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Health insurance rip off lying FDA big bankers buying
Fake computer crashes dining
Cloning while they're multiplying
Fashion shoots with Beck and Hanson
Courtney Love, and Marilyn Manson
You're all fakes
Run to your mansions
Come around
We'll kick your ass in

Postby Ampersand » Tue Jun 19, 2018 11:56 am

welp, I've said this before, but the next few months of the Shit Flixe calendar sure do look terrifying!
Thanks, everybody, and keep the suggestions coming. (I write them all down, promise.)
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Postby Ampersand » Tue Jun 19, 2018 12:04 pm

This Thursday, let's inaugurate the summer solstice with a bit of beloosh:

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Postby Ampersand » Wed Jun 20, 2018 1:04 pm

Ampersand wrote:This Thursday, let's inaugurate the summer solstice with a bit of beloosh:

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Postby Ampersand » Thu Jun 21, 2018 9:45 am

Tonight, we'll share Grodin's facial expression.
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Postby identikit » Thu Jun 21, 2018 9:47 am

oh man, I hope I have insomnia, I need more Belushi in my life. you folks still using the tinychat room for this?
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Postby Ampersand » Thu Jun 21, 2018 2:29 pm

identikit wrote:oh man, I hope I have insomnia, I need more Belushi in my life. you folks still using the tinychat room for this?

Nope, we've switched to a basic browser webchat: https://webchat.freenode.net/ Channel: #HPNMOVIESERIES
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Postby Ampersand » Thu Jun 21, 2018 8:01 pm

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Postby Ampersand » Thu Jun 21, 2018 9:46 pm

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Postby Ampersand » Thu Jun 21, 2018 10:03 pm

Ampersand wrote:TONIGHT'S FEATURE PRESENTATION: Taking Care of Business
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Postby Ampersand » Thu Jun 21, 2018 11:57 pm

Code: Select all
[22:13] <@Ampersand_> 3
[22:13] <@Ampersand_> 2
[22:13] <@Ampersand_> 1
[22:13] <impbiznist> aw yeah
[22:13] <sideshowraheem> here we go!
[22:13] <sideshowraheem> GRODIN
[22:14] <sideshowraheem> classic cartoon opening sequence for a live action movie
[22:14] <bob511> Q
[22:15] <_identikit> you guys still doing this every week, same time?
[22:15] <_identikit> I need better plans for insomnia than those that I have
[22:15] <dan2_> twice a week actually
[22:15] <dan2_> too much to cover
[22:15] <_identikit> oh wow, what other day?
[22:15] <dan2_> Sunday
[22:15] <_identikit> nice!
[22:15] <@Ampersand_> this was written by J. J. Abrams, btw
[22:16] <Trebbers> Who ever used the shitty ruler in those books
[22:16] <dan2_> seems to be his first writing job
[22:16] <@Ampersand_> i think they used those to measure their lines of coke
[22:17] <_identikit> fantastic, def. never seen this, I would remember a) that haircut and b) mister beethoven
[22:17] <Trebbers> makes sense
[22:17] <Trebbers> what the hell
[22:17] <dan2_> I would be more excited to write for Grodin than make a new Star Wars, can't lie
[22:17] <@Ampersand_> Grodin looks like he's washing his hair way too frequently
[22:17] <impbiznist> wow
[22:17] <sideshowraheem> Charles Drownin
[22:17] <Trebbers> File of Fucks
[22:17] <dan2_> timeless joke
[22:18] <@Ampersand_> friendliest riot. must be Friday
[22:18] <sideshowraheem> I can't believe Jim Belushi is in a movie where the Chicago Cubs are a plot point
[22:18] <@Ampersand_> FEET FEET FEET
[22:18] <Trebbers> Is this in Scandinavia
[22:18] <dan2_> The Big Tits are looking pretty strong this season, I think they could take it all the way
[22:18] <Trebbers> Hecs in effect
[22:19] <lhs> taking care of prison business
[22:19] <@Ampersand_> taking care of health code violations
[22:20] <impbiznist> oh man is the entire score going to be variations on taking care of business
[22:20] <sideshowraheem> Takin' care of business(phone call instrumental)
[22:21] <dan2_> they're gassin up the jet!
[22:22] <Trebbers> "Something for daddy"
[22:22] <bob511> Sort of a Sad Men premise.
[22:23] <Trebbers> Ponytail is upsetting me
[22:23] <Trebbers> Segal-esque
[22:23] <@Ampersand_> and he's a cook
[22:23] <Trebbers> Seagal
[22:23] <@Ampersand_> and his dreams are Under Siege
[22:24] <impbiznist> is this how things actually work
[22:24] <Trebbers> Did they ever teem up
[22:24] <bob511> Oh, his namebadge actually did say Toolman.
[22:24] <@Ampersand_> YUP
[22:24] <dan2_> Tim the Toolman Jailor
[22:24] <Trebbers> Arr roo
[22:24] <impbiznist> haha
[22:24] <@Ampersand_> hehe
[22:25] <bob511> "Everything is so planned out, even a less-talented brother could handle things."
[22:25] <@Ampersand_> lol
[22:26] <Trebbers> Is this made possible by a grant from the Filofax corp
[22:26] <_identikit> did Grodin ever star in a horror flick? he has the right facial expression for some american psycho style movie
[22:26] <lhs> filofax is the most relevant imdb keyword
[22:27] <bob511> Clifford is kind of a horror film, I guess.
[22:27] <Trebbers> say what
[22:27] <dan2_> Idea: Phyllo Fax, where you are able to fax thin sheets of dough across the country
[22:27] <Trebbers> Instead of toner, you refill sprinkles
[22:28] <dan2_> instead of inkjet, theres a honeyjet
[22:29] <lhs> she got her AA in cockblocking
[22:30] <@Ampersand_> was Logan Lucky Soderbergh's admission to being a huge Belushihead?
[22:31] <sideshowraheem> slowed down version
[22:31] <impbiznist> that's some impressive core strength on belush
[22:31] <@Ampersand_> this is a look
[22:32] <sideshowraheem> did they just name this movie this so they could get exclusive rights to the song?
[22:32] <Trebbers> A choice was made there
[22:32] <lhs> it's a look that says "hello fellow kids"
[22:32] <Trebbers> kick butt huh
[22:32] <bob511> Hey, it's Enrico Palazzo!
[22:33] <bob511> "I'm talking about, Spencer."
[22:33] <dan2_> the Grodin wind-up is beginning
[22:34] <Trebbers> Oh man, those dialer things
[22:34] <sideshowraheem> I can't believe someone would make a movie where Charles Grodin is frustrated and put upon
[22:34] <impbiznist> whoa was that real
[22:34] <Trebbers> Yeah
[22:34] <dan2_> what percentage of Grodin movies don't involve him getting gradually more tightly wound as the film progesses?
[22:34] <sideshowraheem> 0%
[22:35] <dan2_> I think it's my new project to confim that
[22:35] <bob511> Limo services have a ten-minute rule?
[22:35] <sideshowraheem> I guess the Heartbreak Kid, he gets tightly wound then kinda goes insane and gets looser
[22:36] <impbiznist> was that a threat
[22:36] <dan2_> "I'm FiloFucked"
[22:37] <impbiznist> is every belush role supposed to actually be bill murray
[22:37] <@Ampersand_> "damn that rock's got a bladder!"
[22:37] <Trebbers> what
[22:37] <dan2_> pay smaller bills murray
[22:38] <@Ampersand_> he learned those swim moves from K-9
[22:38] <sideshowraheem> "it has a large dog in it and also martin short dressed like a child"
[22:38] <bob511> Aha
[22:39] <lhs> you'd think the hired car would still be stuck in all that traffic
[22:39] <impbiznist> man the 80s
[22:39] <impbiznist> why would he put those instructions in there
[22:40] <dan2_> "Bank account and Pin Number notes"
[22:40] <_identikit> his secretary did, since he can't tie his shoes without his filofax
[22:40] <Trebbers> This movie is like an early attempt for AI to write comedy.
[22:40] <lhs> 15 minutes later it's full of empty pizza boxes and beer cans
[22:40] <Trebbers> Things have the form of jokes, but aren't funny
[22:41] <dan2_> seems like the sort of place you could make a dead body pose as a living person thru puppetry
[22:41] <lhs> pee wee
[22:41] <@Ampersand_> lol dan
[22:41] <impbiznist> wait is the jail named after him?
[22:41] <lhs> 's play mcmansion
[22:41] <Trebbers> I don't like this shot
[22:42] <Trebbers> Jiggling Jim
[22:42] <dan2_> seems really close to the mansion where Andrew Dice Clay gets killed in Vinyl
[22:42] <dan2_> spoilers
[22:42] <sideshowraheem> dozens of prisoners will be killed and wounded so Jim Belushi can watch the Cubs lose
[22:43] <sideshowraheem> that guys is 87 years old
[22:43] <lhs> and to think that the imdb parent guide claims this has no frightening or intense scenes
[22:43] <@Ampersand_> squish
[22:43] <@Ampersand_> AH
[22:43] <dan2_> every white man's fear is that this will happen to them in the inner city
[22:43] <@Ampersand_> two jump scares in a row
[22:43] <bob511> Saving the teen center requires drastic measures.
[22:43] <sideshowraheem> this should definitely be on there LHS
[22:44] <lhs> stop looking at me, evian
[22:44] <sideshowraheem> Lights Camera Jackson's favourite Dr. Ruth
[22:45] <@Ampersand_> "these are the new victims"
[22:46] <lhs> it's like a toga made out of pogs
[22:46] <dan2_> Grodin goes crust punk
[22:47] <bob511> Wait, they didn't resolve how he figured out what togs are.
[22:47] <@Ampersand_> how do none of these people know that he's the wrong person?
[22:52] <Ampersand_> testing?
[22:52] <impbiznist> hi
[22:52] <lhs> wb
[22:52] <Ampersand_> weird.
[22:52] <Ampersand_> chat stopping updating
[22:53] <Trebbers> good on my end
[22:53] <impbiznist> might have just been hard to make jokes about this
[22:54] <sideshowraheem> the jokes are too good in the movie
[22:54] <dan2_> they just seem to stretch every joke for an extra 15 seconds beyond where it should end
[22:54] <bob511> Just another one of those homeless people pretending to be Spencer Barnes.
[22:54] <dan2_> "I HAVE A POOL?"
[22:54] <sideshowraheem> it did kinda grind to a screeching halt as soon as Belushi left prison
[22:54] <sideshowraheem> even though this is supposed to be the "fun" part
[22:54] <Ampersand_> that bikini is made out of skinned filofaxes. despicable
[22:54] <dan2_> the lesson: keep Jim Belushi in prison forever
[22:55] <dan2_> ho-ly shit @ Grodin's shirt
[22:56] <dan2_> would probably sell for $300 now
[22:56] <_identikit> that thing is glorious+
[22:56] <Trebbers> i think I saw it in a Diiv photo shoot
[22:56] <impbiznist> this is one of those eras where i can't tell if clothes are supposed to look good or tacky
[22:56] <sideshowraheem> 80 meg harddrive? it couldn't even contain this chat
[22:56] <bob511> "UNIX.  I know this."
[22:57] <Trebbers> aha
[22:57] <sideshowraheem> Belushi's mini-ponytail is killing me every time
[22:57] <Ampersand_> lol bob
[22:58] <Ampersand_> imagine what would be unleashed if he untied it
[22:58] <sideshowraheem> it's been at least 25 minutes since someone mentioned the World Series
[22:58] <Ampersand_> "LET ME PROVE YOU WRONG"
[22:58] <Ampersand_> *wolf noises*
[22:59] <impbiznist> did everyone have one of those in 1990
[22:59] <Trebbers> what the fuck
[22:59] <Ampersand_> he is part seal
[22:59] <lhs> call her back on the bananaphone in the kitchen
[23:00] <Trebbers> What the fuck, there are big tvs in that house
[23:00] <Ampersand_> cub club
[23:00] <Trebbers> Oh, to the prison
[23:00] <Trebbers> yuck yuck
[23:01] <sideshowraheem> "god I love running on sand" might be the best line of the movie
[23:02] <impbiznist> was that one of the suit guys
[23:02] <Ampersand_> looking more and more like Seagal
[23:03] <Trebbers> Trying to get bratwurst scent on as many suits as possible
[23:03] <impbiznist> oh man that's who it is
[23:03] <dan2_> I wonder which one played more cops in their career
[23:03] <Ampersand_> he got his fuck in
[23:04] <sideshowraheem> Takin' Care of Business(Dub mix)
[23:04] <Trebbers> Stewart Copeland really earning his money
[23:05] <sideshowraheem> there is no way this pipe will fall down
[23:05] <sideshowraheem> couldn't even get it out in time
[23:05] <lhs> where's the paperboy when you need him
[23:05] <impbiznist> there's not an alarm that goes off at this point?
[23:05] <Trebbers> What the hell is that
[23:06] <bob511> It's a silent alarm, I think?
[23:06] <Trebbers> guess so
[23:06] <Ampersand_> please don't be yourself
[23:06] <impbiznist> withdrawn
[23:07] <bob511> LAPD insists on the element of surprise when murdering burglars.
[23:07] <bob511> Whoa, Beverly and Q.
[23:08] <Trebbers> Wish movie was checking in on the inmates
[23:10] <lhs> they're all dead
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[23:10] == bob511 [4900c95a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #hpnmovieseries
[23:11] <Ampersand_> Eat This
[23:11] <bob511> An hour in, and now the movie starts complaining about its own jokes.
[23:11] <sideshowraheem> produced by High Quality Films
[23:12] <Ampersand_> lock
[23:12] <Ampersand_> him
[23:12] <Ampersand_> up
[23:12] <Trebbers> uh
[23:12] <sideshowraheem> yikes
[23:12] <Trebbers> JJ at his desk with a typewriter, revolver and bottle of brandy
[23:12] <_identikit> is this really the best titty non-joke they got
[23:12] <sideshowraheem> this movie's portrayal of women has been horrific
[23:13] == RiXXX [43f474a7@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[23:13] <bob511> A mistaken identity gag in a role-swap movie?
[23:14] <Ampersand_> maybe it's a mistaken movie
[23:16] <Ampersand_> tfw you're the Beethoeven
[23:17] <sideshowraheem> Pulp Fiction ripped off this scene
[23:17] <Trebbers> stomach turning
[23:17] <Ampersand_> no
[23:17] <Ampersand_> noooo
[23:18] <_identikit> I dont know what you guys have, I'm having a blast
[23:18] <dan2_> Belushi just has us all hot and bothered, that's all
[23:18] <Ampersand_> please no blasts
[23:18] <_identikit> havent seen a proper shit flick in roughly half a year
[23:18] <_identikit> I forgot how entertaining that is
[23:19] <sideshowraheem> snakeskin comforter
[23:19] <Trebbers> What an irresistible piece of ass.
[23:19] <Trebbers> The girl is pretty hot, too.
[23:19] <sideshowraheem> haha treb
[23:19] <sideshowraheem> Grodin-Spencer Film Explosion
[23:20] <Trebbers> waht
[23:20] <Ampersand_> ahhhh
[23:20] <sideshowraheem> naked in a tracksuit
[23:20] <Ampersand_> wrap that hair up
[23:20] <Ampersand_> keep it sanitary
[23:21] <impbiznist> she already fucked in it
[23:21] <_identikit> as if this house wouldn*t have 14 other beds
[23:21] <impbiznist> she's a huge angels fan
[23:21] <impbiznist> i bet
[23:21] <Ampersand_> 14 other babes
[23:22] <Trebbers> The rainy season in LA
[23:22] <Ampersand_> lol
[23:22] <Trebbers> go go go
[23:22] <sideshowraheem> SHANK HIM
[23:22] <Ampersand_> time for a murder
[23:23] <Trebbers> gif
[23:23] <sideshowraheem> Full Grodin
[23:24] <Trebbers> do it
[23:24] <Ampersand_> eat them
[23:24] <sideshowraheem> I hope Belush smashes his face into a fax machine and says "File: Oaf, Fax"
[23:24] <Ampersand_> yesssss
[23:25] <Trebbers> Took acting lessons from Beethoven
[23:25] <Ampersand_> lol
[23:25] <lhs> jaden smith's room
[23:25] <dan2_> he should be keeping the tickets hostage in his mouth this entire time
[23:25] <sideshowraheem> Trump voter
[23:26] <sideshowraheem> yikes
[23:26] <Trebbers> Is that a drawing of that actress
[23:26] <sideshowraheem> this spring get here english muffins
[23:28] <sideshowraheem> I couldn't figure out where I'd seen the one lacky from and he was on Breaking Bad
[23:28] <_identikit> which one
[23:28] <sideshowraheem> the other one has been in a bunc hof shit too
[23:29] <bob511> John de Lancie.
[23:29] <bob511> The one with the hair.
[23:29] <dan2_> the special thanks for this is just going to be Filo Fax in size 400 font
[23:29] <Trebbers> This lady is the problem
[23:30] <bob511> Well, at least she can go back to her gig on the Enterprise D.
[23:30] <_identikit> dang you are good, I would have never remembered
[23:30] <bob511> Pretty sure the crew was sick of that Pulaski woman by this point.
[23:30] <sideshowraheem> I feel like this movie is very specifically on the precipice of the 80s and 90s
[23:31] <Trebbers> It's holding on real hard to the 80s
[23:31] <impbiznist> there is a LOT of movie left
[23:31] <Ampersand_> yeah, distressing
[23:31] <sideshowraheem> Charles Grodin IS Steve Bartman
[23:34] <sideshowraheem> "he loves the Blues Brothers 2000"
[23:35] <impbiznist> this is getting pretty good
[23:35] <sideshowraheem> the fucking pony tail
[23:35] <impbiznist> wait so is belush just buying grodin stuff with his own credit card
[23:35] <impbiznist> and grodin can't think to ask for it back
[23:36] <impbiznist> that kid looked weirdly familiar
[23:36] <sideshowraheem> yeah what else has he bee nin
[23:37] <Trebbers> die die
[23:37] <impbiznist> were the angels actually good at some point
[23:37] <sideshowraheem> oh y god
[23:37] <sideshowraheem> this is so dumb
[23:37] <Ampersand_> there was nothing in the rulebook about an ape catching a homerun
[23:37] <Trebbers> ahah
[23:37] <sideshowraheem> is that Joe Torre?
[23:38] <Ampersand_> that kid is who Alan Grant threatens at the beginning of Jurassic Park
[23:38] <sideshowraheem> thanks amp
[23:38] <sideshowraheem> I feel like someone had him as an avatar
[23:38] <bob511> https://overmental.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/volunteer-kid-jurassic-park.jpg
[23:38] <bob511> Yeah.
[23:39] <sideshowraheem> Grodin suddenly turned into an audience surrogate
[23:39] <Trebbers> Even by the logic of this movie they should be buddies
[23:39] <Trebbers> shouldn't
[23:40] <Ampersand_> what
[23:40] <dan2_> yipes
[23:40] <sideshowraheem> what the fuck
[23:40] <Ampersand_> two men, one soul
[23:40] <sideshowraheem> his poor wife
[23:40] <sideshowraheem> is he a Grodin or a Showdin
[23:41] <impbiznist> i mean he's gonna have to go back eventually anyway right
[23:41] <Trebbers> How proud was JJ when he came up with this shit
[23:41] <sideshowraheem> this is the laziest fucking bullshit
[23:41] <impbiznist> i forgot for a little while that this movie was called taking care of business
[23:41] <dan2_> false advertising
[23:41] <sideshowraheem> I was going to call the Filo Fax a mcguffin but it's more essential to the plot than that
[23:42] <impbiznist> any true cubs fan would be way more excited about this
[23:43] <Trebbers> 'She'll probably call the cops'
[23:43] <sideshowraheem> goddamn his hair
[23:43] <lhs> In 2011, Belushi announced that he suffered from gout, and became a spokesman for Savient Pharmaceuticals' educational campaign "Check Out Your Gout".
[23:43] <Trebbers> hhaa
[23:43] <lhs> successful formula
[23:43] <Ampersand_> niice
[23:43] <sideshowraheem> good lord
[23:44] <impbiznist> imagine announcing you suffer from gout
[23:44] <sideshowraheem> contracting gout in the 21st century may have put him over the edge for appearing in Twin Peaks season 3
[23:44] <Trebbers> With his appetite for cured meats, it would be more surprising if he didn't have it.
[23:45] <Ampersand_> "i'm sorry. here's a puppy"
[23:45] <Trebbers> what in the world
[23:45] <_identikit> is he gonna marketing-ing him back in
[23:45] <sideshowraheem> Grodin is acting his ass off
[23:46] <impbiznist> of course
[23:46] <Trebbers> FUCKTHIS
[23:46] <sideshowraheem> it must take all his talent to not be red faced screaming his ass off
[23:46] <_identikit> ah come on
[23:46] <_identikit> I thought he would sell him the idea that he let him out for that game
[23:47] <sideshowraheem> Doubt fire is what's gonna happen when the warden puts all the prisons to the torch
[23:48] <Trebbers> aahahh
[23:48] <sideshowraheem> oh god
[23:48] <Ampersand_> oh my
[23:50] <dan2_> Belu...she?
[23:50] <Ampersand_> "he's going to live with us now"
[23:51] <bob511> "I'm sorry.  We ate Mrs. Jimmy."
[23:51] <Ampersand_> lol dan
[23:51] <sideshowraheem> shut it down dan
[23:51] <dan2_> sorry everyone
[23:51] <sideshowraheem> lets go home
[23:52] <sideshowraheem> it is like he's doing a bad bill murray impression
[23:52] <lhs> dave foley's dad
[23:52] <Trebbers> yeah
[23:52] <Ampersand_> doing a bad bill murray impression for his entire life
[23:52] <sideshowraheem> I guess it just don don'd me
[23:52] <bob511> "Also, it's been five minutes."
[23:53] <Trebbers> what
[23:53] <dan2_> so the lesson is crime, dicking people over for your own benefit and lying about it is not only good, but will get you special treatment
[23:53] <Trebbers> Filofax on the roof of car
[23:54] <sideshowraheem> it seems like they forget the baseball element for 20 minute stretches at a time
[23:54] <Ampersand_> and that's how you take care of business
[23:54] <impbiznist> i really thought that was gonna be a super slowed down opening riff of taking care of business
[23:54] <Trebbers> The AI learned about something called a 'callback'
[23:54] <sideshowraheem> here we go
[23:54] <sideshowraheem> GET TO THE WORKIN OVERTIME PART
[23:55] <dan2_> see all they needed to do was loop this for 101 minutes and they would have brought this up to at least passable status
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Postby Ampersand » Fri Jun 22, 2018 10:49 am

This Sunday, they're gonna make it rain:

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Postby Ampersand » Sun Jun 24, 2018 8:58 am

Ampersand wrote:This Sunday, they're gonna make it rain:

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Postby Ampersand » Sun Jun 24, 2018 2:23 pm

Check the hpn db to join!
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Postby kayke » Sun Jun 24, 2018 2:24 pm

a film by rob ¢ohen
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def in for hurricane
goldsoundz wrote:i'd bang that moron
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Two hours until showtime!
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hell yeah storm action movies with terrible acting are my fucking jam
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Ampersand wrote:TONIGHT'S FEATURE PRESENTATION: Hurricane Hei$t
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Ampersand wrote:
Ampersand wrote:TONIGHT'S FEATURE PRESENTATION: Hurricane Hei$t

last chance
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[22:13] <sideshowraheem> rock us like a Heist Amp
[22:13] <@Ampersand_> 3
[22:13] <@Ampersand_> 2
[22:13] <@Ampersand_> 1
[22:14] <dan2_> when the production logo costs more than your whole movie
[22:14] <shalabi> this is slightly big-budget right?
[22:14] <sideshowraheem> well if it's from Entertainment Studious it must be good
[22:14] <sideshowraheem> *Studios
[22:14] <ratbags> do you guys hear that
[22:14] <sideshowraheem> though if it was spelled with a U that would be very funny
[22:14] <Trebbers> Sounds like a lion is rolling in
[22:14] <ratbags> there it is, the hurricane
[22:14] <dan2_> well it seems like they've pooled money from about 12 different studios so yeah
[22:15] <Trebbers> holy fuck this accent
[22:15] <dan2_> if I'm hearing right, he was trying to fly a cat?
[22:15] <sideshowraheem> much like Manhattan in Woody Allen's films the hurricane is a character in this movie
[22:15] <ratbags> this is like the opening of twister
[22:15] <kayke> this kid has the voice and temperament of an old prospector
[22:15] <@Ampersand_> lol
[22:16] <@Ampersand_> "lemme at em, lemme at em!!"
[22:16] <ratbags> this seems like a bad plan
[22:16] <Trebbers> "Wait, this is the hurricane's house!"
[22:16] <kayke> always leave the children alone in an emergency situation
[22:16] <shalabi> the hurricane is coming from inside the house!
[22:16] <ratbags> he has too much to prove
[22:16] <ratbags> even to his 8 year old sons
[22:16] <kayke> lol
[22:17] <Trebbers> What the fuck is he even doing
[22:17] <dan2_> now all he needs to do is pull it to the road where it will get blown away 8 seconds later
[22:17] <ratbags> lol
[22:17] <dan2_> oh FUCK
[22:17] <Trebbers> aha
[22:17] <ratbags> holy shit
[22:17] <RIXX_> wow
[22:17] <kayke> papa!
[22:17] <sideshowraheem> that was Happening-esque
[22:17] <ratbags> this movie fucking rules
[22:17] <ratbags> OMG THE SKULL
[22:17] <dan2_> oh my god
[22:17] <Trebbers> ahahhahhahaha
[22:17] <sideshowraheem> ahahahaha
[22:17] <shalabi> WAOH
[22:18] <@Ampersand_> Hurricane Little Boy
[22:18] <RIXX_> is that real
[22:18] <ratbags> THAT WAS SO METAL
[22:18] <Trebbers> Wait, there is a supernatural element
[22:18] <sideshowraheem> it IS really a character
[22:18] <dan2_> "I'll COME BACK FOR YOU"
[22:18] <sideshowraheem> Da Heist Zone
[22:18] <RIXX_> andrew
[22:18] <Trebbers> wait, is this in the geostormverse
[22:18] <dan2_> the boys have grown up now and dedicated themselves to killing wind
[22:18] <ratbags> i hope the thing they;re trying to steal is the hurricane's heart
[22:19] <ratbags> whoa
[22:19] <ratbags> i think he just said my irl name
[22:19] <Trebbers> Waht
[22:19] <bob511> Love that the NWS hurricane center big screen has a chat feed.
[22:19] <ratbags> holy
[22:19] <ratbags> shit
[22:19] <ratbags> he did say my name
[22:19] <ratbags>  Toby Kebbell as Will Rutledge, the meteorologist Leonardo Dickens and Luke Judy as Young Will Rutledge
[22:19] <bob511> Probably just a bunch of racist comments about tornados.
[22:19] <ratbags> my name is literally will rutledge
[22:19] <ratbags> lmao
[22:20] <@Ampersand_> lol
[22:20] <RIXX_> i thought your name was will bags
[22:20] <dan2_> congrats on the role
[22:20] <ratbags> this is fucking weird, i'm too stoned for this
[22:20] <RIXX_> thats what i put on all your packages
[22:20] <ratbags> well thats still correct
[22:20] <ratbags> they are my bags
[22:20] <RIXX_> oh true
[22:20] <ratbags> this has never happened to me before
[22:20] <Trebbers> "Dominator's in sync"
[22:20] <bob511> The poster really oversells the size of the location city.
[22:20] <ratbags> my name used in a movie as a character
[22:21] <@Ampersand_> "we're gonna challenge the hurricane to a duel at sundown"
[22:21] <kayke> evacuate all the buildings too
[22:21] <Trebbers> Trying to guess how many of these people are actually southern
[22:21] <RIXX_> what is the good souled natural phenomenon
[22:21] <RIXX_> a waterfall?
[22:22] <ratbags> this movie rules
[22:22] <bob511> Surely Jason Stackhouse is southern?
[22:22] <ratbags> i think its my fave movie cause the main character is named after me
[22:22] <kayke> your name is hurricane?
[22:22] <Trebbers> Oh sweet a minigun
[22:22] <bob511> I mean, Australia is very southern, right?
[22:23] <shalabi> very
[22:23] <ratbags> just bashing suburban vehicles
[22:23] <ratbags> they should not be up there
[22:23] <dan2_> we're up to like 15 characters so far
[22:23] <sideshowraheem> how many people are in this damn movie?
[22:23] <shalabi> i can't believe they're going to steal a hurricane
[22:23] <sideshowraheem> yeah and I have no idea what any of them are doing
[22:23] <shalabi> the perfect crime
[22:24] <Trebbers> So complicated no one could understand it enough to bring carges
[22:24] <ratbags> wait will ruteldge's brother is named BREEZE RUTLEDGE
[22:24] <kayke> step one: drones
[22:24] <ratbags> breeze rutledge
[22:24] <ratbags> holy smokes
[22:24] <bob511> "Heh, yeah, once."
[22:25] <Trebbers> Mames Jarsden
[22:25] <sideshowraheem> welcome back U2? was that a nod to his Irish heritage
[22:25] <dan2_> all yer fancy gadgets ain't nuthin' compared to my sniffer
[22:26] <bob511> Maggie Grace with the improv magic.
[22:26] <dan2_> "Mr President, put down the phone. Someone has smelled a hurricane coming"
[22:26] <shalabi> category 5 exposition going on
[22:26] <Trebbers> "Fell off a building"
[22:27] <Trebbers> iPad budget is insane
[22:27] <dan2_> seems smart to have the keypad be something you can lose or have stolen
[22:27] <ratbags> sasha van dietrich
[22:27] <sideshowraheem> wait who the fuck are these guys
[22:27] <ratbags> thats sasha van dietrich
[22:27] <Trebbers> srsly
[22:28] <sideshowraheem> there are so many characters I don't remember if they've been introduced or not
[22:28] <ratbags> there it is
[22:28] <ratbags> THE SCORE
[22:29] <RIXX_> why are the bills being shredded again? they dont look like they're the old ones
[22:29] <ratbags> its too bad vin diesel couldnt be in this
[22:30] <ratbags> cause they smell
[22:30] <ratbags> and they hate poor people
[22:30] <dan2_> they've been tainted by the skull wind
[22:30] <@Ampersand_> he voices the hurricane, ratbags
[22:30] <RIXX_> lol
[22:30] <ratbags> lol
[22:30] <ratbags> that was his skull
[22:30] <sideshowraheem> Ron Paul became president in this universe so it's part of the Fed's deflation program
[22:30] <ratbags> FEATURING...VIN DIESEL'S SKULL
[22:30] <RIXX_> i learned today that there is a $500, $1k, $5k, $10k, and $100k bill in circulation from 1934
[22:31] <RIXX_> does everyone know that?
[22:31] <RIXX_> it blew my mind
[22:31] <kayke> damn I hate when my money shredder breaks down
[22:31] <shalabi> mint the coin
[22:31] <ratbags> rutledge repairs
[22:31] <ratbags> i have seen the future
[22:31] <ratbags> how is this the first movie to feature my name i've seen in 27 years of life
[22:31] <Trebbers> Wait, was that heist related
[22:32] <sideshowraheem> why is she hiding that?
[22:32] <ratbags> how am i supposed to tell if the hurricane is causing something or its part of the heist
[22:32] <ratbags> what if the twist is that the hurricane steals the money
[22:32] <@Ampersand_> c'mon breeze, time to blow
[22:32] <ratbags> just like it stole will rutledge's father
[22:32] <shalabi> they're stealing a hurricane to steal the money
[22:32] <dan2_> just sucks up 10 billion dollars
[22:32] <dan2_> that would rule
[22:32] <RIXX_> http://firelight-series.wikia.com/wiki/Will
[22:33] <shalabi> hurricanes are death incarnate like we saw earlier
[22:33] <shalabi> and they love money
[22:33] <ratbags> this is like 5000 dollar a month loft in NYC
[22:33] <Trebbers> Jag waaa
[22:33] <dan2_> "Smells WAYYYY worse"
[22:33] <ratbags> this movie is a spiritual successor to POINT BREAK
[22:34] <ratbags> that guy even looks like swayze
[22:34] <bob511> Rob Cohen already remade Point Break, though.
[22:34] <ratbags> whoa
[22:34] <ratbags> thats right
[22:34] <ratbags> but this is giving me bigger vibes
[22:34] <ratbags> like this was a seed in his head the first time he saw point break
[22:34] <@Ampersand_> mancubz has said we should watch the Point Break remake.
[22:34] <bob511> Oh, I didn't mean literally, just F&F.
[22:35] <bob511> But yeah.
[22:35] <sideshowraheem> have we ever done an original and the remake?
[22:35] <ratbags> fast and furious was point break yeah
[22:35] <ratbags> maybe all his movies are point break
[22:35] <@Ampersand_> don't think so, raheem
[22:35] <kayke> they're looking up that van's skirt
[22:35] <ratbags> uh oh
[22:35] <Trebbers> lol tranc
[22:36] <@Ampersand_> hardcore
[22:36] <dan2_> Original Left Behind and Nic Cage Left Behind amp?
[22:36] <ratbags> let the heist begin
[22:36] <@Ampersand_> oh tru. they're such different beasts, i didn't think of them
[22:36] <sideshowraheem> good call Dan I missed Cage Left Behind
[22:36] <ratbags> cant believe they wanna steal all that hipster money
[22:37] <ratbags> the cocaine residue on their collectively is worth more than the amount of money in that room
[22:37] <ratbags> i have no idea how some of these weapons work
[22:38] <dan2_> if you get FWIPP'ed, you're fucked
[22:38] <shalabi> instant traqs are hilarious
[22:38] <sideshowraheem> I think knocking a dude out is still a casualty
[22:38] <Trebbers> So many moles
[22:39] <kayke> never trust someone who wears a prom dress to work
[22:39] <bob511> Oddly, this came out within like a month of that Gerard Butler/50 Cent movie that was also about stealing old money just before the government shredded it.
[22:39] <dan2_> gonna be a close race come oscar season
[22:39] <sideshowraheem> just like Armageddon and Deep Impact
[22:39] <bob511> No extreme weather in that one, though.
[22:39] <bob511> I mean, aside from Butler's whirlwind performance.
[22:40] <sideshowraheem> there must have been an article in the New York Times about shredding old money like 2 years ago
[22:40] <@Ampersand_> lol
[22:40] <ratbags> breeze rutledge
[22:40] <shalabi> scuffed Chris Pratt
[22:40] <RIXX_> she sounds like elizabeth holmes
[22:40] <kayke> I'm one of those batmen
[22:40] <dan2_> lol
[22:41] <ratbags> im sensing secrets
[22:42] <Trebbers> ALIENWARE
[22:43] <kayke> they're 23 and me-ing the safe
[22:43] <dan2_> only the truly 1337 hackers have access to that kind of hardware
[22:43] <ratbags> i like that this irish guy is doing his best vin diesel voice
[22:43] <shalabi> use an ipad
[22:43] <ratbags> maybe rob cohen invented the diesel growl
[22:44] <Trebbers> Wait, that's who did this
[22:44] <Trebbers> lololol
[22:45] <dan2_> I honestly thought this was like an Asylum thing
[22:45] <dan2_> but  Budget:$45,000,000 (estimated)
[22:45] <@Ampersand_> do u even rave, Agent?
[22:45] <ratbags>  breeze fuckin rules
[22:46] <Trebbers> Bollocks activated
[22:46] <dan2_> do you think when he leaves places he says "Gotta breeze."
[22:46] <ratbags> i like chubby christian slater on team heist
[22:46] <ratbags> hopefully he pulls off something really complicated and crazy later and says to grace
[22:46] <ratbags> "that was a breeze"
[22:47] <ratbags> its sick that the batmobile is in this
[22:47] <Trebbers> It's public domain now
[22:47] <dan2_> lol
[22:47] <sideshowraheem> the Breezemobile
[22:47] <@Ampersand_> "we've got to go back"... to this island?
[22:47] <ratbags> in my life the rutledge mobile is an old run down dodge
[22:50] <ratbags> i dont turst this sheriff
[22:50] <ratbags> wow
[22:50] <dan2_> you sniffed it out ratbags
[22:51] <sideshowraheem> these fuckin accents
[22:51] <dan2_> the SHREDDA
[22:51] <ratbags> a rutledge can smell corruption on the breeze
[22:51] <Trebbers> "I do declare,  I am a traitor"
[22:51] <kayke> lol
[22:51] <Trebbers> "Just have some grits waiting for me at the base, y'hear"
[22:52] <sideshowraheem> all these guys are british
[22:52] <ratbags> lol at him running out of the room
[22:52] <ratbags> the chrysler isnt going to hold ip
[22:52] <ratbags> up
[22:52] <dan2_> this is the standard complaint in all super heist movies, but especially in this one...how do they plan on ever spending this money?
[22:52] <ratbags> off shore tax havens
[22:52] <ratbags> islands that will take their money
[22:52] <shalabi> this is a very wet movie
[22:53] <dan2_> it's a slick flick if I ever saw opne
[22:53] <ratbags> hurricane skull: the money will be....liquidated
[22:53] <dan2_> lol
[22:53] <bob511> Yeah.  The other movie has a whole thing about how they steal it just after the serial numbers are cleared from the system.
[22:53] <bob511> This one just ignores all that, I think.
[22:53] <shalabi> oh no
[22:54] <ratbags> first i was right about the sheriff
[22:54] <Trebbers> Idiocy
[22:54] <sideshowraheem> he's doing the classic just moving the steering wheel back and forth wildly to make it look like he's driving
[22:54] <ratbags> then i was right about the chrysler
[22:54] <dan2_> so his truck has cleats basically
[22:54] <ratbags> acting in action movies must look so embarrassing on set
[22:55] <ratbags> this hurricane isn't as crazy as the first hurricane
[22:55] <kayke> a classic game of don't wake sheriff
[22:55] <@Ampersand_> lol
[22:56] <ratbags> wait hes doing this cause he's impatient?
[22:56] <dan2_> the main part of the hurricane hasn't hit yet ratbags
[22:56] <shalabi> ironic
[22:56] <ratbags> hes not gonna survive island life
[22:56] <dan2_> I bet it's gonna have a whole skeleton in it
[22:57] <ratbags> swinging a scythe
[22:57] <Trebbers> going to say 'hack' more than 'hurricane' in this
[22:57] <sideshowraheem> oh wow the main guy was the bad ape in the second Planet of the Apes
[22:57] <kayke> I hope it has two skulls kissing
[22:57] <ratbags> maybe the hurricane will fuck with will and breeze rutledge by playing the recording it has of their father's last words
[22:58] <RIXX_> wasnt it "BOYS!!"
[22:58] <ratbags> yes
[22:58] <ratbags> the hurricane will scream BOYS
[22:58] <Trebbers> It'll tell them he has the recording, and that they should never listen to it
[22:58] <RIXX_> thats fucked
[22:58] <dan2_> and a bunch of hail will come out of its mouth
[22:58] <ratbags> holy shit he put on a leather blazer
[22:58] <ratbags> you know hes not fucking around
[22:59] <shalabi> cat 69
[22:59] <kayke> people need to stop pouring so much hot water into the ocean
[22:59] <shalabi> what
[22:59] <shalabi> stop storms
[23:00] <ratbags> no...not utah
[23:00] <ratbags> some of the visuals in this are actually pretty cool
[23:00] <dan2_> Hurricane Heist has a better working idea of climate change than anyone currently appointed in the White House
[23:01] <ratbags> i'll give rob cohen 50 dollars if there's an andrew cuomo standing in hurricane winds cameo in this
[23:02] <Trebbers> Zoned out, what the fuck is he doing
[23:02] <ratbags> im not sure i'd want a winch wrapped around me in this kind of weather
[23:02] <sideshowraheem> what are they doing here? getting enough power for the deloreon?
[23:02] <ratbags> lol
[23:02] <ratbags> it's not where we're going, marty
[23:02] <ratbags> ITS WHEN
[23:02] <Trebbers> aha what
[23:03] <dan2_> I almost feel like this may have been a bad plan
[23:03] <shalabi> this seems poorly thought out
[23:03] <ratbags> yeah
[23:03] <dan2_> oh shit, the second batmobile
[23:03] <kayke> gotta have that upper body strength if you want to get into meteorology
[23:03] <ratbags> visibility still great
[23:03] <ratbags> thats a good sign
[23:04] <kayke> oh no!
[23:04] <ratbags> hell yes
[23:04] <bob511> Yeah, the action setpieces kick up a notch from here.
[23:05] <@Ampersand_> my wiiife!
[23:06] <sideshowraheem> awesome that she was able to hear him through a bulletproof care 50 feet away in a hurricane
[23:06] <sideshowraheem> car
[23:06] <RIXX_> cant you just run some simple program to find the last number
[23:06] <ratbags> heavy metaphor there with the theatre collaping
[23:06] <ratbags> collapsing
[23:06] <kayke> hmmm
[23:07] <RIXX_> lol
[23:07] <dan2_> shoulda sprung for the Alienware with 16GB of ram
[23:07] <RIXX_> how dare u say wtg casey
[23:07] <dan2_> oh man
[23:07] <@Ampersand_> omg
[23:07] <sideshowraheem> ahahaha
[23:07] <bob511> Yeah
[23:08] <RIXX_> gnarly
[23:08] <ratbags> did he just pusha  car
[23:08] <dan2_> death by discus
[23:08] <sideshowraheem> the "good guys" are the only people who have killed anyone so far
[23:08] <ratbags> lol
[23:08] <ratbags> yeah they shouldve just given up the money
[23:08] <dan2_> they're gonna make sure that money gets shredded no matter what though raheem
[23:08] <ratbags> there would be no deaths
[23:09] <ratbags> whats with hackers always being dressed for an after hours bar rager
[23:09] <Trebbers> dagagag
[23:09] <sideshowraheem> ahaha
[23:10] <dan2_> maybe just put that on from the start
[23:10] <@Ampersand_> *equality*
[23:10] <ratbags> im glad we got a pee break scene
[23:10] <RIXX_> i like that this movie deals with rarely discussed topics
[23:10] <RIXX_> going the bathroom, running out of bullets
[23:10] <RIXX_> etc
[23:10] <sideshowraheem> yeah this is some serious realism
[23:10] <bob511> A storm chaser without a stadium buddy?
[23:11] <Trebbers> 'Let's have this convo after I get at some hand sanitizer'
[23:11] <ratbags> all the cops are in on it, of course
[23:11] <kayke> the taking of whatever this town is called
[23:12] <dan2_> da fuckin feds
[23:12] <Trebbers> "Herman A. Cane"
[23:12] <bob511> "At least tell me he didn't get killed by a piece of garbage."
[23:12] <@Ampersand_> crazy twister of fate
[23:12] <ratbags> never trust cops
[23:13] <sideshowraheem> ahaha audience surrogate
[23:14] <kayke> : (
[23:14] <Trebbers> wha
[23:14] <@Ampersand_> does her gun match her dress?
[23:14] <sideshowraheem> this portrayal of southern cops is way too sympathetic
[23:14] <ratbags> the loyalty changes faster than a diaper in this movie
[23:15] <dan2_> you know what they say, fight hurricane with hurricane
[23:15] <@Ampersand_> eavesdropping on a Hurricane Heist production meeting
[23:15] <kayke> why do they keep going back to this dead rising mall?
[23:16] <kayke> still breezin'
[23:17] <ratbags> wow
[23:17] <ratbags> i thought he was gonna say
[23:17] <ratbags> "just...breeze"
[23:18] <sideshowraheem> what was that cut
[23:18] <dan2_> I was gonna say
[23:18] <sideshowraheem> what is going on here
[23:18] <@Ampersand_> um
[23:18] <dan2_> was gonna ask for a timecheck
[23:19] <@Ampersand_> some scenes got heisted
[23:19] == nautical [6c579e87@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #hpnmovieseries
[23:19] <shalabi> this is a mess
[23:19] <nautical> hi
[23:19] <@Ampersand_> howdy
[23:19] <nautical> time check? i'm late!
[23:19] <sideshowraheem> oh this is the scene that was at the start
[23:19] <bob511> Explains why that copy was a different length than all the other Blu-ray copies.
[23:19] <sideshowraheem> 1:06
[23:19] <ratbags> i need one of those atmospheric pressure watches
[23:19] <@Ampersand_> 1:06:20
[23:19] <nautical> thanks.
[23:20] <ratbags> HOLY SHIT
[23:20] <@Ampersand_> what
[23:20] <kayke> hooooow
[23:20] <shalabi> no way
[23:20] <ratbags> no
[23:20] <ratbags> no way
[23:20] <RIXX_> ahahahaha
[23:20] <shalabi> incredible
[23:20] <ratbags> human kites
[23:20] <kayke> I'm dead
[23:20] <kayke> what is this
[23:20] <dan2_> shouldn't have stole those Fizzy Lifting Drinks
[23:20] <sideshowraheem> this is the absolute dumbest plan
[23:20] <Trebbers> my lord so much effort
[23:20] <bob511> Human cats
[23:20] <sideshowraheem> there was like a 99% chance of them dying
[23:21] <kayke> how was that what they went with?
[23:21] <dan2_> wowwww
[23:21] <ratbags> wow
[23:21] <ratbags> omg
[23:21] <ratbags> my mind is blown
[23:21] <@Ampersand_> not a scratch
[23:21] <ratbags> this movie rules
[23:21] <shalabi> lotta glass flying
[23:21] <dan2_> better get Alfred in here quick
[23:21] <ratbags> i like how he just figured his brother would be okay
[23:21] <sideshowraheem> they recovered quickly from being covered in glass and breaking every bone in their body
[23:22] <RIXX_> when did he communicate this plan to breeze
[23:22] <RIXX_> was this the football play all along
[23:22] <ratbags> the flea flicker
[23:22] <sideshowraheem> chekov's football call
[23:23] <Trebbers> what
[23:23] <kayke> pee break, snack break
[23:23] <ratbags> sick sandwich compartment
[23:23] <Trebbers> Extra 3000 from the dealer for that
[23:23] <@Ampersand_> labels his sandwiches like his underwear
[23:23] <ratbags> im a skippy guy too
[23:24] <kayke> I don't like the intensity with which he watches her eat
[23:24] <sideshowraheem> what the fuck
[23:24] <Trebbers> hey now
[23:24] <@Ampersand_> "damn. baller"
[23:24] <Trebbers> harshing me out
[23:24] <dan2_> hope they thank McVeigh in the credits
[23:24] <kayke> the donginator
[23:25] <Trebbers> vericle
[23:25] <RIXX_> what are they blowing up with the batmobile
[23:25] <RIXX_> the hurricane?
[23:25] <kayke> they leave by shooting the roof of the greenhouse and getting sucked out
[23:25] <Trebbers> ahah
[23:25] <ratbags> its wave time
[23:25] <Trebbers> meanwhile
[23:26] <ratbags> garden shootout rules
[23:26] <RIXX_> editing is so weird. they have time for pee and snack breaks but then just
[23:26] <@Ampersand_> maybe the plants will turn on them
[23:26] <RIXX_> jarringly cut directly in the middle of action scenes
[23:26] <kayke> oh no those plants were cute
[23:26] <sideshowraheem> deep green house
[23:26] <Trebbers> aha
[23:27] <ratbags> so far i've seen wind, fire and water
[23:27] <dan2_> real contender for wettest film we've done
[23:27] <sideshowraheem> fertilizer wind fire and water
[23:27] <kayke> wait until we watch tenticoolino
[23:27] <ratbags> lol raheem
[23:27] <dan2_> yes plese!
[23:29] <sideshowraheem> let him go where?
[23:30] <kayke> shred himmmm
[23:30] <dan2_> this shreds
[23:30] <shalabi> shred shred shred
[23:30] <ratbags> shred the fed
[23:30] <ratbags> is that a libertarian protest chant
[23:30] <ratbags> SHRED THE FED
[23:30] <Trebbers> what
[23:31] <sideshowraheem> wait
[23:31] <kayke> this hurricane has the weather nerds all horny
[23:31] <sideshowraheem> is the editing on this insane or do we just have some weird version that someone dicked around with?
[23:32] <kayke> just get them all in there and slam the gd door
[23:32] <ratbags> this irish guy is giving hte perfomance of his life
[23:32] <bob511> Ineson is always great.
[23:33] <ratbags> hawaiian shirts and guns
[23:33] <ratbags> the typical american closet
[23:33] <shalabi> *crowd cheers*
[23:36] <sideshowraheem> hell yeah repressed feelings
[23:36] <RIXX_> that's terrible! they were bonding!
[23:36] <kayke> toxic masculinity is so fun
[23:36] <dan2_> these cuts
[23:36] <RIXX_> that is damage no hurricane can cause
[23:36] <Trebbers> what
[23:36] <kayke> wait I thought he got got
[23:36] <@Ampersand_> uh
[23:36] <ratbags> weird
[23:37] == Trebbers [46a0777f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[23:37] <ratbags> lol
[23:37] <ratbags> couldnt take it
[23:37] <@Ampersand_> well, i guess this was a bad file!
[23:37] <sideshowraheem> I don't think we're really missing anything
[23:37] <ratbags> lol
[23:37] <bob511> What point are you guys at now?
[23:38] <@Ampersand_> Fast and Furiousing
[23:38] <dan2_> 124:30
[23:38] <ratbags> theyre going for the truck
[23:38] <sideshowraheem> he's on the car
[23:38] <kayke> ghost ride that whip
[23:38] <ratbags> lol that jump
[23:38] <RIXX_> holee fuck
[23:38] <shalabi> LOL
[23:38] <ratbags> holy smokes
[23:38] <dan2_> oh sure thing
[23:38] <nautical> lollll
[23:38] <shalabi> gif of that
[23:38] <nautical> what was that jump
[23:38] <ratbags> thats the best thing ive ever seen
[23:39] <kayke> he bounced
[23:39] <ratbags> i honestly cant believe he made it
[23:39] <dan2_> some Prince of Persia stuff right there
[23:39] <ratbags> it wouldve been so good if he just rolled off to his death
[23:39] <kayke> lol
[23:39] <nautical> if they jump truck top to truck top i'm not going to be surprised
[23:39] <@Ampersand_> *quickly zippers his pants*
[23:40] <ratbags> sweet cheeks
[23:40] <kayke> having your dad die in a hurricane makes you a stunt man
[23:40] <dan2_> we're entering Hurricane Alley
[23:40] <bob511> Will has some strong forearms.
[23:41] <kayke> he's been practicing to hug his brother
[23:41] <RIXX_> Will is honestly really inspiring to me
[23:41] <@Ampersand_> lol
[23:41] <ratbags> thank you all
[23:41] <kayke> hurricane take the wheel
[23:42] <shalabi> are we in the eye of this movie?
[23:42] <kayke> lol
[23:42] <bob511> Maggie Grace Neeson
[23:42] <dan2_> not the corn!
[23:42] <ratbags> hes mimicking the movements of the hurricane
[23:42] <dan2_> godDMAN
[23:43] <RIXX_> This should be a franchise with the rutledge bros
[23:43] <ratbags> lol
[23:43] <kayke> mad max breezy road
[23:43] <ratbags> earth quake heist
[23:43] <ratbags> tornado heist
[23:43] <dan2_> mudslide heist
[23:43] <ratbags> light drizzle heist
[23:43] <RIXX_> or volcano
[23:43] <ratbags> overcast heist
[23:43] <ratbags> sun with some cloud heist
[23:44] <RIXX_> does it really look like that in the eye? i've never been in a hurrican
[23:44] <RIXX_> florida boarders pls help
[23:44] <nautical> humidity heist
[23:44] <shalabi> boss battle
[23:44] <sideshowraheem> what football play could this possibly be
[23:45] <ratbags> smog heist
[23:45] <kayke> I don't know much about football, is it usually played in trucks?
[23:45] <nautical> alabama slam (baby)
[23:45] <dan2_> *referee drives up in little black and white car to give them a penalty*
[23:45] <ratbags> lol
[23:45] <shalabi> what
[23:45] <bob511> It's not unlike when you'd hand off to Bo Jackson and just run north and south down the field, I guess.
[23:46] <ratbags> i hope the money blows into a shredder
[23:46] <shalabi> lol
[23:46] <ratbags> and the shredded bits of money form the words THE END
[23:46] <kayke> *angel money emoji*
[23:46] <@Ampersand_> loooool
[23:46] <shalabi> jesus chris
[23:46] <sideshowraheem> ahahaha
[23:46] <sideshowraheem> fuck yessssss
[23:46] <dan2_> sky skull can finally pay off his student loans now
[23:46] <sideshowraheem> drop your fuckin loads dudes
[23:46] <bob511> A very Keynsian heist, actually.
[23:47] <ratbags> JUM,P
[23:47] <bob511> Interesting to see the economic effects of a $600m hurricane cash drop.
[23:47] <RIXX_> breeze aint makin it. the already discussed their feelings
[23:47] <dan2_> easy, breezy, beautiful
[23:47] <kayke> bye hipster hackers
[23:47] <shalabi> FFS
[23:47] <@Ampersand_> omg
[23:47] <shalabi> YES
[23:47] <ratbags> SKULLLLLL
[23:47] <bob511> Oh, that's right, they think they're actually, like, saving the money.
[23:48] <dan2_> I threw up both hands and pumped them at the skull
[23:48] <@Ampersand_> Rob Cohen directed one of the Scorpion King movies, and that skull totally looks like the mummy sand storm
[23:48] <ratbags> dont turn around
[23:48] <@Ampersand_> coincidence? i think not
[23:49] <ratbags> sand storm heist
[23:49] <RIXX_> they should take at least like 1mil
[23:49] <RIXX_> each
[23:49] <kayke> red sky at night, sky skull delight
[23:49] <ratbags> sick movie
[23:49] <bob511> We never really got closure on the NWS center end, huh?
[23:49] <shalabi> wow
[23:49] <sideshowraheem> that owned
[23:49] <dan2_> what happens to the millions of dollars just laying on the road?
[23:49] <shalabi> skull got it
[23:49] <sideshowraheem> the good people of Alabama get some walking around money
[23:49] <dan2_> surely he dropped a little
[23:49] <ratbags> these graphics
[23:50] <kayke> money is food for sky skull
[23:50] <nautical> goodness
[23:50] <nautical> lot of producers
[23:50] <ratbags> I FUCKIN LOVE GRAPHICS
[23:50] <nautical> how are there this many executive producers!?
[23:50] <RIXX_> im sure they did their research and these are all legit climatology tech graphics
[23:50] <dan2_> for all I know I may be a producer
[23:50] <kayke> lol
[23:50] <@Ampersand_> hehe
[23:50] <nautical> haha
[23:50] <ratbags> im a fucking character, dan
[23:50] <ratbags> nothing is out of possibility
[23:51] <dan2_> this is all showing the inside of the Alienware laptop
[23:51] <@Ampersand_> lol
[23:51] <ratbags> the craziest thing about hurricane heist was that the main character was named after me
[23:51] <shalabi> also the skull
[23:51] <@Ampersand_> THE COVENANT on Thursday! night all!
[23:51] <dan2_> it tures out the hurrican heist was inside you all along
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Postby Ampersand » Mon Jun 25, 2018 7:34 pm

This Thursday,
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bump. tomorrow night!
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Tonight, THE COVENANT convenes!
Check the hpn db folder to join!
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Postby Ampersand » Thu Jun 28, 2018 4:18 pm

Ampersand wrote:Tonight, THE COVENANT convenes!
Check the hpn db folder to join!
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Two hours until showtime!
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Postby Ampersand » Thu Jun 28, 2018 10:00 pm

Ampersand wrote:TONIGHT'S FEATURE PRESENTATION: The Covenant
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Postby Ampersand » Thu Jun 28, 2018 11:46 pm

Code: Select all
[22:12] <@Ampersand_> 3
[22:12] <@Ampersand_> 2
[22:12] <@Ampersand_> 1
[22:12] <dan2_> the lake of fire?
[22:12] <Trebbers> Are we gonna get a smash cut to Nu-Metal
[22:13] <bob511> Capitalization by Donald Trump
[22:13] <@Ampersand_> "No one even knows who's got The Power"
[22:13] <thekaykevenant> can someone give me time, I was distracted reading nancy comics
[22:13] <riiixxxx> fuck my PS4 couldnt play it
[22:13] <Trebbers> FUCK YES
[22:13] <riiixxxx> can I get 2:00
[22:13] <ratbags> holy shit this owns
[22:13] <sideshowraheem> nailed it treb
[22:13] <@Ampersand_> 1:15
[22:13] <@Ampersand_> 1:30
[22:13] <ratbags> wow i love this
[22:13] <dan2_> lol @ the picture of a guy with a hambone
[22:14] <jpeen> Anonne's first Ye'tube vid
[22:14] <Trebbers> Oh man a White Zombie remix
[22:14] <thekaykevenant> holy shit this is rad
[22:14] <@Ampersand_> 2:00
[22:14] <riiixxxx> great thank you, im in
[22:14] <Trebbers> 2006 fucking ruled
[22:14] <riiixxxx> holy shit
[22:14] <thekaykevenant> this is 100% my shit
[22:14] <@Ampersand_> this is when i graduated from high school, so let's see how accurate it is
[22:14] <dan2_> Renny shot the SHIT out of this book
[22:15] <bob511> Cliffloiterers
[22:15] <Trebbers> sick
[22:15] <Trebbers> TYLER!
[22:15] <thekaykevenant> I forget was it still cool to look that much like aaron carter in 2006
[22:15] <sideshowraheem> I feel like this is riding out the very tail end of the late 90s early 2000s aesthetic
[22:15] <riiixxxx> was this a wide release film
[22:16] <@Ampersand_> yup
[22:16] <thekaykevenant> crop top cardigan is a lewk
[22:16] <@Ampersand_> damn, Boston Public? she's seen a lot of shit go down
[22:16] <ratbags> techno on the beach
[22:17] <Trebbers> Less cuts please
[22:17] <lhs> just get some nametag stickers, please
[22:17] <thekaykevenant> "garwin"?
[22:17] <ratbags> Garwin is a sick name
[22:17] <@Ampersand_> did someone bury the boombox in the sand?
[22:17] <ratbags> but obviously the name of a warlock
[22:17] <dan2_> oh Sara, from the Boston Market
[22:17] <Trebbers> THE
[22:17] <thekaykevenant> lol dan
[22:18] <sideshowraheem> I can't tell half these dudes apart
[22:18] <jpeen> hah wait are these all supposed to be boston teenagers
[22:18] <ratbags> wow sick
[22:18] <thekaykevenant> lmao
[22:18] <ratbags> the barf spell
[22:18] <@Ampersand_> omg
[22:18] <@Ampersand_> there he is
[22:18] <dan2_> old town road?
[22:18] <@Ampersand_> the Crowder
[22:18] <ratbags> time for an ambient run thru the woods
[22:18] <dan2_> jesus it's every teen in the entire county
[22:18] <@Ampersand_> Witches Ain't Shit CHANGE MY MIND
[22:18] <Trebbers> Good call scaling down a steep-ass hill for a party
[22:19] <thekaykevenant> they need to stop saying names, I don't care about any of these characters names
[22:19] <Trebbers> This ADR is manna
[22:19] <sideshowraheem> what a necessary bit of ADR
[22:19] <dan2_> *car barfs up motor oil*
[22:19] <lhs> here's the problem, you have 311 all under the hood
[22:19] <ratbags> lol
[22:19] <bob511> Ha
[22:19] <@Ampersand_> lol dan and lhs
[22:20] <ratbags> really hope the hummer flies
[22:20] <thekaykevenant> move over baby boy
[22:20] <dan2_> so is this old town road?
[22:20] <dan2_> it seems like it's very very deep within this forest
[22:20] <ratbags> how many families in town own a hummer?
[22:20] <thekaykevenant> misheard lyrics: bird sweat, bird butt cheeks
[22:20] <ratbags> just go to there house after, cops
[22:21] <Trebbers> I HAVE A KIWI ASS
[22:21] <dan2_> lose them on the salt flats
[22:21] <ratbags> THEIR GONNA FLY
[22:21] <thekaykevenant> how edgy
[22:21] <ratbags> THE HUMMER FLEW
[22:21] <ratbags> IM SO HAPPY
[22:21] <lhs> sugar ray starts playing
[22:22] <Trebbers> close to the dumbest thing I've ever seen
[22:22] <ratbags> WOW
[22:22] <ratbags> HOLY SHIT
[22:22] <Trebbers> now it is
[22:22] <dan2_> and we're not even 10 minutes in
[22:22] <lhs> this isn't the craft, but we do have tools
[22:22] <thekaykevenant> son of a WITCH
[22:23] <thekaykevenant> eat it
[22:23] <ratbags> he shouldnt have killed that spider
[22:23] <Trebbers> ahahh
[22:23] <sideshowraheem> he's in 311?
[22:23] <ratbags> where ever this is is like my ideal place to live
[22:23] <ratbags> perpetually a misty autumn
[22:23] <thekaykevenant> wayne manor
[22:23] <bob511> The Pledge budget must be astronomical, though.
[22:24] <Trebbers> Glen Campbell?
[22:24] <thekaykevenant> mother, you're drunk
[22:24] <dan2_> did Renny have some taxidermies left over from Road House?
[22:25] <thekaykevenant> exposition central huh
[22:26] <Trebbers> A few more drinks and she'll explain Calc III to him
[22:26] <@Ampersand_> "and now look at what's become of your father" *cut to stuffed cheetah*
[22:26] <sideshowraheem> "no a Nu Metal band"
[22:26] <thekaykevenant> lol
[22:27] <ratbags> these are fahkin mass cops
[22:27] <sideshowraheem> shouldn't have killed that spider
[22:27] <dan2_> those rowdy teens were probaby just swamp gas
[22:28] <Trebbers> he he
[22:29] <thekaykevenant> gotta love not taking any of your jewelry off for your shower
[22:29] <ratbags> hey sometimes when im hungover i shower in sunglasses
[22:30] <thekaykevenant> i respect that
[22:30] <thekaykevenant> some showers are too bright
[22:30] <Trebbers> Why are you doing this lady
[22:30] <thekaykevenant> you're naked, call a janitor
[22:31] <sideshowraheem> it's the hurricane skull!
[22:31] <thekaykevenant> lol
[22:31] <dan2_> lol
[22:31] <Trebbers> "The blur tool groped me, officer"
[22:31] <@Ampersand_> quit being such an astro(projected)creep
[22:31] <dan2_> wow
[22:32] <ratbags> well this is weird
[22:32] <sideshowraheem> she should be even more creeped out now
[22:32] <thekaykevenant> my dorm didn't have shared bathrooms, is walking around in a towel allowed?
[22:32] <@Ampersand_> Mo and Curly
[22:32] <@Ampersand_> but where's LARRY?
[22:33] <thekaykevenant> I want to report her to the RA
[22:33] <dan2_> WHA
[22:33] <@Ampersand_> l o l
[22:33] <sideshowraheem> he better stop talking on the phone while driving or he'll be doing a different kind of ass ending
[22:33] <ratbags> WHAT THE FUCK
[22:33] <jpeen> sikkkkkkkkkkkkk
[22:33] <Trebbers> woah
[22:33] <thekaykevenant> omhhhhggg
[22:33] <dan2_> movie just goes from 0 to 1,000
[22:33] <sideshowraheem> holy
[22:33] <thekaykevenant> loves it
[22:34] <ratbags> a darkling
[22:34] <lhs> he's going to ascend right into community college
[22:34] <ratbags> being a warlock sucks
[22:34] <thekaykevenant> darkling duck
[22:34] <ratbags> but being a warlock going thru puberty?
[22:34] <dan2_> what happens if these dudes get into a Final Destination situation
[22:34] <ratbags> that's the worst
[22:34] <@Ampersand_> yeah this town rules
[22:34] <dan2_> could they just keep rematerializing
[22:35] <thekaykevenant> "yeah he materialized into my car"
[22:35] <ratbags> wow
[22:35] <ratbags> he got them
[22:35] <@Ampersand_> bew
[22:35] <ratbags> the new brad pitt flick
[22:35] <sideshowraheem> moneyball
[22:35] <dan2_> the hottest star of 2006: Brad Pitt
[22:35] <ratbags> love the new brad pitt flick
[22:35] <bob511> Hard to find a pharmacy that can fill eye-of-toad-and-thistle prescriptions.
[22:35] <thekaykevenant> thirsty
[22:35] <ratbags> there cannot be a movie theatre
[22:35] <ratbags> along this road
[22:36] <thekaykevenant> putnam is a real witch trial name right?
[22:36] <dan2_> this is even older town road
[22:36] <@Ampersand_> 2006 was an incredible year for bad movies
[22:36] <@Ampersand_> https://www.imdb.com/list/ls056657932/
[22:36] <@Ampersand_> look at all the dates these two could go on
[22:36] <sideshowraheem> ok assuming this is supposed to be in 2005 or 2006, Brad Pitts movies from those year are Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Babel
[22:36] <dan2_> *starts necking with her, she turns into the redheaded dead kid*
[22:37] <thekaykevenant> these are errands?
[22:37] <@Ampersand_> our caretaker, Varmint
[22:38] <sideshowraheem> more taxidermy
[22:38] <ratbags> his father lives
[22:38] <thekaykevenant> aaaah!
[22:38] <thekaykevenant> I didn't like that jiggle hand
[22:38] <@Ampersand_> Nikki's Oxygen Bar
[22:39] <thekaykevenant> "do you want to shower before we go to the dirtiest bar in the state?"
[22:39] <ratbags> taylor kitsch's characters name is Pogue Parry?
[22:40] <@Ampersand_> he died a little bit for that
[22:40] <@Ampersand_> omg
[22:40] <@Ampersand_> that old man
[22:40] <sideshowraheem> old guy dancing
[22:40] <Trebbers> The cell phone holster is killing me
[22:40] <sideshowraheem> hero of the film
[22:41] <ratbags> all the background extras are putting in work
[22:41] <thekaykevenant> this place looks like a good time
[22:41] <Trebbers> toys?
[22:41] <lhs> buys a tampon from the machine
[22:41] <@Ampersand_> G... SEEVEEENNNN
[22:41] <ratbags> holy shit
[22:41] <jpeen> *rob zombie remix 3 starts playing*
[22:41] <Trebbers> uh
[22:42] <thekaykevenant> ah the two genders: jukebox and phooseball
[22:42] <sideshowraheem> takin' care of business riff starts* I learned this one from my man belush
[22:42] <@Ampersand_> this isn't really a dancing song
[22:42] <thekaykevenant> any song is a dancing song if you work at it
[22:42] <ratbags> renny harlin was really at the peak of his form for this
[22:43] <Trebbers> Love how it's kind of confusing where everyone is in relation to each other in the
[22:43] <thekaykevenant> the titular nicky
[22:43] <Trebbers> bar
[22:43] <jpeen> so....hard...
[22:45] == riiixxxx [43f474a7@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[22:45] <thekaykevenant> his voice is very like... video game cop
[22:45] <thekaykevenant> he sounds like a digital detective
[22:46] <sideshowraheem> "when we got shot at, and then when we danced for 30 seconds"
[22:46] <thekaykevenant> "you're the only girl I've ever taken to the rundown house where our caretaker and my zombie dad lives"
[22:47] <thekaykevenant> so romantic
[22:47] <ratbags> death from above 1979 poster
[22:47] <ratbags> nice
[22:47] <lhs> imdb parents guide says: In a few scenes, a man is chasing another man and it may make you think "get up!" or "no, don't go there!".
[22:48] <thekaykevenant> this spider is good cgi for 2006
[22:48] <dan2_> get up guy in bed!
[22:48] <dan2_> and don't go there spider..
[22:48] <sideshowraheem> this was almost the God's not dead for that chain email about eating spiders
[22:48] <thekaykevenant> AAAAAH!
[22:48] <@Ampersand_> damn i thought the spider took over her body
[22:48] <Trebbers> oh fuck
[22:48] <jpeen> yikes
[22:48] <ratbags> jesus christ
[22:48] <jpeen> no thank u
[22:49] <dan2_> joke's on you spider, I've got compacted sinuses
[22:49] <@Ampersand_> and that's what happens if you swallow your chewing gum
[22:49] <Trebbers> keep that spider shit to yourself Renny
[22:49] <lhs> it's okay, it was a coke spier
[22:49] <thekaykevenant> : ( (( (( ( (((
[22:49] <thekaykevenant> I hate spiders
[22:49] <dan2_> that kid seemed more like a dorkling
[22:49] <@Ampersand_> "i don't know, but it's got me sweating"
[22:49] <ratbags> lol
[22:49] <thekaykevenant> this movie has got me twice - yucky hand and spider dream
[22:49] <thekaykevenant> air conditioners didn't exist in 2006
[22:50] <thekaykevenant> what a tall classroom
[22:50] <@Ampersand_> o m g
[22:51] <lhs> drake badfaith here
[22:51] <dan2_> time for a spitball imbued with his lifeforce
[22:51] <@Ampersand_> Dreamcatcher heavily involved shit, true
[22:51] <ratbags> windom earle baby
[22:52] == mancubz [45ccfc06@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #hpnmovieseries
[22:52] <dan2_> hello cubz!
[22:53] <dan2_> you missed a lot of sweaty teens
[22:53] <ratbags> this wasnt on the syllabus
[22:53] <dan2_> and a spider that went up this lady's nose
[22:53] <mancubz> time?
[22:53] <sideshowraheem> 41:10
[22:53] <dan2_> 41:15
[22:53] <mancubz> shit tell me 43
[22:54] <@Ampersand_> 42 now
[22:54] <ratbags> riggins swimsuit seems too small
[22:54] <@Ampersand_> you're missing some serious abs
[22:54] <thekaykevenant> hotchie motchie
[22:54] <lhs> "Teenage boys in small, tight swimsuits (during swim class) are seen."
[22:54] <jpeen> butts
[22:54] <@Ampersand_> 42:30
[22:55] <dan2_> we bout to see some warcocks?
[22:55] <Trebbers> woah
[22:55] <sideshowraheem> uh ok
[22:55] <@Ampersand_> l o l
[22:55] <thekaykevenant> lol dan
[22:55] <@Ampersand_> 43
[22:55] <dan2_> 43:00 NOW
[22:55] <mancubz> thanks
[22:55] <@Ampersand_> MY MAN
[22:55] <ratbags> warlocks have big dick energy
[22:55] <thekaykevenant> lollol
[22:56] <Trebbers> It's like they pan from one dude to the other, but it just seems like the same dude
[22:56] <sideshowraheem> yeah I can't tell what the relationships are
[22:56] <sideshowraheem> except the Aaron Carter/Malfoy guy is bad I guess sort of
[22:56] <dan2_> nothing gets them going like a Fall Fest
[22:56] <mancubz> none of this will make any sense to me
[22:56] <mancubz> but that probably doesn't matter at all
[22:56] <dan2_> the hot boyz are all warlocks
[22:57] <sideshowraheem> someone is using magic bad or something
[22:57] <mancubz> oh shit that sounds hot
[22:57] <Trebbers> Bout to have a fall fest in the car
[22:57] <dan2_> and they drain their lifeforce to sexually harass women who don't wear panties
[22:57] <mancubz> gonna fall... on that dick!
[22:57] <@Ampersand_> leaving or coming?
[22:57] <dan2_> and there's something about a dead nerd that I don't think has been explained properly
[22:57] <sideshowraheem> don't let the psychological spiders bite
[22:57] <thekaykevenant> lol
[22:58] <@Ampersand_> Pawg?
[22:58] <mancubz> pogue
[22:58] <thekaykevenant> that's a big framed dog photo
[22:58] <mancubz> ?
[22:58] <ratbags> Pogue Parry
[22:58] <ratbags> taylor kitsch's warlock character
[22:58] <@Ampersand_> kids in the 2006s still love their POGs
[22:58] <mancubz> omg imagine hooking up with someone and you turn your head and there's that gd dog
[22:58] <ratbags> there's also a character named Reid Garwin
[22:58] <ratbags> and one named Provost Higgins
[22:58] <Trebbers> Have we even had a scene in a classroom?
[22:58] <thekaykevenant> yeah
[22:58] <thekaykevenant> that super tall classroom
[22:59] <thekaykevenant> where they talked about stephen king
[22:59] <sideshowraheem> briefly, where they talked about Cormac McCarthy and Stephen King
[22:59] <@Ampersand_> that classroom was a tall drink of water
[22:59] <Trebbers> I step away for one second
[22:59] <dan2_> gif at 4710
[22:59] <@Ampersand_> "sexy, too"
[22:59] <thekaykevenant> we've def had more locker room than classroom time
[22:59] <dan2_> this time I'll remember
[22:59] <ratbags> SWIM RACE
[22:59] <ratbags> HELL YEAH
[22:59] <mancubz> dang love this hardxcore swim music
[23:00] <thekaykevenant> let the bodies hit the pool!
[23:00] <Trebbers> ahh
[23:00] <mancubz> whoa
[23:00] <ratbags> that is so dangerous
[23:00] <ratbags> dont use your warlock powers in the pool
[23:00] <mancubz> huh?
[23:00] <thekaykevenant> wait who did what tho
[23:00] <sideshowraheem> I can't tell the difference between 3 of these dudes
[23:01] <Trebbers> here we go
[23:01] <dan2_> when they use their warlock powers their eyes go on fire, but it seems to be bad for them
[23:01] <thekaykevenant> did kaleb own himself? or did sebstan own him?
[23:01] <mancubz> wow she's so smart
[23:01] <mancubz> oh shit is this like a witchy 'gaia's not dead' type thing
[23:01] <mancubz> i hope it takes that turn
[23:02] <thekaykevenant> this is one chatty provost
[23:02] <ratbags> CHASE IS THE KILLER
[23:02] <thekaykevenant> "that's hot"
[23:02] <sideshowraheem> this guy has the squarest face I've ever seen
[23:03] <mancubz> i wonder if anyone who works in a boarding school ever thinks a kid is not just an entitled prick
[23:03] <thekaykevenant> he's from the "dead" bloodline
[23:03] <thekaykevenant> the fifth fam
[23:03] <ratbags> the fifth warlock
[23:03] <sideshowraheem> this seems to operate under the premise the familys only have 1 branch and all their kids are the same age
[23:03] <ratbags> i think it operates under AWESOME
[23:04] <sideshowraheem> that is true as well
[23:04] <thekaykevenant> within an hour she was full of spiders
[23:04] <bob511> "Spider on the brain, we think."
[23:04] <sideshowraheem> more taxidermy
[23:04] <mancubz> whoa that's almost exactly my birthday!
[23:04] <thekaykevenant> his real name is poop
[23:04] <mancubz> these hot warlocks are age-appropriate!
[23:04] <ratbags> taxidermy is massachusetts's state hobby
[23:05] <dan2_> I'd like to appologize for my comment about Road House earlier, the director of that film was actually Rowdy Herrington
[23:05] <dan2_> I will strive to never make this kind of mistake again
[23:05] <ratbags> common mistake
[23:05] <mancubz> road house is so fucking good
[23:05] <ratbags> i love road house
[23:06] <thekaykevenant> for all the magic exposition this movie gives - why do we not know what a darkling is yet
[23:06] <@Ampersand_> all bands should play in cages
[23:06] <Trebbers> "It actually means she should be dead"
[23:06] <lhs> ah yes, insects like spiders
[23:06] <ratbags> why isnt pogue visiting his girlfriend in the ICU
[23:06] <Trebbers> How can I trust the accuracy of anything else in this movie
[23:07] <sideshowraheem> mroe anti-catholic bigotry coming out of hollyweird
[23:07] <thekaykevenant> dude descending a staircase
[23:08] <sideshowraheem> he's willing to die younger because he didn't want to walk across the room to open a book
[23:08] <thekaykevenant> if magic kills you stop using it to float shit
[23:08] <Trebbers> ahah
[23:08] <ratbags> its too convenient
[23:08] <Trebbers> what a sentence
[23:08] <ratbags> the convenient covenant
[23:09] <dan2_> swear on this bibl-oh wait nevermind
[23:10] <thekaykevenant> a spider spell
[23:10] <ratbags> pogue's gonna get himself killed
[23:10] <sideshowraheem> going that fast in wet conditions seem dangerous man!
[23:11] <thekaykevenant> pog party
[23:11] <@Ampersand_> lol
[23:11] <Trebbers> ahahah
[23:11] <lhs> keep working on that one
[23:11] <bob511> Oh my god
[23:11] <dan2_> quite possibly the most agressive reading of muffit in film history
[23:11] <thekaykevenant> way to commit to the bit tho
[23:11] <sideshowraheem> I was expecting him to do the Diceman version
[23:11] <dan2_> lol
[23:12] <thekaykevenant> those beddazled jean pockets made me smile
[23:12] <@Ampersand_> Kayke the bad guy is Bucky, if you didn't recognize him
[23:12] <ratbags> bucky barnes
[23:12] <dan2_> so is he part of the Goodie Mob or what?
[23:12] <ratbags> the future captain america
[23:12] <thekaykevenant> I called him SEB STAN earlier
[23:12] <@Ampersand_> like i read the chat pfft
[23:12] <ratbags> lol
[23:13] <ratbags> thats not weird at all caleb
[23:13] <thekaykevenant> he's got kind of an Angel vibe
[23:13] <mancubz> yeah when i know my bf is home if i turn and see him there not even being creepy i scream
[23:14] <ratbags> WHAT
[23:14] <Trebbers> ah what
[23:14] <sideshowraheem> the fuck
[23:14] <thekaykevenant> DARKLING
[23:14] <sideshowraheem> wait
[23:14] <mancubz> yeah they really do all look the same
[23:14] <thekaykevenant> hmmm
[23:14] <thekaykevenant> did he pretend to do that scene for funsies?
[23:14] <sideshowraheem> he's gonna use the little miss muffet line again
[23:14] <thekaykevenant> why is she dressed like britney spear's little sister?
[23:15] <@Ampersand_> not. so. innocent.
[23:15] <thekaykevenant> was have some fun
[23:15] <thekaykevenant> omg he has such a baby face when he smiles
[23:16] <thekaykevenant> those cheeks
[23:16] <@Ampersand_> In 20 Years facemorph applied
[23:16] <Trebbers> fuck yo table
[23:16] <ratbags> this is like an episode of billions
[23:17] <thekaykevenant> you can't they're dead
[23:17] <sideshowraheem> "he caught me jacking off it was unrelated to magic"
[23:18] <thekaykevenant> lol
[23:18] <thekaykevenant> that spell made her mad nasty
[23:18] == mancubz [45ccfc06@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[23:19] <dan2_> can they do fireballs and ice spikes or is is mostly just shoving based majicks?
[23:19] <thekaykevenant> shoving and car magic
[23:19] <dan2_> SWEAR TO ME
[23:19] <Trebbers> ah
[23:19] <ratbags> this erotic
[23:19] <Trebbers> French
[23:20] <thekaykevenant> wow
[23:20] <Trebbers> That's considerate
[23:20] <sideshowraheem> that's a convenient power
[23:21] <thekaykevenant> steeloli
[23:21] <@Ampersand_> "kiss me"
[23:21] <ratbags> pogue looks fine
[23:22] <@Ampersand_> how can they chase down a man named Chase?
[23:22] <thekaykevenant> I'm trying to place the blonde guy
[23:22] <lhs> he scraped up his favorite cheekbone pretty bad
[23:23] <Trebbers> Not a great thing to hear
[23:23] <sideshowraheem> famous last words
[23:24] <thekaykevenant> did they drive out there in silence? explain on the way!!
[23:25] <thekaykevenant> I don't want to see yucky dad
[23:25] <ratbags> no they listened to evanesence
[23:25] <thekaykevenant> he's gonna look gross and I'll be scared
[23:25] <thekaykevenant> it's not okay
[23:25] <Trebbers> ahahahh
[23:26] <sideshowraheem> he looks like the Orc General in Return of the King
[23:26] <lhs> according to his okc profile, anyway
[23:26] <thekaykevenant> he looks like a drawing from the scary stories to tell in the dark books ;__;
[23:26] <@Ampersand_> he never moisturized
[23:27] <Trebbers> Wish dad had been surrounded by Nirvana and Pearl Jam posters
[23:28] <ratbags> lol
[23:28] <thekaykevenant> changing into what
[23:28] <ratbags> i can't change the past...45 minutes
[23:28] <bob511> Girl spends like eighty-seven percent of her time dressing and undressing.
[23:28] <thekaykevenant> oh of course, gotta change into her gown that's here for some reason
[23:29] <ratbags> she used the gown to go app
[23:29] <@Ampersand_> hope Chase turns her back into a pumpkin
[23:29] <lhs> a pumpkin full of spiders
[23:29] <@Ampersand_> natch
[23:29] <thekaykevenant> is this the same day?
[23:30] <thekaykevenant> this movie feels like it wanted to be a whole season of a TV show
[23:31] <ratbags> whoa sick
[23:31] <sideshowraheem> we're about to go full Nu Metal video
[23:31] <thekaykevenant> more of that good good car magic
[23:31] <dan2_> gonna kill him AND he's gonna have to get all his windows replaced
[23:32] <thekaykevenant> taking care of business every day
[23:33] <ratbags> jeuss lol
[23:33] <lhs> insane acoustics in this barn
[23:33] <thekaykevenant> how about no
[23:33] <Trebbers> fuck
[23:33] <bob511> Wiotch
[23:34] <thekaykevenant> this barn already looks rickety, guys...
[23:34] <dan2_> nothign like a good barn battle
[23:34] <thekaykevenant> it's like 200 years old
[23:34] <thekaykevenant> this is probably a landmark
[23:34] <thekaykevenant> they're destroying
[23:34] <dan2_> time to fight spiders with rats
[23:34] <@Ampersand_> cornyhameha
[23:35] <thekaykevenant> easy as pie-ders
[23:35] <@Ampersand_> puberty is hard
[23:35] <sideshowraheem> he stole the floating a lady in a white dress bit from the Daffy Duck cartoon that always freaked me out
[23:36] <thekaykevenant> oh I love scary looney tunes
[23:36] <sideshowraheem> he became a hollowman
[23:37] <sideshowraheem> 7.5, didn't even throw it that hard
[23:37] <ratbags> POSEIDON STYLE
[23:37] <thekaykevenant> he got dragonballed by his own z
[23:38] <@Ampersand_> gravity defying support
[23:39] <thekaykevenant> "I'm your wiotch"
[23:39] <@Ampersand_> i    love    you
[23:40] <lhs> BONK
[23:40] <ratbags> lol that kick
[23:40] <dan2_> can't even imagine the breath on that guy
[23:40] <thekaykevenant> thanks, snoke
[23:41] <ratbags> i saw warlock breath at edgefest in 2088
[23:41] <ratbags> 2008
[23:41] <thekaykevenant> maybe don't blow up the barn your gf is in
[23:41] <dan2_> sent to the barn demension
[23:42] <ratbags> this actually very similar to my high school dance experiences
[23:42] <thekaykevenant> love wet hay
[23:42] <thekaykevenant> love waking up in a pile of wet hay in a gown
[23:43] <lhs> they had to tape his hair on
[23:43] <thekaykevenant> porg is over reacting
[23:43] <ratbags> do you think stephen king saw this
[23:43] <sideshowraheem> I think he's legally obligated to see any movie set in New England
[23:44] <thekaykevenant> here *points to heart* and here *points to head*
[23:44] <ratbags> i imagine him watching this and thinking
[23:44] <ratbags> "wow i miss cocaine"
[23:44] <Trebbers> ahah
[23:45] <ratbags> id probably have a few questions for the kids found at the blown up barn
[23:45] <dan2_> I bet this DVD had a sick menu screen
[23:45] <ratbags> me too
[23:45] <sideshowraheem> I gotta say this movie had Taylor Kitsch, but Ampersand is tailoring kitsch for us each and every week
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This Sunday,
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