> still trying to imagine anyone seeing this in theatres
<donnamartin> just gonna leave him there to get eaten?
<autarch> "he'll live"
<dan2> just let him and his gaping would rest in this sewer water, he'll be fine
<dan2> *wound
<besoin> kitchen maannnnnn!!
<theratwall> why did the lighting all of a sudden get dario argento
<autarch> "he'll live"
<autarch> hahaha
<Ampersand_> loool
<donnamartin> ahahaha
<autarch> holy shit
<autarch> lol
<sideshowraheem> love a heroic suicide bomber
<theratwall> man
<lhs> his goose is cooked
<besoin> heroic martyr kitchen man
<autarch> "YOU SAID HE WOULD LIVE!!!"
<theratwall> "he'll still live" - matt
<animefilm> the lighting looks more like the natalie portman scifi movie
<sideshowraheem> wait I thought they didn't attack when the queen was feeding
<autarch> omg i'm dying
<sideshowraheem> wait, who cares
<theratwall> the queen isnt feeding
<dan2> Forget it Lin, it's Dragontown
<theratwall> theyre about to send her a SPICY MEATBALL
<besoin> i'm terribly afraid of that magnet
<sideshowraheem> those shoulder eyes are freakin my bean
<Ampersand_> bad baby
<autarch> is thtat the queen?
<animefilm> these guys
<besoin> this is so ridiculous
<dan2> Bodyguard dragons are amazing
<autarch> why is it so rainbowy in there
<donnamartin> i would love if one of them got kicked out for wear a dirty t shirt
<besoin> dragon pride
<dan2> I wonder if they were like the bullies of the dragon world growing up and they just kind of fell into the job
<animefilm> im amazed this movie came out without even being aware of it
<theratwall> its a good thing they have that magnet
<besoin> it was one of the highest grossing movies of the year
<sideshowraheem> I remember seeing a lot of commercials for it
<autarch> rats!
<donnamartin> oops
<besoin> oh NOW you miss
<dan2> I 100% thought this was a straightforward historical drama
<besoin> william tell here
<animefilm> the rainbow colors are really ofputting
<sideshowraheem> I remember the weird monsters from the trailer
<lhs> imagine how much poop there is
<donnamartin> what
<Ampersand_> my eyes
<besoin> hell of a throw
<autarch> nice magnet catch
<donnamartin> that was the most unrealsitic part
<autarch> yeah he threw that thing like 10 stories high
<impdentist> you idiot
<besoin> sorry, these guys are indestructible
<dan2> now you fucked up
<sideshowraheem> no english translation on that one just russian
<donnamartin> oh how generous damon
<donnamartin> you only keep failing
<autarch> hahahaha
<autarch> what the fuck
<theratwall> lmao
<impdentist> ah
<impdentist> ahahahahaha
<sideshowraheem> ahahaha subtitle
<besoin> dan!
<Ampersand_> ya busted
<besoin> meanwhile
<sideshowraheem> I give this subtitle an A+
<Ampersand_> 20 minutes of credits
<autarch> they all fall?
<donnamartin> hahahahahahahahahaha
<donnamartin> fucking locusts
<besoin> very odd biology these dragons have
<autarch> this is so bad
<impdentist> gonna be a hell of a cleanup job
<theratwall> what about dafoe
<animefilm> what did they do, i missed it
<autarch> this . is the dumbest movie i've ever seen.
<besoin> they killed the queen
<dan2> well I guess they're having dragon steaks for the next 250 years
<animefilm> put a magnet on a machine or something
<sideshowraheem> they killed the queen my dude
<besoin> blew her right up
<animefilm> ah
<sideshowraheem> wait how did he survive
<besoin> guess where I'VE been
<animefilm> i hope there is a sequel in the works
<dan2> The Greater Wall
<besoin> smooches
<sideshowraheem> this is Damon's best acting of the movie
<sideshowraheem> or maybe i'm ust used to it
<animefilm> he plays a smug person well
<donnamartin> so this is the story of how we got black powder, started the nra and got everyone killed?
<besoin> toblerone and bill WILL return...
<sideshowraheem> "he gave me a copy of Powder on DVD as well"
<bob511> Heh
<donnamartin> are they gonna bone?
<animefilm> wait srsly... they are still bros
<autarch> decker's gonna get laid
<dan2> they're not even gonna be able to ride the horses out of there with the amount of dragon corpses on the ground
<impdentist> ...i think
<sideshowraheem> oh he's back to wooden acting again
<besoin> she saved the entire society
<animefilm> the north west territory is the desert where dafoe ran off to
<donnamartin> wait didn't the entire society get eaten?
<donnamartin> i want her hair
<autarch> she has great hair
<sideshowraheem> 12 minutes of special effects credits
<Ampersand_> great wall, too
<besoin> nice wall design
<impdentist> wow
<donnamartin> i cannot, not not  believe that was the plot
<sideshowraheem> oh it actually is
<theratwall> now that was a movie
<donnamartin> someone wrote this
<dan2> great work Zhang, glad you didn't tarnish your record
<donnamartin> someone greenlit it
<autarch> that might have been dumber than gotti
<sideshowraheem> Max Brooks?!?!
<autarch> i think it was
<besoin> edward zwick!
<donnamartin> someone produced this
<bob511> Lots of people
<Ampersand_> zwicky wicky
<sideshowraheem> The Great Wall, Da Greatest Wall in da World!
<donnamartin> so many people said yes, okay, let's make this movie
<dan2> a wholllle lot of people produced
<theratwall> that script was written by the same guy who wrote michael clayton
<animefilm> idk how this got made
<theratwall> if you can believe it
<theratwall> the guy who wrote michael clayton
<donnamartin> i wish this was more of a where's waldo plot
<theratwall> worked on that script enough
<theratwall> to get credit
<sideshowraheem> we need all five northern territories, the northwest, queens brooklyn, manhattan
<dan2> Budget   $150 million[5] Box office $334.9 million[4]
<dan2> the system works
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Postby dan » Fri Jul 13, 2018 12:41 pm

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Postby donna martin » Fri Jul 13, 2018 2:10 pm

dan, you're the gif hero we didn't know we needed.
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donna martin
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Postby Ampersand » Fri Jul 13, 2018 5:41 pm

This, Sunday,
trailer: https://vimeo.com/277899054
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Postby Ampersand » Sun Jul 15, 2018 10:38 am

Killer Single Dad is tonight!

Check the dB or PM me to join!
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Postby Shalabi » Sun Jul 15, 2018 11:29 am

can't wait for this and the sequel Killer Double Daddy
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Postby Ampersand » Sun Jul 15, 2018 3:05 pm

Ampersand wrote:Killer Single Dad is tonight!

Check the dB or PM me to join!
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Postby Ampersand » Sun Jul 15, 2018 7:58 pm

~ 2 hours until showtime!
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Ampersand wrote:TONIGHT'S FEATURE PRESENTATION: Killer Single Dad
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Postby Ampersand » Mon Jul 16, 2018 10:20 am

This Thursday at 2200 EDT,

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Postby Ampersand » Wed Jul 18, 2018 11:59 am

awareness bump.
tomorrow night!
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Postby Ampersand » Thu Jul 19, 2018 11:57 am

Check the db or PM me to join!
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Postby Ampersand » Thu Jul 19, 2018 3:36 pm

Ampersand wrote:TONIGHT @ 2200 EDT!
Check the db or PM me to join!
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Postby Ampersand » Thu Jul 19, 2018 8:07 pm

two hours until showtime!
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Postby Ampersand » Thu Jul 19, 2018 9:46 pm

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Postby Autarch » Thu Jul 19, 2018 9:48 pm

i'm so excited for this one
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Ampersand wrote:TONIGHT'S FEATURE PRESENTATION: We Are Your Friends
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Postby Ampersand » Thu Jul 19, 2018 11:49 pm

Code: Select all
<Ampersand_> 3
<Ampersand_> 2
<Ampersand_> 1
<Ampersand_> not sure, imp. is your desktop dropbox program starting on startup?
<autarch> studiocANAL
<Ampersand_> i think that happened to me before
<Trebbles> Turning my sub on
<besoin> more like simpleton amirite
<impfriendtist> yeah it is
<lhs> haha besoin
<Trebbles> Made possible by a grant by the Ableton Foundation
<sideshowraheem> FUNK
<Trebbles> Scarface poster
<Trebbles> Non-ironic in 2015
<sideshowraheem> Scarface poster
<autarch> this movie is already full of hand gestures and i love it
<lhs> why is he roommates with dj aryan
<sideshowraheem> whoops didn't see it treb
<bob511> That's a big duffel bag.
<Ampersand_> "get out, i'm drunk"
<sideshowraheem> these are the worst looking people I've ever seen
<autarch> "here we go"
<sideshowraheem> like in terms of dress
<donnamartin> music cues already make me want to die
<besoin> groan
<impfriendtist> i love that this subgenre of music was already like five years out of datae by the time it came out
<Trebbles> These guys are rejects for junkie number #2 in Breaking Bad
<impfriendtist> oh good narration
<sideshowraheem> what the fuck
<Ampersand_> woof
<autarch> always
<sideshowraheem> this editing style seems totally unearned for this movie
<bob511> Directed by Max "Tucker" Joseph
<autarch> awesome scar
<sideshowraheem> it seems like a commercial
<sideshowraheem> "Live Love Enjoy, Coca Cola"
<autarch> their selling Levi's
<dan2> Bazooka Joe deal goin down
<donnamartin> huh
<lhs> party in the friendzone
<donnamartin> so that's what occupy was about
<autarch> if he dj
<Trebbles> Really seems like this has been shelved since 2009 or something
<autarch> if he dj's wtf do the others do?
<lhs> maybe they're his hype team
<Trebbles> what in the world
<besoin> how did zac efron get tricked into doing this
<sideshowraheem> yeah this is definitely a commercial for carbonated water
<donnamartin> the promote
<autarch> love when they say the name of the movie
<impfriendtist> didn't nathan do party promotions like this or something
<bob511> DJ We and His Friends
<autarch> his name is Mace, because that's what you're supposed to do to him
<besoin> what a gritty realistic picture of the valley
<besoin> oh god, shane
<donnamartin> oh no
<sideshowraheem> squirrel
<Ampersand_> punish them
<besoin> this guy went to harvard
<autarch> What's with that jerk off hand gesture from the nazi?
<bob511> I would enjoy if this were like Remember Me for the Northridge quake.
<besoin> but they always make him play meatheads
<lhs> all day brunch
<autarch> ASSFACE
<bob511> Find out it's 1994 when an overpass flattens their party at the end.
<Ampersand_> "guy's got the biggest Funko Pop collection i ever saw"
<impfriendtist> put a couple more technos on there
<autarch> "techno"
<sideshowraheem> Techno
<dan2> DJ Preset
<donnamartin> is he jerking off to lions?
<besoin> this movie is horrible
<donnamartin> that's why we're watching it
<sideshowraheem> now we're rockin
<Trebbles> was he shaving balls
<Trebbles> profound
<sideshowraheem> it's a different thing but this has me hoping for a Paul brother biopic
<sideshowraheem> it's the post-9/11 list
<autarch> no dixie chicks
<besoin> king bach
<sideshowraheem> "no rage agaisnt the machine"
<besoin> real firepower here
<bob511> "Now let's blow the lid off this Club Applebees"
<Ampersand_> lol
<donnamartin> wut
<autarch> wtf
<dan2> words to live by
<sideshowraheem> what the fuck is going on
<besoin> and brittany furlan
<autarch> what the fuck was that
<besoin> the 2013 viner movie
<autarch> why are these people randomly aggressive
<impfriendtist> is this guy in middle school
<donnamartin> it's LA?
<donnamartin> mentally, yes
<autarch> love the little details, like when he comes up to talk to zac efron and the woman is like "hey what the hell
<Trebbles> Are we not supposed to view this scenario as a hell on earth
<autarch> how did he get over there
<besoin> is that wes bentley
<besoin> yes
<dan2> "Now his fanning is wack"
<autarch> so true
<Ampersand_> hell yea
<sideshowraheem> this is even dumber than I thought it would be
<donnamartin> it's a fine distincion
<impfriendtist> i feel like i'm missing a lot of context
<impfriendtist> for like what's going on
<besoin> she's an anthropologist
<Ampersand_> "i mean, they could be your friends too"
<besoin> just there for the research
<sideshowraheem> this is so dumb that I can't follow what's going on
<autarch> i don't know anyone's name. there's a squirrel but Im not sure who it is.
<lhs> squirrel is the screech of the bunch
<sideshowraheem> squirrel is the dude in the eyeball shirt
<autarch> smokin weed. classic.
<Ampersand_> lol
<bob511> Scrolling through an entire iPhotos album of plastic bags.
<donnamartin> amazing
<donnamartin> spoken like an overpaid dj
<lhs> mason is the white supremacist
<sideshowraheem> it's a freakin metaphor for DJing and life(????)
<dan2> Is this guy an undercover cop?
<besoin> b...but...we are your friends
<sideshowraheem> We are your guy you just met
<Trebbles> "you wanna get wet?"
<donnamartin> undercover DJ cop would be a great sitcom on cbs
<autarch> this guy is good at bragging
<autarch> thank you for explaining what dubai is.
<lhs> DJ notacop
<besoin> deep
<Trebbles> ahah what
<Ampersand_> that painting was painted at 128 strokes per minute
<impfriendtist> i was not expecting this
<autarch> jesus. fucking christ.
<Trebbles> wait it was laced
<Ampersand_> lol
<autarch> hahahha
<besoin> judy greer's niece
<sideshowraheem> WHAT THE FUCK
<autarch> i love this movie now
<Ampersand_> uhh
<autarch> SHUT THE FUCK UP
<sideshowraheem> extremely realistic lady dialogue
<besoin> a good lesson for assholes here
<donnamartin>  uh
<sideshowraheem> holy shit
<impfriendtist> there is a lot going on here
<dan2> oh fuck,Cool World is invading
<donnamartin> wait did i smoke pcp?
<sideshowraheem> Who Framed We Are Your Friends
<Ampersand_> he smoked some waking life
<besoin> a scanner horribly
<donnamartin> aha
<sideshowraheem> damn dan Cool World is the better reference
<dan2> Baking Life
<lhs> waking up in a dumpster life
<autarch> drugs. they're just like that.
<Trebbles> Is a pink beam of light going to dictate his hit song
<besoin> i do love animated zac
<sideshowraheem> Waltz With Efron
<Ampersand_> this scene alone justifies this screening
<autarch> god i love this scene.
<besoin> winner, raheem
<dan2> it's that kind of PCP that makes everything look like a photoshop filter
<besoin> he probably could have texted his friends
<impfriendtist> probably not, because of the pcp
<bob511> The world's largest collection of IKEA room fill records.
<sideshowraheem> James Reed is the name of a local furniture store where I grew up
<sideshowraheem> so this is making me think of their commercial song
<impfriendtist> "you were saying all that stuff from the trailer"
<dan2> that is a sick ass succulent on the table
<autarch> "you were talking a big game. show us what you got big shot."
<sideshowraheem> he's playing a metronome ap
<besoin> ah gated reverb
<dan2> "my god, this is going to change music"
<sideshowraheem> this sounds so fucking bad
<bob511> "It sounds better on laptop speakers."
<Ampersand_> lol
<besoin> "sophie, clonk me on the head with that melon"
<donnamartin> lol
<dan2> Colon Uber
<besoin> agh
<impfriendtist> "but your music did suck"
<dan2> "It's not like I spent 3 years on that song" *begins sobbing*
<autarch> "could've"
<Ampersand_> coulda been a contender
<autarch> "coulda gone to state"
<besoin> no way the uc system takes this guy
<autarch> yes
<autarch> the hat
<autarch> mace is a fucking animal
<lhs> johnny deppp
<autarch> haha
<donnamartin> did that woman claw his neck
<Ampersand_> "so let's invent music"
<besoin> rest of the movie is them learning c#
<bob511> Heh
<sideshowraheem> oh my fucking god
<Trebbles> "Sell drugs on the internet. Hear me out"
<besoin> and always wear sunscreen
<autarch> why is he wearing headphones? he came all the way out there to hang with his friends?
<impfriendtist> why is it all in german
<Ampersand_> lol besoin
<donnamartin> this guy thinks he's wolf of real estate
<Ampersand_> well i guess i downloaded a german version!
<Trebbles> ahah
<sideshowraheem> this is like when Christopher running that stock company on the sopranos
<Ampersand_> big hit in Deutschland
<bob511> Maybe use your guys' less-white voices.
<lhs> we're watching fight club on rewind
<dan2> it makes it better amp
<impfriendtist> is that actually true amp
<sideshowraheem> oh I assume the german was a stylistic choice
<Ampersand_> i feel like it could be true
<besoin> i think the german is purposeful?
<impfriendtist> yeah me too
<besoin> like...the language of edm?
<Ampersand_> so i'm going to go with it
<bob511> I think all the Blu-ray rips are from the German disc.
<Ampersand_> ah, makes sense
<sideshowraheem> because there was english animated words earlier right?
<dan2> just make sure Astronaut Farmer isn't in Vietnamese on Sunday
<sideshowraheem> or was that just place names
<autarch> "smell it"
<besoin> zac is gonna buy the hottest plugins with his earnings
<Trebbles> Oh man I used to have that little shitty keyboard
<dan2> "Flying drones into rich peoples houses"
<besoin> james wants him to oversee his mountain lion upgrade
<autarch> noice
<Trebbles> "Salary or 1099?"
<Ampersand_> "PCP, actually"
<besoin> pcp and white zin
<dan2> I feel like the Limey is gonna show up in the background of one of these shots
<autarch> YES
<sideshowraheem> see it was english again!
<sideshowraheem> oh my fucking god
<autarch> HOLY SHIT.
<impfriendtist> i hate this
<Trebbles> *taking notes*
<donnamartin> guys i might not survive this
<lhs> the butt region
<autarch> I can't believe he's actually talking
<besoin> zuruckhaltung
<dan2> Schoolhouse Rock 2015
<autarch> I LOVE this
<sideshowraheem> this is such Dumb Guy Science
<sideshowraheem> I Fucking Love Science
<donnamartin> he almost went to stanford on a dj math scholarship
<autarch> zero in
<impfriendtist> aaaahhhhhh
<Ampersand_> lol raheem
<donnamartin> aha raheem
<autarch> lol
<Ampersand_> zero in on her cleavage
<autarch> raheem is on fire
<sideshowraheem> this is the dumbest thing I've ever fucking seen
<sideshowraheem> it rules
<sideshowraheem> wait 140 cut in half is 70
<dan2> will there be a test at the end?
<Trebbles> this is transcribed from a wiki
<autarch> everyone is clapping
<donnamartin> what is this
<autarch> i love this so much
<donnamartin> are you learning anythinga bout your friend?
<autarch> James is like "How is he doing that? how does he bring the bpm up?"
<donnamartin> oh he said synergize i hope he dies
<Ampersand_> the magic myth
<besoin> loving the german
<impfriendtist> i do love the german honestly
<dan2> Is Efron secretly a mutant?
<sideshowraheem> this is basically the scene from computer beach party with the computer in the car
<autarch> you're basically god now
<Ampersand_> ovaries be pumping
<autarch> once you're the DJ at 128 bpm, you are literally a god and can control other people.
<Ampersand_> cucked by the beat
<besoin> everything would be perfect if he wasn't hot for james's girlfriend!
<besoin> cruel fate!
<dan2> *turns it up to 240 BPM and kills everyone at the party*
<Trebbles> uh
<autarch> is this gonna have a cuckolding scene?
<Ampersand_> ah, the fabled Entourage
<sideshowraheem> the cuckold is obviously the 3rd act tension
<besoin> need i remind you that we are your friends, zac
<dan2> "Great party man, all white just how I like it"
<impfriendtist> were tank tops really this big back then
<besoin> show him the plugins
<Trebbles> Zero in on the least expensive thing in there
<sideshowraheem> in heaven
<autarch> oh yeah? well my mom IS a piano
<Trebbles> holy shit
<bob511> Aha
<Trebbles> there are not only a couple of those
<sideshowraheem> that was the most tortured line reading of all time
<besoin> just go crazy zac
<besoin> "there's something different about it"
<bob511> James is really going to blow Zac's mind with The Mae Shi
<donnamartin> agreed
<autarch> just be yourself
<Trebbles> 'it's gonna sound better if you reencode it to 128, bro"
<impfriendtist> it's true he does sound like an asshole
<donnamartin> fuck you
<dan2> Ted Talk hands
<sideshowraheem> I can't tell if the writers understand they're portraying the worst people on earth
<autarch> who mansplains the mansplainer? that would be James Reed.
<Ampersand_> every artist has this moment when their art transforms people into A-Ha music videos
<besoin> there's a pool behind you
<donnamartin> brah
<sideshowraheem> chekov's pool
<autarch> this is awesome
<dan2> AH
<donnamartin> what....?
<lhs> you construct intricate rituals which allow you to touch the skin of other men
<autarch> they need one more friend.
<sideshowraheem> honestly this is so much better than I was expecting
<Ampersand_> shushi
<Trebbles> "No swimming in the pool!"
<dan2> Hilary never recovered from that line
<donnamartin> look, sushi is triggering for him
<autarch> haHAHAH Trebbles
<Ampersand_> pokemon go to your room
<besoin> squirrel depth
<impfriendtist> lol
<besoin> he's going to remove the skrillex's brother filter
<sideshowraheem> he ODed on sick beats
<autarch> stand your ground, james
<besoin> zac's going to steal his identity
<donnamartin> hmmm, i think that was foreshadowing
<dan2> His body is giving out, he needs to find a new young stud to carry on the legacy
<besoin> PHEW
<autarch> hmmmmmm
<besoin> this guy's a sentient eugenics thread
<lhs> "download my sample pack"
<sideshowraheem> speaking of computer generated, the dialogue between these two alone
<Trebbles> ahah
<donnamartin> i hope this ends with him bravely using vinyl
<dan2> *records toilet flush*
<besoin> oh god
<Ampersand_> EDMSR
<autarch> this is going to be so good
<besoin> he's going to invent YKK music
<donnamartin> you can hang in the stood while we fuck
<lhs> heh besoin
<Trebbles> Sample their fucking
<Ampersand_> we'll ma'am i'm the wolf of dance street
<autarch> james is an insane character. "I will provide you with everything and you don't have to do anything yourself because I will explain how to do everything right"
<impfriendtist> sample the little monster
<lhs> he's going to sample the calls recorded for quality control
<dan2> "hey do you mind if I record your son crying? hello...hello?"
<besoin> don't catch feelings, zac
<Trebbles> is he barred from the banking system
<sideshowraheem> has htis guy never heard of a bank?
<autarch> it's like the books, but all the vocal samples are of people finding out that they're being forclosed on
<lhs> banks are cold and computer-generated
<lhs> shoeboxes are organic
<autarch> this is absolutely a heineken commercial
<Trebbles> "There's lighter fluid in this"
<Trebbles> noooo
<Ampersand_> looool
<sideshowraheem> what a an obsure reference
<besoin> jesus
<impfriendtist> oh wow
<sideshowraheem> holy hell
<impfriendtist> UH OH
<donnamartin> this is validating my choice to never go to clubs
<Trebbles> Record comes out and sounds like Talk Talk
<autarch> can someone explain. is "number 9" from something?
<sideshowraheem> cuck justification coming in hot
<lhs> "there's an escalade in the parking lot with the lights on"
<besoin> what a montage
<Trebbles> 2 years later
<Trebbles> Finally someone to call bullshit on the fountains of Rome
<sideshowraheem> oh fuck Chuggo is calling him
<donnamartin> aha
<besoin> you HAVE to cuck this guy, zac
<dan2> We Are Your Third Wheels
<impfriendtist> lol
<Trebbles> He's like 2 years older than ZE
<autarch> what a bunch of squares
<autarch> "never heard of him"
<sideshowraheem> WHAT A FUCKIN NERD
<sideshowraheem> he doesn't even know this DJ!
<Trebbles> "Is he like Dave Matthews?"
<autarch> holy shit
<autarch> what a quote
<sideshowraheem> oh hell yeah!
<donnamartin> gay jokes, lolz
<Ampersand_> lol
<sideshowraheem> they're gay bro!
<autarch> sick own. love homophobia.
<dan2> ho ho HOOO you got them!
<sideshowraheem> that's fucking hilarious
<sideshowraheem> they're like freakin putin and drumpf
<autarch> haha
<sideshowraheem> the real world of DJing
<Trebbles> "I was kicked out"
<dan2> "but it was so sweet when you said they were gross gaywads"
<bob511> Maybe she could get a second DJ to pay for school.
<sideshowraheem> it's putting things together you fucking idiots
<besoin> duh duh land
<dan2> heh
<autarch> clarkey cat?
<sideshowraheem> I Fucking Loe Festivals, the worst subreddit
<Trebbles> Las Vegas the Las Vegas of Nevada
<besoin> wait what
<Ampersand_> um
<sideshowraheem> oh my god
<sideshowraheem> whoever directed this is a genius
<lhs> smuggling drugs in their femurs
<autarch> it's so good.
<Trebbles> Hella screaming about the drugs you got in
<autarch> YEAH! They got in!!!
<dan2> isn't the guy who directed this the Catfish dude
<autarch> Manti Teo
<autarch> ?
<Trebbles> ahh
<Trebbles> This movie would be confirmation of CTE if directed by an NFL player
<autarch> hhahhaha
<donnamartin> altoid commercials got weird
<autarch> another drug scenew
<dan2> heh
<autarch> so nice they did it twice
<dan2> The Curiously Stoned Mint
<lhs> sidechained melody
<donnamartin> he looks to be in pain
<sideshowraheem> this has been going on for both longer and shorter than I would have htought somehow
<Ampersand_> "i never thought i'd kiss a princess"
<autarch> don't get hit, by a car
<dan2> sponsored by the ferris wheel society
<autarch> hahaha the friends waiting for him
<autarch> just send a fucking text
<sideshowraheem> we are your cuck
<lhs> here's why you can't afford stanford
<dan2> great use of $4500 by the guy who was mad at a cheese plate
<autarch> yeah seriously, how does she afford that room?
<donnamartin> james
<autarch> Time for James to stand his ground
<lhs> james is going to start hanging out with the friends
<besoin> heh
<autarch> "can't afford it"
<lhs> room service is $500 for a plate of cheese
<sideshowraheem> EPIC
<autarch> no expense was spared.
<Ampersand_> beggin strip
<sideshowraheem> all the extras
<Ampersand_> a *side* of avocado?
<besoin> fixin's
<donnamartin> avacados--that's why she can't afford stanford
<autarch> can we have the suite with the grand piano in it?
<dan2> can you dine and dash at a 4 star hotel?
<besoin> why does zac sound like buffalo bill all of a sudden
<autarch> hahaha squirrel
<Ampersand_> i thought we were your friends
<autarch> squirrel what a guy
<besoin> back to conning single mothers
<sideshowraheem> squirrel and James Reed are the only names I know in this movie
<donnamartin> this movie cuts from day to night constantly
<Trebbles> Chekovs photos
<sideshowraheem> oh her name is sophie I guess
<autarch> 78 missed calls from efron
<impfriendtist> lol
<sideshowraheem> Efron is like Enron on this movie
<impfriendtist> oh man
<dan2> "yeah, I'll have a plate of that"
<Trebbles> Perfect
<besoin> i'm sure these people are used to very ethical and consistent relationships
<donnamartin> love it when their balls touch
<sideshowraheem> what the fuck
<autarch> james is christoph waltz in Inglourious Basterds for the rest of the movie
<besoin> is shane going to beat zac up
<besoin> that other shoe has to -- no pun intended -- drop
<Ampersand_> "it's a party favor"
<Trebbles> It's a clock that says, "time to cuck"
<Trebbles> A 'cuckcoo' clock if you will
<donnamartin> testing out his heart rate science
<lhs> "have you considered DJing?"
<besoin> is he not right
<Trebbles> Well, if she's underwater on it, might be a good deal
<sideshowraheem> at least this movie hates capitalism
<dan2> Efron Brockovich
<besoin> hah
<besoin> just walk away, zac
<besoin> don't mess with the criminal guy
<autarch> this movie keeps getting better
<dan2> careful man, if you keep pushing Zac like that he might call you a homo
<donnamartin> at this point maybe get a bank?
<sideshowraheem> USE A BANK DIPSHIT
<autarch> doesn't he know about banks?
<donnamartin> i mean, it's obvi gonna get stolen
<Ampersand_> All Day I Dream About Banks
<sideshowraheem> oh man of course this guy abuses wait staff
<autarch> this scene has amazing dialogue
<sideshowraheem> NO ORANGE JUICE OH GREAT
<Trebbles> ahah
<besoin> you could stop seeing him, i think
<Trebbles> What a powerplay
<sideshowraheem> this scene guest directed by David Lynch
<autarch> why is she so pissed about the cake?
<Trebbles> "Want some soup? Hold out your hand"
<lhs> because he didn't use plates
<donnamartin> i think she's pissed because he's acting like a drunk dick
<autarch> can someone actually explain why she's mad?
<donnamartin> he shat on the restraurant she picked
<donnamartin> shat on her efforts
<autarch> Here's where the cucking begins
<sideshowraheem> and he's a big drunk piece of shit who suck
<donnamartin> he's rude to waiters
<donnamartin> of course this movie has strip clubs
<autarch> ok makes sense niow
<besoin> cake hand bacteria
<lhs> bowl full of fondant
<autarch> he just spat out egg yolk? why?
<sideshowraheem> he's gonna hang up
<besoin> damn, opsec, zac
<sideshowraheem> then she's gonna call efron and he'll pick up
<autarch> stand your ground, james
<sideshowraheem> oh wait
<lhs> DJ swirly
<autarch> haha lhs
<bob511> Oh my god
<autarch> holy shit
<autarch> YES
<Trebbles> yesssss
<donnamartin> this movie has everything
<sideshowraheem> oh hell yeah, the most obnoxious person on earth
<sideshowraheem> all talk no drop
<besoin> here come his adamantium claws
<Ampersand_> Where Are Your Friends?
<autarch> kick his face in
<autarch> this is fucking sick
<donnamartin> wut?
<sideshowraheem> "you think I got this exactly square face by not selling out?"
<Trebbles> "You want some more cake, bro?"
<Ampersand_> "they're called finishing moves. i learned them in kickboxing"
<besoin> all because of his phone wallpaper
<lhs> mason sounded like calamity jane for a sec there
<besoin> sorry about summerfest, man
<lhs> we could be stealing entire strip malls
<sideshowraheem> did that happen for everyone else?
<autarch> this guy loves limp bizkit
<sideshowraheem> it's it turning white an pixely for everyone else?
<besoin> nope
<dan2> PCP must be kicking in
<sideshowraheem> alright it's fine now
<bob511> That's just how these guys look, raheem.
<donnamartin> they get that whole thing for $3K?
<Ampersand_> a pool for swimming? how middle class
<dan2> he's becoming the human embodyment of electronics
<Trebbles> this song
<Trebbles> Making the case for homeownership
<besoin> that guy looked at the camera
<dan2> ahahahahfkash
<besoin> hell yes
<Trebbles> ahah
<bob511> Yes
<donnamartin> this movie has EVERYTHING
<Trebbles> perfect
<autarch> "we made it"
<Trebbles> pissss
<lhs> it's vodka
<sideshowraheem> the classic water we all know and love
<donnamartin> there's just a banana hanging around?
<Ampersand_> had to burn his shoebox for heat
<autarch> everything mace says says and does is so gross
<besoin> squirrel is dead
<autarch> squirrelly bird
<Trebbles> haahahh
<Ampersand_> omg
<autarch> holy shit.
<lhs> :0
<autarch> holy shit
<donnamartin> oh my god
<autarch> no way
<sideshowraheem> oh my fucking god
<dan2> he ain't playing possum
<autarch> is he actually dead
<Ampersand_> squirrel flew too high
<besoin> choked on a banana
<autarch> i did not see that coming
<Trebbles> "Get your turntables now!"
<autarch> this movie has everything
<donnamartin> of course squirrel dies
<lhs> throw him in the pool
<besoin> we were your friend
<Ampersand_> Rest In Pool
<impfriendtist> whos gonna pay his rent now
<donnamartin> lol
<bob511> Good thing for Craigslist.
<autarch> was that foreshadowed at all?
<lhs> he'll dissolve eventually
<sideshowraheem> AHAHAHA
<autarch> lol ampersand
<donnamartin> guess they weren't ready to live on their own
<dan2> did he do PCP for the wedding too?
<dan2> err funeral
<sideshowraheem> squirrel was Jewish???
<dan2> I'm fucked up
<besoin> here comes the drop
<Trebbles> Sample the dirt, bro
<sideshowraheem> lol besoin
<dan2> *mourners walk by throwing handfulls of acorns in*
<lhs> what is life but an irreparable assemblage
<besoin> that job bought us these ties
<sideshowraheem> oh meta
<besoin> stay golden, ponyboy
<donnamartin> too soon
<autarch> love that chin strap
<besoin> i'm going to code bootcamp
<sideshowraheem> half blood?
<autarch> "half blood"?
<dan2> bet this guy talks about half blood a lot
<autarch> nazi
<lhs> i knew this guy was a racist
<donnamartin> one of htem dies and hits his head
<sideshowraheem> they drained the pool?
<autarch> it was always drained
<dan2> American History Extacy
<lhs> they're back at mason's dad's house
<autarch> they're back at the old house
<sideshowraheem> ahh
<sideshowraheem> too many houses with pools
<Ampersand_> looool i forgot this was directed by the grey haired Catfish The TV Show guy
<besoin> that wasn't 56 seconds
<sideshowraheem> this guy is psychotic
<impfriendtist> how is there no background noise in that
<besoin> all these...samples
<sideshowraheem> oh man, this is gonna make the sickest beat
<lhs> like tear sfx in rain
<sideshowraheem> here's something real!
<sideshowraheem> "I'm been applying to positions and I'm dead"
<besoin> why is he making up with this guy
<sideshowraheem> because he's his only in to success
<lhs> you can tell he's depressed when he dresses like kurt cobain
<sideshowraheem> she loves the valley... oh?
<Trebbles> "Who?"
<Ampersand_> "get that chipmunk off your shoulder, kid"
<besoin> what a bad morning
<lhs> it's 12:30
<dan2> they never met so I bet this guy thinks he's talking about an actual squirrel
<autarch> lol
<autarch> he kicked him out of the pool
<donnamartin> lhs, i thought you meant i'ts 12:30 now and i was like what how long is this?
<dan2> banking on some long credits for this one
<besoin> it's 12:30 in halifax
<lhs> it was what sophie said after he told her good morning or w/e
<autarch> [uplifting music]
<besoin> what scene that was
<besoin> *what a scene
<autarch> aw SHIT
<Ampersand_> helluva headphone jack
<Trebbles> yeah, weird
<donnamartin> *gets hit by car*
<besoin> what are all these samples coming from the trees?!
<lhs> haha
<donnamartin> oh man
<Trebbles> is the movie going in reverse now
<impfriendtist> oh noooooo
<impfriendtist> this is sooooo duuuumb
<Ampersand_> 128 chimes per minute
<autarch> whoa. notice all . the real world soudns?
<besoin> no other human ever thought of this
<autarch> blink 128
<Trebbles> Microphones, how do they work
<sideshowraheem> oh man the it's the beat!
<Trebbles> *farts*
<sideshowraheem> this is so fucking dumb, I love it so much
<besoin> hopefully mason will fall off the roof for the drop
<donnamartin> splat trax
<bob511> It's like Upstream Color, but everyone was already full of the worms.
<impfriendtist> the funny thing is this has no precedent in the rest of the movie, nothing leading up to it
<Trebbles> ah bob
<Ampersand_> lol bob
<besoin> i miss shane carruth
<autarch> he's like fuckin sprinting wtf
<impfriendtist> how did he pull that off
<donnamartin> how long are they working on this house?
<impfriendtist> "oh yeah i can get you on the bill for the festival that is tomorrow"
<autarch> everytime they fix the house it breaks again. sisyphian
<impfriendtist> the house is actually purgatory
<besoin> just quietly waiting
<autarch> he's like headlining the fest based on nothing? shouldn't he be like playing a side stage?
<impfriendtist> beating at 128 beats per minute
<lhs> he's going to debut his scrump shit to this
<sideshowraheem> PUT IT AT 128 BPM!
<autarch> 128! it's your secret move!
<dan2> every time I go to a concert I'm gonna worry that the band is secretly watching my circulatory system from the stage
<besoin> "play high school musical!"
<donnamartin> they're all just standing around
<impfriendtist> is this how djs actually set up their shit
<lhs> heh dan
<autarch> "just remember what i taught you. 128 bpm."
<impfriendtist> in front of everyone
<Trebbles> *Opens powerpoint presentation*
<donnamartin> i would love it if thy broke out into hs musical
<sideshowraheem> OPPA GANGNAM STYLE
<dan2> "Named after my favorite city in India"
<autarch> lol raheem
<Trebbles> Is the movie about to pass out
<bob511> How much power do these new MacBooks draw?
<impfriendtist> i dunno man
<sideshowraheem> *extremly The Arm voice* El-lec-tric-ity
<autarch> this is the most sloppily put together bunch of samples
<autarch> this is so bad.
<donnamartin> some ross gellar vibes
<sideshowraheem> yeah this song sucks ass
<besoin> deadly quiet at summerfest
<impfriendtist> there's gonna be a squirrel voicemail sample
<impfriendtist> it's gonna be a hwole thing
<autarch> this is like 49 bpm.
<besoin> turning into a chromatics song
<Trebbles> Auditioning sounds live
<Trebbles> ahahhahah
<sideshowraheem> again this is a commercial that is supposed to seem about like freedom or whatever but it's just for water or an iphone
<donnamartin> oh come on
<dan2> oh man
<autarch> hahanahhaha
<autarch> the growling
<sideshowraheem> holy god
<donnamartin> the lions about killed me
<autarch> the basketball
<Ampersand_> handclapping makes me feel alive
<bob511> "Claps!  We know this one!"
<autarch> holy shit was that a fart!
<Ampersand_> lol
<sideshowraheem> oh the part they're actually going nuts for is the electronic sound?
<impfriendtist> noooo
<besoin> guy in the crowd checking his phone
<bob511> "Hey, you recording this?" would be a good sample.
<Ampersand_> *everyone leaves*
<donnamartin> he's insulting his audience
<autarch> this is so bad.
<autarch> i love this.
<lhs> dead5uirrel
<Ampersand_> loool
<donnamartin> noooooooooooooo
<Trebbles> ljljj;
<autarch> oh my god
<Ampersand_> "NOOOO
<impfriendtist> he just hit the drop button
<autarch> That was the best
<dan2> so painfully close to being self aware
<donnamartin> TAP TO THE BEAT OF MY PAIN
<sideshowraheem> holy hell
<donnamartin> aha merican apparel in the back
<besoin> i'm not sure if squirrel's life was worth this
<Trebbles> sarin
<sideshowraheem> Efron IS James Franco AS Tommy Wiseau
<sideshowraheem> lol autarch
<autarch> I'm hearing more farts
<Ampersand_> pooft
<dan2> *beats jam so hard they restart Squirrel's heart*
<Ampersand_> lol
<autarch> I'm crying.
<autarch> thhis is so good
<donnamartin> do you understand your friend/
<autarch> 128, bro
<dan2> this is where I come from, this is who I am *plays windchime*
<Ampersand_> *no refunds
<dan2> lol
<sideshowraheem> this is so unearned my god
<Trebbles> Has this just been a pitch for a EDM based multilevel marketing scheme?
<sideshowraheem> classic stanford
<dan2> and NO HALFBLOODS
<besoin> so she went to some other school?
<sideshowraheem> I hope to god that's not a metaphor
<besoin> the north hollywood stanford campus
<Trebbles> fired
<sideshowraheem> I think it's supposed to be a community college
<impfriendtist> wow
<autarch> that was amazing
<besoin> woof, jesus
<donnamartin> dear lord
<bob511> Too much Joseph, frankly.
<sideshowraheem> what a film
<autarch> oh, nice, a credits scene
<lhs> i'm so inspired
<donnamartin> can't believe thi wasn't efron's turning point
<autarch> this was everything i hoped it would be.
<sideshowraheem> so happy we did this
<Ampersand_> another Oppenheimer created a bomb
<impfriendtist> i wonder what crimes these people committed that they needed to launder their money through this
<sideshowraheem> lol amp
<autarch> I can't believe that last song.
<donnamartin> so they spent $2M and made $11M
<sideshowraheem> the scene at the party about the BPM is an all time
<sideshowraheem> r
<sideshowraheem> so fucking good
<Ampersand_> this only cost 2 million?
<autarch> that song was so bad.
<sideshowraheem> Efron just loved the script
<besoin> randall poster
<impfriendtist> oh of course
<besoin> lawd
<Ampersand_> looooooooool
<autarch> perfect
<lhs> full of poop
<Trebbles> come the fuck on
<sideshowraheem> oh my god
<impfriendtist> wowwwwwww
<sideshowraheem> He's a good guy!
<besoin> was there $700K in that box
<donnamartin> he's still gonna steal the house
<Ampersand_> this exceeded expectations
<sideshowraheem> he helped one of the thousands of people that company is fucking over
<dan2> it was just a mixtape in the box
<bob511> Inside is a communicator with a Skrillex logo flashing
<donnamartin> what were your expectations, amp?
<sideshowraheem> I will say it was cool that capitalism was the villain all along
<impfriendtist> fuck you Pyramid
<Ampersand_> loathsome as opposed to pathetically earnest
<donnamartin> did anyone else think James Reed was Adam Levine?
<sideshowraheem> I knew that the company that produced coen bros movies would turn out something good
<autarch> I cannot believe they actually showed his lips moving in the scene where he explained the 128 bpm
<dan2> Kyle Klutz is not the first person I would want to be my camera operator
<lhs> i thought he looked similar, donna
<bob511> Is Second Second Assistant Director a typical position?
<besoin> they needed 1 AD per entourage member
<Ampersand_> i would listen to this song, not gonna lie
<sideshowraheem> We Are Your Internet Friends Who Watch Bad Movies
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Postby Ampersand » Sat Jul 21, 2018 10:19 am

Tomorrow at 2200 EDT,
Billy Bob travels to discover if the moon really is made out of cheese in...

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Postby john plainman » Sat Jul 21, 2018 10:25 am

That helmet photoshop is outrageous
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john plainman
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Postby dan » Sat Jul 21, 2018 10:40 am

why's he riding the horse away from the rocket?
or at all for that matter?
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Postby goofjan » Sat Jul 21, 2018 11:35 am

I hope this inspires a deep dive into Michael Polish's later work:

plz if u get a chanse put some flowrs on algernons grave kthxbye
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Postby Ampersand » Sun Jul 22, 2018 1:09 pm

Check the db or PM me to join!

Note that dan has kindly uploaded a higher quality file to both dbs, so it's advisable to replace the initial ~700 mb file if you already nabbed it.
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Postby ratbags » Sun Jul 22, 2018 2:14 pm

i don't see it in the db
session to session
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Postby ratbags » Sun Jul 22, 2018 2:14 pm

might just be stupid though
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Postby Ampersand » Sun Jul 22, 2018 2:55 pm

ratbags wrote:might just be stupid though

it's there in the Movie Series folder
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Postby ratbags » Sun Jul 22, 2018 2:58 pm

so i'm definitely stupid then
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Postby ratbags » Sun Jul 22, 2018 2:58 pm

so i'm definitely stupid then
session to session
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