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Courtney Love, and Marilyn Manson
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Run to your mansions
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Postby Ampersand » Sun May 06, 2018 11:42 pm

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[22:11] <@Ampersand_> 3
[22:11] <@Ampersand_> 2
[22:11] <@Ampersand_> 1
[22:11] <trebbers> Thou shant not lie in your production company name.
[22:11] <importantdeist> ah i doubt that
[22:11] <RiXX_> Lol
[22:11] <bob511> Flawless Porduc-fuck
[22:11] <importantdeist> angelson wow
[22:11] <besoin> welp, i was totally off in another window
[22:11] <besoin> time?
[22:12] <RiXX_> Quinton
[22:12] <importantdeist> 30 secs
[22:12] <besoin> can someone give me 1:30
[22:12] <dan2> giving a tomato steroids= sign of the end times
[22:12] <autarch> Al Sapienza
[22:12] <trebbers> Can't call your company 7th Heaven now
[22:12] <lhs> btw the first five mins of this are in aramaic with no subs
[22:12] <importantdeist> none of these names are spelled quite right
[22:12] <importantdeist> tom sizemore?? wtf
[22:12] <trebbers> It seems like he would possibly catch fire if near a bible
[22:12] <autarch> diana angelson seems fake
[22:13] <trebbers> Or perhaps the bible would catch fire
[22:13] <importantdeist> 1:30 now
[22:13] <importantdeist> and Anghelchev
[22:13] <besoin> thanks
[22:13] <importantdeist> i mean come on
[22:13] <RiXX_> shit do i need subs
[22:13] <trebbers> Yeah
[22:13] <trebbers> My question
[22:13] <besoin> you don't speak aramaic?
[22:13] <@Ampersand_> JEZUZ WUZ HERE
[22:13] <importantdeist> there were subs on this in the trailer
[22:14] <RiXX_> I think I get the gist
[22:14] <lhs> it's only the first 5 minutes
[22:14] <autarch> i can translate
[22:14] <lhs> and we all the know the story anyway
[22:14] <lhs> so enjoy the dumbshow
[22:14] <trebbers> The Jawas killed christ
[22:14] <importantdeist> jesus surprisingly chill about this
[22:14] <besoin> jesus was hitting the protein shakes
[22:14] <dan2> must be a bummer for jesus to have such a low turnout for his crucifixion
[22:14] <trebbers> "Bring me my Afrin"
[22:15] <autarch> that
[22:15] <RiXX_> woah jesus is sexy as fukk
[22:15] <autarch> that's actually a pretty good taunt
[22:15] <lhs> that dishtowel's gonna be an awesome relic
[22:15] <besoin> jesus's abs
[22:15] <trebbers> The dishtowel of turin
[22:15] <RiXX_> lol
[22:16] <trebbers> Really putting the x in P90X
[22:16] <importantdeist> not bad
[22:16] <dan2> why is all dusty around jesus but not around the other people?
[22:16] == blackplaque [6b4dc2be@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #hpnmovieseries
[22:16] <besoin> jesus begat pigpen
[22:17] <@Ampersand_> abducted her?
[22:17] <bob511> Who is she talking to?
[22:17] <besoin> i get it, the mirror is haunted
[22:17] <autarch> i want her to say MY WIFE
[22:18] <trebbers> Long ass line to the suicide booth
[22:18] <@Ampersand_> sadly, not enough Hamilton tickets for all of them
[22:18] <bob511> "One loaf and one fish per person."
[22:18] <importantdeist> i too love to do lines of expository dialogue in the line for my food rations
[22:18] <lhs> did she fall asleep
[22:19] == blackplaque [6b4dc2be@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]
[22:19] <autarch> dang i got out of sync let me know when it's 8:05
[22:19] <dan2> 8:05
[22:19] <bob511> Whoa.  Overnight?
[22:20] <importantdeist> oh man who was in charge of the boom mics
[22:20] <dan2> gonna be hard to find a birthday card on that day for the next 70 years
[22:20] <bob511> Like, did a million men get pregnant too?
[22:20] <besoin> should have just signed that anti-weed pledge
[22:20] <bob511> Er, billion.
[22:21] <autarch> preach
[22:21] <importantdeist> oh john i get it
[22:21] <trebbers> "No, just call me Star Wars"
[22:21] <autarch> what a dumb lady
[22:22] <autarch> so foolish
[22:22] <besoin> what id WOULD you need?
[22:22] <dan2> they're gonna carve a 20lb communion wafer
[22:22] <trebbers> Beat his line cutting ass
[22:22] <RiXX_> they should all start eating crickets and bugs
[22:22] <bob511> Wasn't there something about plants not growing anymore?
[22:23] <autarch> at least they're allowed to say merry christmas
[22:23] <dan2> that's the more important part to most people
[22:23] <besoin> armenians, eh
[22:23] <importantdeist> this guy
[22:23] <trebbers> Lots of choices in his head area
[22:24] <bob511> New World Potato Bugs Co
[22:25] <bob511> There's like a plant in literally every shot.
[22:25] <autarch> this oughta be good
[22:26] <lhs> looks like he threads his face
[22:26] <trebbers> Is this guy a chauffeur and hypeman
[22:26] <besoin> of all times
[22:26] <trebbers> "And finally, pick it up, pick it up"
[22:26] <importantdeist> oh is this what the UN looks like
[22:27] <dan2> Better Ingredients, Better Pizza, Poppa God's
[22:27] <trebbers> ahah what
[22:27] <@Ampersand_> *closes out Bibi's powerpoint before starting her own*
[22:27] <lhs> fuck not the minnesota wheat
[22:27] <dan2> nice going, BEES
[22:28] <@Ampersand_> "just like the millennials"
[22:28] <lhs> RIP jamba juice
[22:28] <trebbers> "And now, some bad news"
[22:28] <besoin> "what about the people food?!"
[22:29] <RiXX_> does Soylent still exist in this future
[22:29] <RiXX_> that's all I need
[22:29] <RiXX_> this scene lol
[22:29] <bob511> I don't think that woman in the front is going to need three months of rations.
[22:29] <dan2> Fort Knox is filled with King's Hawaiian Rolls now
[22:29] <besoin> what...what the fuck is this
[22:30] <importantdeist> oh man it's like a jesus bee
[22:30] <trebbers> what the fuck it that word
[22:30] <RiXX_> immortal plants
[22:30] <importantdeist> wait is anyone else concerned about self-cloning bees
[22:30] <dan2> listen lady, it's GOD's job to clone the bees, NOT man!
[22:30] <besoin> everyone in this movie looks like they have a chaturbate channel
[22:31] <dan2> all the bees you can eat!
[22:31] <bob511> Solving resource scarcity by allowing everyone to live forever.
[22:31] <importantdeist> really tepid applause here
[22:31] <trebbers> ahah
[22:31] <dan2> a car in every garage and a swarm of stewed bees in every pot
[22:32] <besoin> stick to your domain, dr. john
[22:32] <importantdeist> wait why did they invite this guy?
[22:32] <trebbers> He's a scientist?
[22:32] <RiXX_> he cured cancer
[22:32] <dan2> "made by Umbrella Corp"
[22:32] <besoin> he's duh nobel prize laureate for medicine
[22:32] <importantdeist> and he is also a pastor?
[22:33] <dan2> God turned on us the minute we started breeding dogs that were real low to the ground
[22:33] <importantdeist> like is he going off-script right now or
[22:33] <autarch> this guy is so rad
[22:33] <trebbers> Love the yawning extra
[22:33] <@Ampersand_> he's pasteurized
[22:33] <lhs> i can't hear what he's saying over the UN greenscreen
[22:33] <dan2> *from the crowd* "NO MORE DEAD CROPS"
[22:33] <trebbers> ahahah
[22:33] <autarch> love the whitehaired goateed guy
[22:33] <bob511> "And also, rent control only distorts the housing market."
[22:33] <trebbers> That's how i'm going to end all my conversations
[22:34] <importantdeist> that was not... really helpful
[22:34] <bob511> I guess he's....back?
[22:34] <autarch> penn jillettte
[22:34] <besoin> female bees = eternal life?
[22:35] <dan2> the hot new trend
[22:35] <importantdeist> i also love that he decided to wear a sweater and cuffed sleeves to address the UN on a matter of unprecedented seriousness
[22:35] <RiXX_> who the fuck is this guy
[22:35] <autarch> for those of you who are maybe asking yourselves "hey, who is this jesus fellow?"
[22:36] <importantdeist> wait how are we gonna kill the cows and stuff to make food
[22:36] <trebbers> Conkers Bad Death Day
[22:36] <bob511> "Just in time for you, Gladys."
[22:36] <trebbers> That meat is going to be screaming all the way down
[22:36] <besoin> is this some kind of russian propaganda
[22:36] <trebbers> This is the pee tape
[22:36] <autarch> penn jillette is my favorite character and it's not even close
[22:37] <dan2> he seems like he could be one of the wacky henchmen in like season 9 of Fargo
[22:37] <besoin> did he call her emma?
[22:38] <dan2> is that guy wearing a camo suit?
[22:38] <trebbers> woah
[22:38] <autarch> love this news anchor
[22:38] <besoin> the arrogant media
[22:38] <bob511> "Kato Kaelin, reporting live from the UN"
[22:38] <trebbers> Applying love today
[22:38] <besoin> BEE DR. HAS A PLAN
[22:38] <RiXX_> Top Stories  Fake Stories
[22:39] <autarch> is that actually what church is like?
[22:39] <besoin> is john eastern orthodox?
[22:39] <besoin> that's kind of a curveball
[22:39] <autarch> is church actually like that?
[22:39] <dan2> hell no
[22:39] <besoin> the eastern orthodox church? maybe
[22:40] <importantdeist> i don't think they chant in english in russian orthodox churches
[22:40] <autarch> getting billy mitchell vibes from this guy
[22:40] <trebbers> And other guy is generic Matthew Lillard
[22:40] <dan2> Billy MitcHELL
[22:40] <@Ampersand_> damn
[22:40] <besoin> shoot it
[22:40] <importantdeist> shoot it?
[22:40] <dan2> INSANEly large ornaments
[22:41] <RiXX_> Yeah fuck God's bees
[22:41] <autarch> is that fire real?
[22:41] <importantdeist> is "god's creation is perfect" an orthodox position in any religion
[22:41] <@Ampersand_> "if God was perfect, why would we need ADR?"
[22:41] <dan2> they're the size of her head
[22:41] <importantdeist> yeah fire has been fucking with me
[22:41] <autarch> the fire represents hell?
[22:41] <besoin> i hope it's not a spoiler, but alma is spanish for soul
[22:41] <trebbers> The Immortal Bee seems like it should be in a Shaw Brothers movie
[22:41] <lhs> her name is alba though
[22:41] <RiXX_> imagine being an athiest and your kid becomes a religious narc on you
[22:41] <lhs> what's that spanish for
[22:41] <besoin> oh, is it? i heard alma
[22:42] <RiXX_> Alba
[22:42] <besoin> thanks for clearing that up dr sarah
[22:42] <trebbers> Over the president
[22:42] <importantdeist> wonder who president is in this timeline
[22:43] <dan2> "you've got a big day making that immortal bee tomorrow"
[22:43] <autarch> damn, that really fucked with billy mitchell's head
[22:43] <lhs> gonna polish my suit now
[22:43] <besoin> alba is spanish for dawn apparently
[22:43] <trebbers> "0 days since an accident"
[22:43] <bob511> Heh
[22:43] <importantdeist> i assume it's not a coincidence that the last initiative that got so much international support was the paris accord
[22:43] <trebbers> I dont' like this
[22:43] <importantdeist> la madrugada
[22:43] <dan2> did anyone else hear that weird breathing
[22:43] <besoin> NOTHING will grow
[22:44] <trebbers> oh god
[22:44] <besoin> ESPECIALLY not roses
[22:44] <autarch> whoa they keep saying merry christmas
[22:44] <importantdeist> what is up with this guy
[22:44] <dan2> this guy is the president of the Turtle Club
[22:44] <autarch> eastern orthodox confirmed
[22:44] <besoin> i knew this movie would have the antichrist, but not nosferatu
[22:44] <trebbers> Dude looks like Impossible Man
[22:45] <besoin> oh god
[22:45] <dan2> the skin does not look...right
[22:45] <dan2> like it's gonna get ripped off Mission Impossible style at any moment
[22:45] <lhs> so many luxurious ponytails in this movie
[22:45] <besoin> there's no way american evangelicals approve of this movie which is for some reason centered around the russian orthodox church
[22:46] <autarch> hylyed be dy name
[22:46] <bob511> No, the Christian right loves Russia now.
[22:46] <lhs> can't russian-americans have their own nutty christian movies
[22:47] <besoin> this guy has come a long way from dating that boxer's estranged wife
[22:47] <besoin> boxer/ashley furniture salesman
[22:47] <dan2> I hope we get to explore all of Earth's warped views christianity
[22:47] <importantdeist> are there any good terrible seventh day adventist movies
[22:48] <@Ampersand_> "happy holidays, Mr. John"
[22:48] <besoin> mister doctor reverend john
[22:49] <importantdeist> "we have to film right now - those helicopters are almost in frame"
[22:49] <dan2> you're shipping the self-cloning bees?
[22:49] <@Ampersand_> imagine the postal worker who inspects the package full of bees
[22:49] <dan2> man what if you shook the self cloning bee box to figure out what was inside
[22:50] <autarch> this movie has an insane budget
[22:50] <besoin> it's mikey palmice
[22:50] <trebbers> Money laundering
[22:50] <dan2> I'm just gonna assume Sergei was one of the backers on this
[22:50] <trebbers> only explanation
[22:50] <besoin> leave the lentils
[22:51] <lhs> that guy was cowering like an npc when you wave a gun around
[22:51] <bob511> Unfortunately, they broke into a stone soup kitchen.
[22:51] <trebbers> Bible with a dye pack inside
[22:51] <dan2> lol treb
[22:51] <trebbers> uh
[22:51] <besoin> this movie is terrifying
[22:51] <autarch> yessss
[22:52] <autarch> hell yah
[22:52] <besoin> anna paquinova here
[22:52] <lhs> is his beard a stencil
[22:52] <dan2> "we did a Supermarket Sweep"
[22:53] <autarch> we're gonna have so much candy
[22:53] <trebbers> Location: Chinatown
[22:55] <importantdeist> don't drop them!!
[22:55] <trebbers> KREWISS
[22:55] <besoin> the bee eggs
[22:55] <dan2> "don't worry, we put plenty of packing peanuts in with your bees"
[22:55] <autarch> BEEEEatrix
[22:55] <trebbers> ahaahah
[22:55] <importantdeist> that makes sense
[22:55] <trebbers> Any idiot can clone a bee
[22:56] <besoin> the antichrist billy mays has been calling her "b"
[22:56] <dan2> humanity saved by grow lamps
[22:56] <lhs> "we'll make it work" *constructs gown out of bee clones*
[22:56] <importantdeist> the target audience for this really is bilingual english/russian prople huh
[22:57] <importantdeist> the chroma is making it look like that guy is actually in the background
[22:57] <trebbers> Love how their fake green screen situation board wobbles
[22:57] <dan2> well, that kind of goes without saying if there are no trees
[22:57] <importantdeist> this is the worst anchor i have ever seen
[22:57] <dan2> lmao
[22:57] <autarch> holy shit
[22:57] <dan2> I would watch this anchor 24/7
[22:57] <autarch> juicy steaks are no longer a delight
[22:58] <importantdeist> what does week 5 mean
[22:58] <importantdeist> i would love if this was hannibal burress
[22:58] <trebbers> Have to shoot these bees with a tiny gun to see if they're immortal
[22:59] <dan2> "and they ate JUICY DELICIOUS STEAKS"
[22:59] <lhs> bee steaks
[23:00] <besoin> is satan in prison?
[23:00] <autarch> There Will Bee Steaks
[23:00] <dan2> no, that's in one of my choices besoin
[23:00] <dan2> I hope there's a Rocky training montage where they pump up the bees
[23:01] <dan2> make them tougher
[23:01] <trebbers> The what
[23:01] <dan2> that's where they hold the death panels
[23:01] <bob511> Would the bee experiment hurry up and work?  I've got "immortal bee needs no fucking" ready to go.
[23:01] <importantdeist> the dining rooms?
[23:01] <dan2> lol bob
[23:02] <autarch> is this how she's finding out that she's adopted?
[23:02] <dan2> they must have all been thinking about those JUICY STEAKS they couldnt have anymore
[23:03] <lhs> amelie theme plays
[23:03] <autarch> you were so sick, brah
[23:03] <besoin> i hid you in my parka
[23:04] <dan2> I wish I could get this attached to even just one of the babies I stole
[23:04] <besoin> we're giving china the business now
[23:04] <besoin> what else is part of this movie's agenda
[23:04] <lhs> but only the beautiful ones
[23:05] <bob511> Took half the food off the shelves, replaced with his hot sauce.
[23:05] <lhs> is alba the second coming
[23:05] <bob511> Oh my god
[23:05] <trebbers> Is a song about to break out
[23:06] <besoin> where did she get a baby
[23:06] <lhs> china
[23:06] <@Ampersand_> virgin brith
[23:06] <dan2> *pours soup over baby*
[23:06] <besoin> but she's not wearing a parka
[23:06] <importantdeist> geez lady be a professional
[23:06] <trebbers> "Cow dead, news at 11"
[23:06] <dan2> oh god don't show me that cow, it'll make me think of something I shouldn't....
[23:07] <importantdeist> what about other animals
[23:07] <besoin> is that babylon
[23:07] <bob511> Seems like they're letting that cow go to waste.
[23:07] <trebbers> About to pull out a revolver on air
[23:07] <lhs> i think it's a casino
[23:07] <dan2> he actually took all the food off of the world's shelves so he could find the Cap'n Crunch box with the $100 gift certificate in it
[23:07] <importantdeist> the weird desert thing is giving me breen vibes
[23:07] <lhs> it's full of laptops
[23:08] <@Ampersand_> lolol
[23:08] <autarch> what's the building?
[23:08] <besoin> it's the old lady from the press conference
[23:08] <dan2> *puts bandana over forehead, flips down sunglasses, and begins making immortal bee*
[23:09] <bob511> Soldering bees.
[23:09] <dan2> hangin with Sergei
[23:09] <trebbers> What
[23:09] <besoin> helll
[23:09] <importantdeist> um
[23:09] <@Ampersand_> stung by an immortal bee
[23:09] <autarch> ohmygah
[23:09] <dan2> I want a buddy comedy with Sergei and the old trainer from that Sorbo boxing movie
[23:09] <RiXX_> wow i accidentally fell asleep
[23:09] <RiXX_> and woke up
[23:09] <besoin> meredith salenger
[23:09] <RiXX_> on that scene
[23:10] <RiXX_> what happened with the bees
[23:10] <RiXX_> are they immortal yet
[23:10] <autarch> alba can you hear me? can you feel me near you?
[23:10] <lhs> nope they're still some dead-ass bees
[23:10] <dan2> look, the immortal bee wasn't built in a day
[23:10] <importantdeist> are they treating her in the bathroom?
[23:11] <autarch> sorry, beatrix, looks like that little daughter of yours is going bye bye
[23:11] <dan2> we put a man on the moon, but we can't put an immortal bee onto the world's flowers?
[23:11] <trebbers> ahah
[23:11] <trebbers> Love this guy
[23:11] <bob511> They just came for the free wafers.
[23:11] <@Ampersand_> if only one could eat money
[23:11] <dan2> Humanity kill screen coming up
[23:11] <trebbers> Rough set at the comedy hut
[23:12] <@Ampersand_> hahaha dan
[23:12] <autarch> haha
[23:12] <trebbers> Beard is like one of those things where you draw with magnetic shavings
[23:13] <dan2> meanwhile in Civ III
[23:13] <lhs> they forgot to put the textures on the buildings
[23:13] <autarch> still can't get over the fact that they're all russian-american
[23:13] <@Ampersand_> they forgot to put the sfx
[23:14] <autarch> those footsteps are so loud
[23:14] <dan2> nah, they just decied to invent a silent helicopter right after the cancer cure
[23:14] <dan2> all the water?
[23:14] <besoin> all the water is gone now?
[23:15] <lhs> can't wait to not die in a barren hellscape
[23:15] <besoin> i like how the camera changed its mind about which way to rotate
[23:16] <autarch> mormonism alert
[23:16] <autarch> yes she's back
[23:17] <importantdeist> "sorry, i've just been fired"
[23:17] <dan2> "and now sports with Rick Montgomery"
[23:17] <besoin> what the heck
[23:17] <trebbers> Next shot, a bottle of Jack is on the table
[23:18] <@Ampersand_> "i pee i pee"
[23:18] <autarch> oh god, jews are being portrayed. this could get ugly.
[23:18] <lhs> he got him to buy a timeshare
[23:18] <trebbers> *holds out hand, asks for $10 for water*
[23:19] <lhs> i don't beelieve it
[23:20] <dan2> "just because she brings up immortal bees in every sentence"
[23:20] <autarch> Hallowed Bee Thy Name
[23:21] <autarch> Back to work, beatrix
[23:21] <trebbers> Gonna be pissed they find out they just needed to create immoral bees
[23:21] <importantdeist> our god is a bee?
[23:22] <dan2> Lil Bee, the Based God
[23:22] <importantdeist> ah of course
[23:22] <autarch> Let there bee light!
[23:22] <lhs> john bee:16
[23:23] <dan2> "now of course we'll have to wait for eternity to make sure that they're really immortal, but once that's done we're in the clear"
[23:23] <trebbers> *tiny voice from cage* "What's the deal with the apocalypse?"
[23:23] <dan2> lol
[23:23] <importantdeist> the other scientist is my favorite character in this
[23:24] <trebbers> Staple gun foley
[23:24] <dan2> well, you lost your baby, but you created your bae bee
[23:24] <importantdeist> wait why does the chinese girl adopted by a russian have a spanish name
[23:24] <autarch> do it, beatrix
[23:24] <trebbers> At least we have juicy steaks tonight
[23:25] <dan2> she's gonna be chowin down with Jesus and the big man on a 72oz ribeye
[23:25] <autarch> porterhouse for alba
[23:26] <importantdeist> wait is that how plants work
[23:27] <trebbers> Twisted
[23:27] <dan2> I got to the unwanted baby dumping group just a minute after it closed and they still wouldn't let me in!
[23:27] <trebbers> Wont serve babies after 10:30AM, it's crazy
[23:28] <autarch> kiss
[23:28] <autarch> come on
[23:28] <autarch> kiss!!
[23:28] <autarch> no!
[23:28] <autarch> god damn it!
[23:28] <dan2> would you really want to bring your child back to a world with no juicy steaks
[23:28] <lhs> some nice haboobs
[23:28] <autarch> juicy steaks are no longer a delight
[23:29] <dan2> Looks like me made itttttttttttt (immortal bees)
[23:29] <trebbers> Digging tiny graves for the bees
[23:30] <besoin> nebeechadbuzzer's temple
[23:31] <dan2> in the back, is that the old dude who got mad that there was no food in the church?
[23:31] <importantdeist> so are these all the leaders of the countries of the world
[23:31] <autarch> 30 people showed up to this guy's cult and they consider him a threat?
[23:31] <importantdeist> they just hiked out to this desert
[23:31] <@Ampersand_> lol
[23:31] <dan2> NICE GOING DUMMIES
[23:31] <@Ampersand_> stupid jesus
[23:31] <trebbers> *starts firing off t-shirt cannon*
[23:31] <dan2> *filled with bees*
[23:31] <trebbers> ahh
[23:32] <@Ampersand_> i will make you beelieve
[23:32] <importantdeist> omg
[23:32] <@Ampersand_> wow
[23:32] <bob511> "Also, how do you feel about black and yellow stripes?"
[23:32] <trebbers> Oscar worthy
[23:32] <dan2> should have gotten Michael Buffer to announce mankinds immediate immortality
[23:32] <autarch> love the shades on the body guards
[23:32] <trebbers> "Are you ready to bumble!"
[23:33] <dan2> heh
[23:33] <dan2> I can get you the ABBA Box, but it'll cost you
[23:33] <trebbers> Come on
[23:33] <autarch> kick his ass, john
[23:34] <bob511> I mean, there's another London.
[23:34] <importantdeist> oh whoa where did he get that
[23:34] <trebbers> Shit yeah
[23:34] <autarch> show the head
[23:34] <bob511> Bee-headed
[23:34] <trebbers> ahahh
[23:34] <autarch> hahaha
[23:34] <lhs> who let the bees out
[23:34] <@Ampersand_> drink your bees
[23:34] <dan2> "no refunds"
[23:35] <@Ampersand_> hey, no take-backs
[23:35] <besoin> sergeiii!
[23:35] <dan2> aww no
[23:35] <dan2> God must be grillin up the mother of all steaks up there
[23:35] <trebbers> Where's Sizemore
[23:36] <trebbers> Show the anchor
[23:36] <autarch> nonononono
[23:36] <besoin> this is kind of cheating
[23:36] <trebbers> Don't be a bitch
[23:36] <dan2> Devilman Crybaby
[23:36] <autarch> this is so cheap
[23:36] <trebbers> A giant bee descends
[23:36] <besoin> i am bam and margera
[23:36] <trebbers> ahahah
[23:37] <dan2> so, nice try bro
[23:37] <autarch> jesus is so cheap
[23:37] <importantdeist> wowwwww
[23:37] <@Ampersand_> ahhhhhh
[23:37] <dan2> "peace"
[23:37] <autarch> you can't use jesus on apocalyptic maps
[23:37] <bob511> Jesus returns to strip the antichrist from the TG leaderboard.
[23:37] <besoin> i've prayed way harder than this to win the lottery
[23:37] <dan2> lol bob
[23:37] <@Ampersand_> hugs giant bee with Alba's voice
[23:37] <trebbers> Deus ex sixpackina
[23:38] <trebbers> The German Chocolate cakes are growing again
[23:38] <besoin> let them eat roses
[23:38] <bob511> God, there are going to be so many damn bees now.
[23:38] <importantdeist> so, i'm confused
[23:38] <@Ampersand_> this is too erotic
[23:38] <autarch> looks like a kleenex commercial
[23:38] <autarch> his is beautiful
[23:39] <autarch> they're weed farmers now
[23:39] <importantdeist> "oh no, not again!!!"
[23:39] <dan2> Goku?
[23:39] <importantdeist> he had to shave the beard to get into heaven
[23:39] <besoin> the white linen shirt means he's from heaven now
[23:39] <autarch> unlimited hotmen will be your daddy
[23:39] <bob511> Alba keeping her distance.
[23:40] <autarch> should've been trivago guy
[23:40] <importantdeist> oh whoa
[23:40] <dan2> AH
[23:40] <besoin> the universe is just a gleam in gramps's eye
[23:40] <importantdeist> hahaha
[23:40] <trebbers> LARRY
[23:40] <importantdeist> who is larry
[23:40] <besoin> there's no way that woman's name is diana angelson
[23:40] <besoin> this is fsb psyops for sure
[23:41] <autarch> liberty dawn
[23:41] <autarch> 4 bazlers
[23:41] <autarch> 3 marins
[23:41] <dan2> a cast of thousands
[23:41] <importantdeist> the director's last name is some russian equivalent to angel-something
[23:41] <autarch> 7 ciucans
[23:41] <importantdeist> i assume that's his wife and she anglicized it
[23:42] <autarch> no, she angelized it
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This Thursday,

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Ampersand wrote:This Thursday,

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check the hpn db for the movie!
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Ampersand wrote:tonight!
check the hpn db for the movie!
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1.5 hours until showtime!
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Ampersand wrote:TONIGHT'S FEATURE PRESENTATION: A Sound of Thunder
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Code: Select all
[22:10] <@Ampersand_> 3
[22:10] <@Ampersand_> 2
[22:10] <@Ampersand_> 1
[22:10] <donnadonnamartin> i honestly have no memory of this movie
[22:10] <dan2> this movie has franchise written all over it
[22:10] <@Ampersand_> a little hopeful, aren't they?
[22:10] <besoin> damn, missed the countdown again
[22:10] <besoin> can i get 0:30
[22:11] <dan2> now
[22:11] <Trebbers> Hell yea Chuck
[22:11] <donnadonnamartin> hatton!
[22:11] <besoin> 0:45
[22:11] <dan2> wow, where do they even come up with this stuff
[22:11] <bob511> That is a top tier epigraph.
[22:11] <@Ampersand_> pretty sure we had google glass before 2055
[22:11] <donnadonnamartin> this font is cheap
[22:11] <besoin> damn it, what is the time
[22:11] <Trebbers> Top tier jungle foley
[22:11] <dan2> 111
[22:11] <dan2> 1:30 in 10
[22:12] <dan2> 1:30
[22:12] <donnadonnamartin> wow dad, way to be a dick
[22:12] <besoin> i'm lost already
[22:12] <Trebbers> What
[22:12] <besoin> looks like annihilation
[22:12] <donnadonnamartin> there's nothing to be lost in, besoin
[22:12] <Trebbers> Taps the daughter?
[22:12] <lhs> dad is drunk
[22:12] <dan2> this reminds me the new Predator looks like it's future shitflixe material
[22:12] <sideshowraheem> they're in space suits because they're on a soundstage on the moon
[22:13] <bob511> Super Scope Sixes were too far above the budget for this one, I guess.
[22:13] <donnadonnamartin> this reminds me i'm super stoked for the new jurassic park
[22:13] <bob511> Speaking of movies where women who don't want kids...
[22:14] <donnadonnamartin> honey i shrunk the scientists
[22:14] <donnadonnamartin> blew the budget on special effects i see
[22:14] <dan2> sku sku
[22:14] <besoin> what was ed burns thinking
[22:14] <@Ampersand_> i think this laser tag game is busted
[22:14] <donnadonnamartin> second dino second dino
[22:14] <donnadonnamartin> come on second dino
[22:14] <dan2> is it...deflating?
[22:14] <donnadonnamartin> fucking dollar store dinos
[22:15] <bob511> "Now, take aim at that butterfly, and fire in three...two.."
[22:15] <donnadonnamartin> well, that sucked
[22:15] <dan2> oh man
[22:15] <donnadonnamartin> champaign waterfalls are such a waste
[22:15] <sideshowraheem> he had his knighthood temporarily revoked because of that soul patch
[22:15] <besoin> time safari, inc
[22:15] <Trebbers> Didn't notice the soul patch on the trailer
[22:15] <bob511> "Armstrong, shooting a moon elephant."
[22:15] <dan2> lol
[22:15] <donnadonnamartin> what is that suit
[22:16] <donnadonnamartin> we need to discuss that suit
[22:16] <@Ampersand_> we hope you enjoyed your stay at Worstworld
[22:16] <Trebbers> there it is
[22:16] <donnadonnamartin> why are there so many buttons and pin stripes
[22:16] <bob511> Meanwhile, on Timecop...
[22:17] <@Ampersand_> the world's most expensive screensaver
[22:17] <dan2> is the screen just giving a readout of everthing
[22:17] <besoin> the computer is a winamp visualization
[22:17] <Trebbers> Killing me
[22:17] <donnadonnamartin> stop saying dr ryan
[22:18] <@Ampersand_> what is this accent
[22:18] <donnadonnamartin> poor man's ben afflect isn't here for this
[22:18] <Trebbers> Robin Williams esque cadence
[22:19] <besoin> a holodisc
[22:19] <donnadonnamartin> did they spend all their money on ascots, buttons and pink stripes?
[22:19] <besoin> timesafari headquartered in an abandoned blockbusters
[22:19] <bob511> Times a'Fari!
[22:19] <@Ampersand_> yessss
[22:19] <donnadonnamartin> oh thank god she destroyed that suit
[22:20] <sideshowraheem> she's the Jeff Goldblum of this one
[22:20] <lhs> he has toothpaste on his chin
[22:20] <donnadonnamartin> without jeff goldblum's oozing sexuality
[22:20] <besoin> didn't this guy already pay?
[22:20] <dan2> she raises a good point, if they keep this hunting up the dinosaurs will go extinct
[22:20] <donnadonnamartin> haven't these people seen jurassic park?
[22:21] <besoin> wow, this production design
[22:21] <Trebbers> *future car sounds*
[22:21] <donnadonnamartin> i like how she dresses up for anarchy
[22:21] <besoin> this is like the SECOND element
[22:21] <donnadonnamartin> i like her
[22:22] <@Ampersand_> ah, the world of tomorrow
[22:22] <dan2> Nike makes cars now?
[22:22] <sideshowraheem> A Sound of Exposition
[22:22] <Trebbers> My god this green screen
[22:22] <Trebbers> didn't even try
[22:22] <dan2> Budget   $80 million
[22:23] <donnadonnamartin> lololol
[22:23] <donnadonnamartin> i want to know what the director thought the audience would do
[22:23] <donnadonnamartin> when that happened
[22:23] <lhs> "do you like our lion?"
[22:23] <sideshowraheem> wait what
[22:23] <bob511> The Virus
[22:23] <sideshowraheem> what is this reality
[22:24] <donnadonnamartin> this is the plot?
[22:24] <Trebbers> The problem is that people wont pay to see dinosaurs
[22:24] <donnadonnamartin> gov agencies never fuck up, have great oversight
[22:24] <@Ampersand_> it can't be bulletproof. it literally requires bullets
[22:24] <sideshowraheem> wait so is it time travel or cloning?
[22:25] <Trebbers> BOTH!
[22:25] <donnadonnamartin> both?
[22:25] <dan2> allosaurus must have been trippin 24/7
[22:25] <bob511> "My new Milkdrop viz.  You like?"
[22:25] <@Ampersand_> a boner ruins everything
[22:25] <@Ampersand_> like usual
[22:26] <lhs> wait what was dripping
[22:26] <donnadonnamartin> speaking of boners
[22:26] <@Ampersand_> brown thumb? so that's what they were up to in there
[22:26] <besoin> good to see trump tower chicago didn't make it to the future
[22:26] <donnadonnamartin> are we supposed to believe that guy's a scientist?
[22:27] <donnadonnamartin> wait, when did we merge blade runner with dick tracy
[22:27] <Trebbers> They have like 4 models for the cars
[22:27] <bob511> They time-traveled to 1930s Chicago and brought these two back?
[22:27] <lhs> boredwalk empire
[22:27] <dan2> they just got really into 1930's clothing in 2055, just like how everyone dresses like it's 1897 right now
[22:28] <@Ampersand_> the streets are like Cruis'n USA 2049
[22:28] <donnadonnamartin> can we discuss that tie
[22:28] <Trebbers> ah
[22:28] <donnadonnamartin> what was the stripe budget in this movie?
[22:29] <dan2> Partial Recall
[22:29] <bob511> Ah, guy talk
[22:29] <donnadonnamartin> just locker room talk bob
[22:29] <dan2> oh god the blurry background extras
[22:29] <@Ampersand_> pan down to the treadmills they're walking on
[22:29] <besoin> everyone in 2055 chicago is english for some reason
[22:29] <donnadonnamartin> is this a movie or blues clues
[22:29] <sideshowraheem> yeah this is the most unnatural walking i've ever seen
[22:30] <dan2> these effects are on the level of that Heidi movie where they were all dogs
[22:30] <Trebbers> This is a fucking Conan skit
[22:30] <donnadonnamartin> i feel like i'm playing GTA
[22:30] <donnadonnamartin> oh fuck i loved the heidi movie
[22:30] <donnadonnamartin> i mean, i hated it
[22:30] <donnadonnamartin> but i loved it
[22:30] <besoin> hey, i saw david oyelowo in march
[22:31] <lhs> he just laughed like a ventriloquist dummy
[22:31] <donnadonnamartin> that suit says i'm all business, but that tie says i like to cut lose
[22:31] <besoin> GAUSS rifles!
[22:31] <dan2> AKA the Super Scope
[22:32] <donnadonnamartin> super sokers got way cooler in the future
[22:32] <dan2> what happens if you have to go to the bathroom?
[22:32] <lhs> their stillsuit recycles it
[22:32] <@Ampersand_> what if he leaves that bowtie behind and when they get back to the present all of the ape-people are wearing bowties
[22:32] <donnadonnamartin> i would watch that movie
[22:32] <donnadonnamartin> this guy's obsessed with ball
[22:32] <donnadonnamartin> s
[22:33] <dan2> 1930's nostalgia has carried over to the AROOGA horn making a comeback as well
[22:33] <Trebbers> Raptor's gonna slash his nuts
[22:33] <donnadonnamartin> not if they're brass, treb
[22:33] <besoin> welp, i guess that liquid nitrogen leak won't come back into play
[22:33] <Trebbers> TAMI algorithmically creates Front 242 videos
[22:33] <bob511> Those arrows can't make up their mind.
[22:34] <lhs> i sense ball-swapping mayhem coming up
[22:34] <bob511> Not a fan of the redesigned Star Tours.
[22:34] <dan2> you gotta pay an extra $10 for the hot wax time travel
[22:35] <donnadonnamartin> the back, sack, and crack package?
[22:35] <@Ampersand_> oh no, who let the ladybug into the time machine??
[22:35] <Trebbers> A time butthole
[22:35] <dan2> traveled straight back to the rainforest cafe
[22:35] <besoin> heh
[22:35] <besoin> try the mogambo shrimp, folks
[22:36] <bob511> "With really big balls?"
[22:36] <besoin> do they always kill the same one?
[22:36] <donnadonnamartin> those tree falls
[22:36] <@Ampersand_> "poorly rendered, isn't he?"
[22:37] <besoin> the old brooklyn razz
[22:38] <dan2> *pulls out laser pointer*
[22:38] <donnadonnamartin> which ones the lawyer? dino always eats lawyer
[22:38] <donnadonnamartin> ahahaha
[22:39] <besoin> this cgi, jesus
[22:39] <donnadonnamartin> the old flashlight trick
[22:39] <bob511> Actually, I guess they could go back and kill CGI Jesus.
[22:39] <bob511> Since he dies anyway.
[22:39] <dan2> wouldn't the time bridge that comes out crush a bunch of plants and alter the past
[22:39] <Trebbers> Prod a calls
[22:39] <besoin> now that'd get some takers
[22:40] <besoin> killing jesus
[22:40] <donnadonnamartin> guys this movie cost $80 million
[22:40] <@Ampersand_> Ben Kingsley doesn't come cheap, i guess
[22:41] <dan2> they had to pay him an extra 5 million to grow the soul patch
[22:41] <donnadonnamartin> yeah, columbus is a guy i want to emulate
[22:41] <besoin> welcome to the red planet mr brubaker
[22:41] <sideshowraheem> I mean they did kill something unecessarily Donna
[22:41] <@Ampersand_> it's insane that it cost that much and i don't remember hearing about it at all
[22:41] <besoin> that was a callback to judgement house, my friends
[22:42] <Trebbers> *farts*
[22:42] <besoin> long way from playing mlk jr here, dave
[22:42] <donnadonnamartin> low rent ben affleck doesn't tolerate accident
[22:42] <sideshowraheem> "the heisenberg uncertainty principle you can't be 100% of the quality of any given breaking bad episode"
[22:42] <dan2> is that guy a robot?
[22:43] <donnadonnamartin> maybe they should get allstate, to deal with the mayham
[22:43] <bob511> 70F in November in 2055?  So this is an optimistic future.
[22:43] <besoin> the cubs won the world series in 2022
[22:43] <besoin> and 2046
[22:43] <dan2> is it?
[22:43] <donnadonnamartin> suicidal fish is a good band name
[22:43] <lhs> if they changed something in the past, wouldn't the present have been different all along
[22:44] <besoin> so many panama hats
[22:44] <Trebbers> "Tree committed suicide"
[22:44] <Trebbers> wait, that's it
[22:44] <besoin> is she going to have two bellybuttons
[22:44] <lhs> i can't not see ben as exeter
[22:45] <dan2> can they go back and hunt a giant sloth or something, these dino hunts are getting stale
[22:45] <lhs> thanks to whoever's comment last time
[22:45] <donnadonnamartin> i would enjoy a sloth hunt
[22:45] <besoin> imagine shooting a sloth
[22:45] <@Ampersand_> a giant shoe attacks them
[22:46] <Trebbers> ahah
[22:46] <Trebbers> "Leave the fucking pogs, Jenny!"
[22:46] <lhs> heh
[22:46] <@Ampersand_> lol
[22:46] <dan2> love that 35 minutes in every action sequence has been on a plexiglass bridge
[22:47] <donnadonnamartin> WOAH
[22:47] <donnadonnamartin> WHAT
[22:47] <donnadonnamartin> what is that suit
[22:47] <donnadonnamartin> guys this movie spent all it's money on leftover men's wear
[22:47] <dan2> oh, he thought big alright...
[22:47] <donnadonnamartin> where did he find nipple pants
[22:48] <Trebbers> holy fuck that whole outfit
[22:48] <@Ampersand_> that suit provides max headroom
[22:48] <bob511> Ha
[22:48] <donnadonnamartin> aha amp
[22:48] <Trebbers> The T.R.D. guys jackets are missing a letter
[22:48] <dan2> maybe he was wearing normal fitting clothes and the footprint made them grow 8 sizes
[22:49] <lhs> how does bringing back a little swamp mud mess up the past
[22:49] <Trebbers> They left a footprint on the bridge?
[22:49] <besoin> frasier drives cabs in this future
[22:49] <Trebbers> or some shit
[22:50] <lhs> yeah but doesn't the bridge come back with them
[22:50] <dan2> that was some Lego Island level CGI
[22:50] <bob511> Oh, I guess this is Chicago, Florida.
[22:50] <Trebbers> Can't believe they built real fake cars
[22:51] <donnadonnamartin> i would like this apt
[22:52] <besoin> looks like something from resident evil
[22:52] <dan2> I think Tom Cruise hides out here in Minority Report
[22:52] <besoin> jesus
[22:52] <Trebbers> ahahhh
[22:52] <dan2> UM
[22:53] <@Ampersand_> wowza
[22:53] <Trebbers> oh my
[22:53] <@Ampersand_> glitchin
[22:53] <donnadonnamartin> new gif
[22:53] <Trebbers> TIME WAVE
[22:53] <dan2> time keeps on glitchin glitchin glitchinnnn
[22:53] <besoin> the mummy!
[22:53] <dan2> AH
[22:53] <@Ampersand_> um
[22:53] <Trebbers> ahahahahhaah
[22:53] <sideshowraheem> even the effect of her wiping off the glass looked like shit
[22:53] <dan2> scarab beetles must have REALLY liked that bit of mud
[22:54] <donnadonnamartin> messing with time brings on beetles, got it
[22:54] <bob511> This is what happens when you have indoor plants.
[22:54] <besoin> that was a bold move
[22:54] <dan2> title of this movie should have been "Great, Now You've Done It"
[22:54] <lhs> again, if they're changing shit millions of years ago, why is it only taking effect now
[22:54] <donnadonnamartin> oh my god
[22:54] <@Ampersand_> wish they were dung beetles
[22:55] <lhs> i don't understand this movie at all
[22:55] <Trebbers> Time wave ain't covered in your homeowners
[22:55] <donnadonnamartin> this doesn't make any sense, right?
[22:55] <besoin> this movie doesn't give a damn about the rules of time travel
[22:55] <dan2> The Last of Us (being allowed to direct films)
[22:55] <sideshowraheem> what the fuck is she talking about
[22:55] <sideshowraheem> this makes even less goddamn sense
[22:55] <donnadonnamartin> time travel raheem
[22:55] <donnadonnamartin> duh
[22:55] <dan2> uzzz
[22:55] <@Ampersand_> how the heck did a footprint cause this?
[22:55] <lhs> even if the footprint on the bridge somehow slid off and stayed, how the fuck does it change anything
[22:56] <bob511> Uh
[22:56] <lhs> it's just mud
[22:56] <donnadonnamartin> did she take the past with her to the future?
[22:56] <donnadonnamartin> like get old dirt in the new world?
[22:56] <dan2> there was a piece of Juicy Fruit stuck to the bottom of her foot too
[22:56] <@Ampersand_> they should have just let that guy shoot the butterfly
[22:56] <@Ampersand_> then we'd accept this
[22:56] <lhs> except for the delayed effect
[22:56] <dan2> we're somehow halfway through this
[22:56] <besoin> a kind of butterfly effect, you might say
[22:57] <lhs> you mightn't
[22:57] <donnadonnamartin> oh i think they'll find ot
[22:57] <@Ampersand_> this ends when Ed Burns goes back in time to strangle Kingsley in the womb
[22:57] <besoin> i'd ask for a guarantee that they're not just going back to kill my grandma
[22:57] <dan2> Ben Kingsley IS J. Peterman
[22:57] <lhs> i'm going to consult wikipedia about this movie
[22:58] <donnadonnamartin> is ben kingsley just really bored?
[22:58] <@Ampersand_> uh
[22:58] <dan2> wah
[22:58] <besoin> TAMI that joker
[22:58] <sideshowraheem> oh great he's on the set of a western
[22:58] <donnadonnamartin> that was def not racist
[22:59] <dan2> lets do the time wave agaiiiiiin
[22:59] <sideshowraheem> ahahaha
[22:59] <@Ampersand_> the time wave is coming... THROUGH TIME ITSELF
[22:59] <donnadonnamartin> i'm in love with time waves
[22:59] <lhs> ????
[22:59] <dan2> dying @ that amp
[22:59] <besoin> [answers in tagalog]
[22:59] <Trebbers> I'm tired of all these time waves
[22:59] <donnadonnamartin> if i could turn back tiiime (waves)
[23:00] <dan2> gonna need a lot of Round-Up
[23:00] <bob511> Their mistake was accidentally leaving a DVD of Life After People in the Cretaceous.
[23:00] <@Ampersand_> lettin that accent slip dere
[23:01] <dan2> imagine having to survive wearing that suit
[23:01] <donnadonnamartin> why didn't they do this before?
[23:02] <dan2> nyaaa!
[23:02] <lhs> did he fuck a stegosaurus
[23:02] <@Ampersand_> lol lhs
[23:03] <donnadonnamartin> i knew it!
[23:03] <@Ampersand_> what if one of them stepped in shit
[23:03] <Trebbers> Look at his hair, yes he's insane
[23:04] <besoin> why would bringing something back matter?
[23:04] <besoin> i guess its absence in the past?
[23:04] <Trebbers> Yes?
[23:04] <dan2> if the biofilter takes too much energy to run here's an idea: doormat at the end of the time tunnel
[23:04] <Trebbers> "We have to kill Ackles as a baby."
[23:05] <lhs> hard to believe that the absence of 1.3 whatevers of material would change the entire world
[23:05] <besoin> it was 1.3 grams of butterfly food
[23:05] <dan2> those 1.3 grams of mud grew up to be Albert Einstein
[23:05] <sideshowraheem> this is way too convoluted for how fucking stupid it is
[23:05] <bob511> Was he listening to an electric razor?
[23:06] <lhs> the only way to know for sure is to try it
[23:06] <lhs> so let's set up a kickstarter
[23:06] <besoin> birds?
[23:06] <lhs> for a time butthole
[23:06] <besoin> they're going to blast some parakeet
[23:06] <besoin> s
[23:07] <lhs> is the science worse in this movie or in the core
[23:07] <Trebbers> what
[23:07] <donnadonnamartin> if a dino came out right now and ate them i'd enjoy it
[23:08] <bob511> Good news!
[23:08] <@Ampersand_> still pulling for bow-tied monkey men
[23:08] <donnadonnamartin> wait so why are they on this walk?
[23:08] <sideshowraheem> so that footprint prevented a giant meteor from hitting earth?
[23:08] <besoin> they're going to see eckles, donna
[23:09] <besoin> he lives on the other side of the park
[23:09] <dan2> these aren't classic reptillian...they're diet reptillian
[23:09] <donnadonnamartin> who's...eckles?
[23:09] <bob511> "....a little bit of tie-material mixed in..."
[23:09] <donnadonnamartin> you know what, nm
[23:09] <besoin> eckles was the nervous guy on the jump
[23:09] <donnadonnamartin> wow even this movie kills the black guy first
[23:09] <besoin> they think he was the one who brought something back
[23:09] <@Ampersand_> a thorny situation they're in
[23:09] <lhs> the missing mass made the earth spin a little faster so the meteor just missed it
[23:10] <@Ampersand_> wow
[23:10] <@Ampersand_> there it is
[23:10] <@Ampersand_> the most poorly designed creature in all of time
[23:10] <bob511> Pew!  Pew!
[23:10] <sideshowraheem> oh my god
[23:10] <besoin> a baboon dinosaur eh
[23:10] <Trebbers> fucking hell
[23:10] <dan2> Primal Roar 2 is looking great
[23:11] <donnadonnamartin> oh my god
[23:11] <lhs> greek mythology is real
[23:11] <Trebbers> "GENE! NOOOOOO!"
[23:11] <@Ampersand_> that dog and that woman from the trailer had sex, and this world is the result
[23:11] <sideshowraheem> just because you happened to shoot one there doesn't make it the ONLY soft spot
[23:11] <besoin> these special effects aren't much beyond wascavage's
[23:12] <Trebbers> "I'm gonna do a Dyson. It's cool."
[23:12] <donnadonnamartin> planet of the dyno apes
[23:12] <dan2> I honestly think the monkeys in Jumanji were better rendered
[23:12] <@Ampersand_> *extremely executive producer voice* "Congo was a hit, right?"
[23:13] <besoin> they sure are being careful
[23:13] <dan2> well at least they're quiet eaters
[23:13] <donnadonnamartin> yo this movie is dark
[23:13] <@Ampersand_> yeah i can't see shit
[23:13] <@Ampersand_> *drumroll*
[23:13] <Trebbers> *Marcus crowdsurfs on Dinobaboons*
[23:13] <donnadonnamartin> god i hate movies with mouth eating sound
[23:13] <sideshowraheem> they really allowed him to buy them some time by watching until his last moment
[23:14] <donnadonnamartin> oh amp i meant it's like, dark in a fucked up way
[23:14] <donnadonnamartin> but also dark
[23:14] <dan2> how does this 80 million dollar movie function on every level worse than ever Sci-Fi channel original I've ever seen
[23:14] <@Ampersand_> i know. i'm bad at jokes
[23:14] <donnadonnamartin> :) amp
[23:15] <sideshowraheem> is that Smeagol's cousin?
[23:15] <bob511> "...gotta find Italian beef..."
[23:15] <donnadonnamartin> sound mixing went bad here
[23:15] <lhs> nothing but fancy lads in there
[23:16] <dan2> so does the normal populace have access to any kind of laser gun in 2055?
[23:16] <besoin> is that xander berkeley
[23:16] <besoin> no
[23:16] <donnadonnamartin> paul blart, apocolypse cop
[23:16] <sideshowraheem> aren't their ice bullets gonna melt at some point
[23:16] <lhs> heh
[23:16] <bob511> They're not even laser guns.  They shoot ice.
[23:16] <dan2> sorry, the sound kept throwing me off
[23:17] <dan2> when I use the ice maker in my fridge it doesn't go PEW PEW PEW
[23:17] <donnadonnamartin> mine does
[23:17] <dan2> rub it in >:(
[23:17] <Trebbers> Baby from Dinosaurs is dead in a closet
[23:17] <bob511> Heh
[23:17] <donnadonnamartin> wouldn't he have other clothes?
[23:18] <dan2> oh no, not a time wave!
[23:18] <Trebbers> This one guys voice
[23:18] <donnadonnamartin> rich people ruin everything
[23:18] <bob511> Huh?
[23:18] <sideshowraheem> uh
[23:18] <donnadonnamartin> he boosted cars to pay for med school?
[23:19] <lhs> that's what he said
[23:19] <donnadonnamartin> seems like a bad business model but student debt is a bitch
[23:19] <sideshowraheem> even the quips in this movie make no sense
[23:20] <donnadonnamartin> this movie seems scientifically inaccurate
[23:20] <lhs> sleeping beauty is now a dinoape
[23:20] <bob511> Mr. Militant?
[23:20] <besoin> ice rifle solve all problems
[23:21] <donnadonnamartin> the most dangerous game
[23:22] <lhs> what if he brought something back by eating it
[23:22] <dan2> so in the time since he's been back there's no possible way he could have gotten 1.3 grams of material on his clothing?
[23:22] <besoin> is facebook going to send in an ice rifle team to fix all the problems its product has caused
[23:22] <donnadonnamartin> THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT
[23:23] <bob511> Oddly enough, that was the same response by the studio execs after the first screening.
[23:23] <lhs> that butterfly was butterfly albert einstein
[23:23] <@Ampersand_> not your grandparents' butterflies!
[23:23] <donnadonnamartin> this is just jurassic park on the sci fi channel
[23:23] <lhs> didn't this happen in an episode of he-man
[23:24] <sideshowraheem> I haven't seen bats this jacked since freakin Christian Bale
[23:24] <Trebbers> ah
[23:24] <dan2> time wave's a comin', I can feel my bad knee swelling up
[23:24] <Trebbers> Time Roll! Extra Points!
[23:24] <sideshowraheem> thankfully the time wave spares the lab's technology every time
[23:26] <sideshowraheem> the garbage ape
[23:26] <besoin> :\
[23:26] <Trebbers> ahah
[23:26] <donnadonnamartin> amzing
[23:26] <@Ampersand_> they fucked the bats, i guess
[23:26] <lhs> they fling guano
[23:27] <bob511> Big "Hard Drive Release" sign.
[23:27] <Trebbers> Just shine a fucking light on them
[23:27] <donnadonnamartin> the ceiling looks like a herpes infection
[23:28] <lhs> RIP that suit
[23:28] <donnadonnamartin> i hope one of those apes turns up in that suit
[23:28] <donnadonnamartin> ....get it...monkey suit?
[23:29] <bob511> Still traveling faster than by NYC subway, right?
[23:29] <donnadonnamartin> hey-o
[23:29] <besoin> it's newt
[23:29] <sideshowraheem> that's the sort of commentary on current events I come to the movie series for
[23:31] <besoin> is that how water works
[23:31] <@Ampersand_> i keep remembering this is a Peter Hyams movie
[23:31] <bob511> Why would it stay water tight for even a second?
[23:31] <@Ampersand_> how far we've fallen since Sudden Impact
[23:31] <@Ampersand_> Sudden Death, oof
[23:31] <bob511> This isn't that much worse than The Relic, I guess.
[23:31] <bob511> About as visually ugly, anyway.
[23:32] <dan2> It'll take about 30 seconds for this subway car to fill with water, based on the other 25 subway cars I've been in that have filled with water
[23:32] <donnadonnamartin> ]aha
[23:32] <besoin> unagi
[23:32] <dan2> so its part baracuda part catfish?
[23:32] <bob511> Do ice guns work under water?
[23:32] <lhs> the poo-seidon adventure
[23:32] <bob511> I guess not.
[23:33] <@Ampersand_> this is out 5th Peter Hyams film, actually. that's gotta place him high up there
[23:33] <donnadonnamartin> i need a gif
[23:33] <Trebbers> I guess they don't need to breathe now
[23:33] <Trebbers> there we go
[23:33] <dan2> dead...right?
[23:33] <@Ampersand_> those shoes looked so tasty, too
[23:34] <donnadonnamartin> his name is travis?
[23:34] <Trebbers> ahahahah
[23:34] <@Ampersand_> three-way smooch
[23:34] <bob511> I actually forgot Timecop was Hyams when I made a Timecop joke earlier.
[23:34] <donnadonnamartin> thsi looks like a screen saver even here
[23:35] <besoin> they sure are spending a lot of energy on two small meals
[23:36] <donnadonnamartin> this movie stole from jurassic park at an insane level
[23:36] <bob511> I like the idea that any particle accelerator becomes a time machine with the right software.
[23:37] <dan2> I think the box office saw to that
[23:37] <donnadonnamartin> i'll never let go jack
[23:38] <bob511> Aha
[23:38] <@Ampersand_> oh my
[23:38] <lhs> when there was only one set of footprints in the sand, that's when fishgollum carried you
[23:39] <dan2> she can hear him?
[23:39] <donnadonnamartin> wait this is how we fix it?
[23:39] <bob511> Wait, why was that frightening?
[23:40] <donnadonnamartin> i dunno that guy is kind of a dweeb
[23:40] <sideshowraheem> if he can go back to the hunt then why aren't all the hunts overlapping when they kill the same dinosaur
[23:40] <besoin> that's why i was asking earlier
[23:40] <@Ampersand_> because movie?
[23:41] <lhs> travis the volcano is my wrestling name
[23:41] <Trebbers> I feel a twist coming
[23:41] <@Ampersand_> *shoots butterfly*
[23:41] <Trebbers> aha
[23:41] <donnadonnamartin> the science feels iffy in this movie
[23:41] <donnadonnamartin> controversial statement, i know
[23:41] <dan2> *dinosaur trips over invisibridge
[23:42] <dan2> the biofilter is actually the AROOGA alarm
[23:42] <sideshowraheem> for a billionaire Ben Kingsley's character does an awful lot of hands on work
[23:42] <besoin> so the leaky liquid nitrogen affected the ice rifles
[23:42] <@Ampersand_> ah yes, he'll understand, like we do.
[23:42] <besoin> the road to perdition set
[23:43] <sideshowraheem> the ball is gonna tell him Tom Cruise kills the guy
[23:43] <bob511> "Also, that's not a disc."
[23:44] <dan2> *swoon*
[23:44] <donnadonnamartin> here, take this poke ball
[23:44] <besoin> boooo
[23:44] <@Ampersand_> and it was that cup of coffee that changed the course of time itself
[23:45] <dan2> pfft, nice going RAY
[23:45] <bob511> Roland Emmerich must be bummed someone got to giant time waves before he could.
[23:45] <donnadonnamartin> this font really irritates me
[23:45] <lhs> something stupid this way comes
[23:45] <sideshowraheem> they're using the Frasier font
[23:45] <besoin> all of these producers, all the lost money
[23:45] <sideshowraheem> oh baby I hear the time a callin', tossed salad and scrambled waves
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Postby Ampersand » Fri May 11, 2018 12:14 pm

This is not Sunday's film, but kayke shared it with me and now I must share it with you
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Postby Ampersand » Sat May 12, 2018 12:26 pm

Tomorrow @ 2200 EDT, a gift for mom:
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Ampersand wrote:Sunday @ 2200 EDT, a gift for mom:

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Postby dan » Sun May 13, 2018 9:58 am

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check the hpn db for the movie!
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2.5 hours until showtime!
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Postby Ampersand » Sun May 13, 2018 9:46 pm

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universe, you can't play the willfully ignorant, but partisan bleeding heart
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Postby Ampersand » Mon May 14, 2018 3:24 pm

Code: Select all
[22:10] <@Ampersand_> 3
[22:10] <@Ampersand_> 2
[22:10] <@Ampersand_> 1
[22:11] <impdentist> have we done a depardieu before
[22:12] <donnamartin> i'm glad i'm not high
[22:12] <@Ampersand_> so it is a horror movie?
[22:12] <bob511> My Father the Hero?
[22:12] <impdentist> seems impossible that we haven't
[22:12] == Trebbers [46a0777f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #hpnmovieseries
[22:12] <bob511> Or was that just a trailer?
[22:12] <Trebbers> Am I late?
[22:12] <@Ampersand_> i've been wanting to do My Father the Hero
[22:12] <impdentist> we jusst started
[22:12] <Trebbers> Can I get 2:00
[22:12] <impdentist> 2:00 in 10
[22:12] <@Ampersand_> 2
[22:12] <impdentist> 200
[22:12] <dan2> 2:00
[22:13] <kayke> I feel like we're in one of bjork's nightmares or something
[22:13] <Trebbers> Word
[22:13] <donnamartin> hmmm, this seems bogus
[22:13] <Trebbers> It's like one of the flashback/dream sequences in All That Jazz
[22:13] <lhs> or one of amanda palmer's wet dreams
[22:14] <kayke> hjo looks so sad as a kid
[22:14] <impdentist> are his parents going to die n a freak cirque de soleil accident
[22:14] <impdentist> i love the 90s sitcom theme sax blasting through the mix
[22:14] <donnamartin> the 90s was super into orhpans
[22:14] <Trebbers> Lots of cleve in this kids movie
[22:14] <kayke> the son of a vampire and a ballerina
[22:14] <dan2> My Dad the Circus Dracula
[22:15] <donnamartin> wow, you smushed that rat to death!
[22:15] <impdentist> were their names juan and babette?
[22:15] <lhs> now hjo has turned into depardieu irl
[22:15] <lhs> the circle of life
[22:15] <dan2> Depardieu bit him on the set
[22:16] <impdentist> oh antoine
[22:16] <donnamartin> i don't want my babysitter offering to do tricks with my kid
[22:16] <impdentist> how do you get to be the "master of magic"
[22:16] <Trebbers> American History X era Ed Norton
[22:16] <dan2> ha
[22:17] <@Ampersand_> who ha hjo's mom gotta push down the stairs to get a break?
[22:17] <bob511> Opening a movie about "an orphan" following a mom is some Final Destination shit.
[22:18] <donnamartin> movies always remind me how annoying kids are
[22:18] <Trebbers> Is he a robot in this too
[22:18] <kayke> be home "soon"
[22:18] <impdentist> she dead huh
[22:18] <dan2> Depardieu's gonna borrow that later to hide his wine
[22:18] <lhs> heh
[22:18] <@Ampersand_> lol
[22:19] <impdentist> which wine
[22:19] <impdentist> of the day, i mean
[22:19] <lhs> he should have made the bottle vanish but the ketchup stay inside the bag
[22:19] <kayke> lol
[22:19] <kayke> jerry's nugget
[22:19] <Trebbers> Oh no
[22:20] <@Ampersand_> saddest way to go
[22:20] <bob511> Well don't stop in an intersection.
[22:20] <dan2> "Is there a doctor in the bingo parlor?!"
[22:20] <@Ampersand_> she never reached that great nugget in the Jerry's
[22:20] <Trebbers> Bogus killed her drunk driving
[22:20] <kayke> was she in the hall closet?
[22:20] <dan2> I'm just picturing Jerry Orbach sitting atop a 500lb gold boulder
[22:20] <donnamartin> why do people knock so agressively in movies
[22:21] <bob511> "Magic has a price, kid."
[22:21] <Trebbers> ahah
[22:21] <dan2> WE FORGOT KEVIN
[22:21] <Trebbers> Praying to Moloch
[22:21] <impdentist> i just remembered that whoopi goldberg is in this
[22:21] <donnamartin> oh no
[22:21] <Trebbers> Wait, another Frenchman
[22:21] <Trebbers> how deep does this go
[22:21] <donnamartin> i'd like to discuss his hair
[22:21] <impdentist> all magicians are french
[22:22] <impdentist> oh come on dude
[22:22] <donnamartin> woah i just spit wine
[22:22] <impdentist> this isn't about you
[22:22] <lhs> "nobody fucks like gaston, n'est-ce pas?"
[22:22] <donnamartin> you gotta give a woman warning
[22:22] <Trebbers> *Kills dove, places it into little dove coffin*
[22:22] <impdentist> oh i really should be having wine with this in honor of depardieu huh
[22:22] <bob511> ::hawk swoops in::
[22:22] <impdentist> it's his hoover dam report
[22:22] <dan2> oh my god
[22:22] <impdentist> oh fuck i was joking
[22:22] <donnamartin> ahahaha
[22:23] <@Ampersand_> mon goob
[22:23] <kayke> why don't they find my report comforting?
[22:23] <@Ampersand_> "my mother loved the hoover dam"
[22:23] <Trebbers> Fucking flying
[22:23] <donnamartin> your mom was sad kid, quit putting her on a pedastool
[22:23] <@Ampersand_> he's taking off
[22:23] <bob511> Gets hit by a ride-on lawnmower
[22:24] <kayke> "I'll never write a report about the hoover dam again!"
[22:24] <Trebbers> having a stroke
[22:24] <impdentist> weird percussion
[22:24] <@Ampersand_> my mom, Blossom
[22:25] <kayke> I can't understand a single word that man says
[22:25] <@Ampersand_> "do you know what a burden is, child?"
[22:25] <dan2> can you join the Vegas strip like you do the circus?>
[22:26] <Trebbers> "Gas, grass, or ass, mon ami. Is the circus way"
[22:26] <bob511> The guy who makes people and animals disappear into impossibly sized containers has no room?
[22:26] <donnamartin> lol treb
[22:26] <Trebbers> Holy shit those tiny cards
[22:26] <@Ampersand_> lol treb
[22:26] <donnamartin> that is the saddest effing gif
[22:26] <dan2> they don't have the heart to tell him that real cards are  twice that big
[22:26] <kayke> this is over the loud speakers?
[22:26] <lhs> hold me closer, tiny dealer
[22:26] <bob511> What an odd loudspeaker announcement.
[22:26] <impdentist> casino lawyer?
[22:27] <lhs> he's throwing his voice into his own mouth
[22:27] <bob511> "What do you mean, she's in witness protection?"
[22:27] <dan2> they're gonna start gassin up the jet
[22:27] <Trebbers> Night Court-esque theme
[22:28] <donnamartin> she's a coaster sales person/
[22:28] <donnamartin> intense industry
[22:28] <@Ampersand_> sadder
[22:28] <Trebbers> She just sells...things
[22:28] <donnamartin> man, she's got quite the collar shirt sleeves thing going on
[22:28] <@Ampersand_> "let me put you in touch with my colleague, Mr. Brooks"
[22:28] <Trebbers> aha
[22:29] <Trebbers> ahahahah
[22:29] <dan2> Clay Thrasher??
[22:29] <Trebbers> CLAY THRASHER
[22:29] <lhs> your name is WHAT
[22:29] <dan2> the lost Clay Fighter sequel
[22:30] <Trebbers> Wait, what
[22:30] <Trebbers> How does that work
[22:30] <bob511> "Ms. Franklin, we're on speaker phone."
[22:30] <impdentist> is it possible to assign guardianship to someone without their knowledge or consent
[22:31] <donnamartin> most kids suck, he doens't
[22:31] <lhs> if you say no take-backs, yes
[22:31] <kayke> wait is his father bogus?
[22:31] <dan2> "he's making pigeons disappear at a 6th grade level"
[22:31] <@Ampersand_> his mother thought so, kayke
[22:31] <lhs> oh no is this an allegory
[22:31] <donnamartin> is this reverse racism arguments?
[22:31] <impdentist> this is fucked up
[22:32] <@Ampersand_> the state system treated her okay
[22:32] <bob511> "And by 'state' we mean Nevada."
[22:32] <dan2> "alright alright....how white are we talking here?"
[22:32] <Trebbers> I guess, I do understand the drive to get the kid taken in by somebody
[22:32] <@Ampersand_> "does he wear socks over pajamas?"
[22:32] <donnamartin> this seems not the way to handle this?
[22:32] <Trebbers> Movie takes a turn when she puts him in the Soul Man machine
[22:33] <impdentist> pre 9/11 airports were so weird
[22:33] <lhs> albert sweetie, this is called paying it forward
[22:33] <Trebbers> Yeah, just walk whereever you want. It's an airport!
[22:33] <dan2> folks, I think things are about to get Bogus
[22:33] <donnamartin> at least it's not united, he'd probably get put in the overhead
[22:33] <Trebbers> "My name is Fuck Off, lady"
[22:34] <@Ampersand_> wow, this kid is a regular Ronan Farrow
[22:34] <kayke> "I want an ipad and a vodka soda"
[22:34] <Trebbers> "Do you have a copy of The Plague?"
[22:34] <@Ampersand_> lol
[22:34] <kayke> AAAAH
[22:34] <Trebbers> oh no
[22:35] <bob511> Actually not too far off adult HJO.
[22:35] <dan2> worse than being on the Final Destination plane
[22:35] <kayke> watch your mouf
[22:35] <@Ampersand_> "just summoning the dark lord, sir"
[22:35] <impdentist> i stepped out for a second, wtf
[22:35] <lhs> more broken blood vessels
[22:35] <@Ampersand_> "now make it redder"
[22:35] <@Ampersand_> lol
[22:35] <Trebbers> "Go into the cockpit, my friend. We have to send a message"
[22:35] <donnamartin> lol
[22:35] <donnamartin> this just got tedious
[22:36] <dan2> "good, good, now start drawing the bottle kid"
[22:36] <Trebbers> yes
[22:36] <donnamartin> have these people never been around kids?
[22:36] <Trebbers> "Now draw me a bush to piss in"
[22:36] <dan2> "put your hand in her purse, it's OK"
[22:37] <@Ampersand_> sees a mom, has to shit
[22:37] <kayke> same
[22:37] <Trebbers> fukkkkkkk
[22:37] <@Ampersand_> this feels like a crime
[22:37] <donnamartin> oh this is gonna get gooby fast
[22:37] <kayke> I'm calling the cops
[22:37] <donnamartin> guys this is how you get arrested
[22:38] <impdentist> yeah i am feeling like an accessory here
[22:38] <lhs> by watching it
[22:38] <donnamartin> um
[22:38] <donnamartin> oh um
[22:38] <dan2> "Don't worry, I'll be your Depardad"
[22:39] <Trebbers> He talks like Triumph
[22:39] <impdentist> love "whoopi's theme"
[22:39] <kayke> his boots!!!
[22:39] <bob511> Yeah, that's pretty white.
[22:40] <lhs> walker told me i have traveller's aid
[22:40] <dan2> lol lhs
[22:40] <kayke> wow
[22:40] <@Ampersand_> fuck that lady
[22:40] <impdentist> "she's black?? wtf?"
[22:40] <donnamartin> what a bitch
[22:40] <Trebbers> I'd just wanna get that kid out of there
[22:40] <donnamartin> he does?
[22:40] <@Ampersand_> he looks dead?
[22:40] <impdentist> is this how easy it is to pick up a kid
[22:40] <@Ampersand_> pre 9/11
[22:41] <impdentist> just show some id and sign something
[22:41] <dan2> the fucking SASS on that one
[22:41] <dan2> just brutal
[22:41] <@Ampersand_> luggage tag on a child rules
[22:41] <kayke> happy whoopi's day
[22:41] <impdentist> what's going on whoop
[22:41] <donnamartin> is this a different movie?
[22:42] <impdentist> does he have to be wearing a trenchcoat? it makes it so much worse
[22:42] <bob511> We should be so lucky.
[22:42] <@Ampersand_> don't worry, child, your malady will follow you home
[22:42] <dan2> *hastily shoves Hustler back into trenchcoat*
[22:42] <donnamartin> funny hair?
[22:42] <donnamartin> oh let's not do that
[22:42] <Trebbers> He has no fucking room to talk
[22:42] <dan2> hey that guy!
[22:43] <dan2> Whoopi's Theme (reprise)
[22:43] <Trebbers> I do like that this looks like it was shot in 1985
[22:44] <impdentist> i just realized that's the newark airport, the worst airport in america
[22:44] <donnamartin> what year was this?
[22:44] <@Ampersand_> 96
[22:44] <donnamartin> woof
[22:44] <donnamartin> this is some lethal weapon music 10 years too late
[22:45] <donnamartin> i'm going to have to try that trick
[22:45] <impdentist> even the digetic music is 10 years old
[22:46] <@Ampersand_> cool story, kid
[22:46] <Trebbers> Sounds like he's giving a deposition
[22:46] <kayke> "well how many coffee mugs did you sell?"
[22:47] <@Ampersand_> all these strange men picking him up
[22:47] <dan2> sounds like the start of a Hollywood Handbook episode
[22:47] <donnamartin> oh no
[22:47] <donnamartin> no no no no
[22:47] <Trebbers> hah dan
[22:47] <bob511> "Well, we have to shut your mouth somehow."
[22:47] <dan2> *quitely* "pawn shop here I come"
[22:47] <Trebbers> Natchos
[22:47] <donnamartin> what the fuck frozen dinner is this?
[22:48] <dan2> I like wheelin' dealin' Whoopi
[22:48] <kayke> he's trying to gentrify her apartment
[22:48] <donnamartin> stop touching his face
[22:48] <dan2> "Your bed is a factory reject, hope that's OK kid"
[22:48] <impdentist> has it been explained who tf this magic imaginary guy is
[22:48] <Trebbers> Man, she has no room for this kid
[22:48] <donnamartin> what is that poster?
[22:49] <Trebbers> A monkey and a french press
[22:49] <kayke> it looks like bigfoot making french press coffee
[22:49] <@Ampersand_> lol
[22:49] <donnamartin> seems like amp's kind of poster
[22:49] <@Ampersand_> true!
[22:49] <kayke> true
[22:49] <dan2> pressed with his own feet
[22:50] <@Ampersand_> "wanna know about the hoover dam, new mom?"
[22:50] <lhs> the guy on his jacket made his lower leg disappear
[22:50] <impdentist> does this kid have agency or is he totally controlled by gerard depardieu
[22:51] <Trebbers> "Bogus tells me I need to put a razor blade in my boot"
[22:51] <kayke> he loves being picked up
[22:51] <impdentist> wtf
[22:51] <kayke> As someone from NJ, I kind of hate Newark too
[22:51] <kayke> that's valid
[22:52] <bob511> He might feel less homesick in Atlantic City?
[22:52] <@Ampersand_> if she walked in, what would she see?
[22:53] <dan2> I see Dep people
[22:53] <lhs> haha
[22:53] <@Ampersand_> "you're a fucking kid, right?"
[22:53] <@Ampersand_> time to scream
[22:53] <kayke> please do not let that man in the bathroom
[22:53] <kayke> no
[22:53] <Trebbers> Despair.gif
[22:53] <kayke> NO THAN KS
[22:53] <Trebbers> no no no no
[22:53] <donnamartin> FUCK DID I WALK BACK TO
[22:53] <bob511> At least they kept his clothes on.
[22:53] <donnamartin> I WALK AWAY FOR TWO SECONDS
[22:54] <Trebbers> That water is 10 proof now
[22:54] <@Ampersand_> "mon dieu! i am all wet!"
[22:54] <dan2> lmao
[22:54] <@Ampersand_> lol treb
[22:54] <kayke> I don't like it here either
[22:54] <dan2> "this is where I usually wake up"
[22:54] <donnamartin> stranger danger
[22:55] <donnamartin> y'all he's being groomed
[22:55] <bob511> Come on.  Depardieu has never groomed a day in his life.
[22:55] <@Ampersand_> lol
[22:55] <Trebbers> ahh
[22:55] <donnamartin> lol
[22:55] <kayke> I don't want to agree with Bogus... but pick that boy up and kiss his face
[22:55] <kayke> his mom just died
[22:56] <@Ampersand_> he only eats croissants now
[22:56] <@Ampersand_> My Mom's So Called Life
[22:57] <Trebbers> A family of robots
[22:57] <bob511> What a terrifying family.
[22:57] <impdentist> that was quite a flashback
[22:57] <Trebbers> Newark World
[22:57] <lhs> her room is the one with the yellow wallpaper
[22:57] <impdentist> peanuts?
[22:58] <@Ampersand_> shelled peanuts
[22:58] <kayke> freak out
[22:58] <donnamartin> that classic
[22:58] <dan2> please let Depardieu onto the court
[22:58] <bob511> Thinking about how many times DP flubbed that scene to get more sandwiches.
[22:58] <bob511> Er, GD.
[22:58] <lhs> weird thing to play over the PA but okay
[22:58] <kayke> lol bob
[22:58] <Trebbers> Depardieu dunking would add a star
[22:58] <Trebbers> So a one star film
[22:59] <impdentist> why is he walking like that
[22:59] <impdentist> i mean, other than the obvious
[22:59] <impdentist> ebert gave this 3/4 so he must dunk three times
[22:59] <dan2> my hope is he doesn't dunk himself, but you see him lifting HJO up for a dunk and to everyone else it looks like he's just jumped 8 feet
[22:59] <Trebbers> ahhaahh
[22:59] <impdentist> i'd put money on that happening
[23:00] <donnamartin> ....
[23:00] <kayke> I want a tiny tuxedo wearing woman to whisper to me
[23:00] <Trebbers> You're fucking fired
[23:01] <bob511> Fucking Christie.
[23:02] <dan2> She had to reschedule the appointment to sell McDonald's ketchup packets for this
[23:02] <Trebbers> "You must pick a fight with the biggest kid at your school"
[23:02] <impdentist> oh of course
[23:02] <kayke> art
[23:02] <kayke> omg before cell phones this must be terrifying for whoopi
[23:02] <donnamartin> i need to talk to the music director of this movie
[23:02] <kayke> I want to scream
[23:02] <dan2> *grabs half eaten sub from can*
[23:03] <impdentist> "you two kids!"
[23:03] <donnamartin> hmm, this doesn't seem liek much of a plan
[23:03] <donnamartin> ahaha okay now i like her
[23:03] <lhs> he'll cover the yard, she'll cover every single street
[23:04] <impdentist> nougat scum?
[23:04] <@Ampersand_> nougat scum>
[23:04] <donnamartin> maybe he really just hates ted
[23:04] <impdentist> ok i guess i didn't mishear
[23:04] <kayke> is he a dr who ?
[23:04] <dan2> if you were gonna cast nogat, Depardieu would be a pretty solid choice
[23:04] <lhs> i heard mutant scum
[23:05] <@Ampersand_> now i hear peanut scum
[23:05] <impdentist> i'm guessing another parking ticket for whoopi
[23:05] <Trebbers> Remix as video for Jeremy
[23:06] <dan2> aha
[23:06] <bob511> Is it normal to repeatedly murder an imaginary friend?
[23:06] <impdentist> where did he get the sword
[23:06] <lhs> sleeping one off
[23:06] <kayke> she needs to get one of those cop stickers my dad has to avoid getting tickets
[23:06] <kayke> like just write "I know a cop" on your window
[23:07] <lhs> she should just put one of the tickets on her windshield when she parks
[23:07] <dan2> I just drive around with a fake siren on top of my honda, works like a charm
[23:08] <impdentist> whoopi's business has her parking fines as a line item in their budget
[23:09] <kayke> whaaat how small is hjo
[23:09] <@Ampersand_> he's bogusing that cat
[23:09] <kayke> is he a borrower?
[23:09] <kayke> the shining
[23:09] <dan2> aha
[23:09] <lhs> depardieu squeezes out of the cat's face
[23:09] <@Ampersand_> AHAHH
[23:09] <donnamartin> ewwww
[23:10] <@Ampersand_> this is perverse
[23:10] <@Ampersand_> load it with nuts
[23:10] <impdentist> the health code violations
[23:10] <Trebbers> Desert bar at the Overlook Hotel
[23:10] <donnamartin> no don't do that no
[23:10] <dan2> ahahahaha
[23:10] <impdentist> it was the last take of the day
[23:10] <impdentist> they ran out of whipped cream
[23:10] <@Ampersand_> "red rum, mon ami?"
[23:10] <Trebbers> aha
[23:10] <impdentist> this child is not well
[23:10] <lhs> moths
[23:11] <donnamartin> don't put that spoon in your mouth
[23:11] <@Ampersand_> stop. humoring. this. child.
[23:11] <dan2> something about the way he said "a boy"
[23:11] <@Ampersand_> stop. being. a. predator.
[23:11] <donnamartin> what
[23:11] <impdentist> is she planning on buying the warehouse? or all the stuff in it?
[23:11] <impdentist> or what
[23:12] <@Ampersand_> damn, hjo is ripped
[23:12] <dan2> Whoopi's Bargain Outlet
[23:12] <kayke> he is casting an interesting silhouette
[23:12] <dan2> this kids name should have been Albert Cadalbert
[23:12] <kayke> gimme some of that garlic bread
[23:13] <donnamartin> maybe then take him to that kid's bday party
[23:13] <impdentist> what
[23:13] <donnamartin> ...
[23:13] <dan2> *Aaron Paul sipping water .gif*
[23:14] <donnamartin> whoopi represents what would happen if i became a mom
[23:15] <lhs> a vest made out of a couch
[23:15] <dan2> Hydrox paid them a million dollars to get that line in
[23:16] <@Ampersand_> *rubs nose*
[23:17] <dan2> eeee
[23:17] <donnamartin> i'm going to need these posters
[23:17] <lhs> d??p
[23:18] <lhs> bogus's imaginary friend ersatz from germany comes to visit
[23:18] <kayke> yikes
[23:18] <kayke> no thanks to this
[23:19] <donnamartin> NO
[23:19] <lhs>  Asked by a TIME reporter if he had participated in rapes, Depardieu said yes. "But it was absolutely normal in those circumstances," he added.
[23:20] <@Ampersand_> agh
[23:20] <kayke> good mom
[23:20] <@Ampersand_> anti-Wide Awake
[23:21] <kayke> woah
[23:21] <@Ampersand_> *points to picture of Bill Clinton*
[23:22] <kayke> She shouted first
[23:22] <Trebbers> That's all you have to do to win?
[23:22] <donnamartin> that was handled well
[23:22] <Trebbers> "Cogus!"
[23:23] <impdentist> AH
[23:23] <bob511> Whoa
[23:23] <kayke> : (
[23:23] <@Ampersand_> omg
[23:23] <bob511> A little warning, movie.
[23:23] <donnamartin> no no no no
[23:23] <lhs> it asked if we were ready
[23:23] <donnamartin> this movie is everything i hate
[23:23] <dan2> is this gonna be Bogus' rival?
[23:23] <dan2> yeah who chose this garbage
[23:24] <donnamartin> why are so many adults here?
[23:24] <kayke> dr caligari
[23:24] <dan2> I thought Dougie would be back in Las Vegas
[23:24] <donnamartin> oh no that's a molestation cabinet
[23:24] <Trebbers> "Albert, a trick is what a whore does for money."
[23:24] <impdentist> oh no gross
[23:24] <kayke> lawnd
[23:24] <@Ampersand_> "you better believe in surprises, miss whoopi... YOU'RE IN ONE"
[23:24] <bob511> Kid's going to get blacklisted at seven.
[23:25] <kayke> lol
[23:25] <impdentist> illuuuuuusion, whoopi
[23:25] <impdentist> this is illegal
[23:25] <Trebbers> Good lord
[23:25] <impdentist> probably
[23:25] <donnamartin> what is going on?
[23:25] <impdentist> whoopi is just decking children
[23:25] <lhs> she calls the cops but they just write her another parking ticket
[23:26] <@Ampersand_> a thirsty surprise
[23:26] <donnamartin> whoopi has the right instinct
[23:26] <lhs> poopin in the planter
[23:26] <bob511> Aha
[23:26] <Trebbers> gif
[23:26] <impdentist> howdeydodats
[23:26] <dan2> an excellent doctor though
[23:26] <bob511> "He has a very successful side business in serial killing, though."
[23:26] <donnamartin> hjo is the kid who tells everyone santa isn't real
[23:27] <Trebbers> hahhah
[23:27] <impdentist> wow whoopi what could you possibly do in this situation to make him like you
[23:29] <kayke> "get dr surprise on the phone!"
[23:29] <bob511> Harvey, of course.
[23:29] <Trebbers> Yikes
[23:30] <donnamartin> ew creepy fucking kid
[23:31] <bob511> Was that a...dibs hydrant?
[23:31] <@Ampersand_> michelin boy
[23:31] <Trebbers> Uh
[23:31] <impdentist> didn't someone predict this earlier
[23:31] <kayke> I hope he meets trump
[23:32] <impdentist> oh of course it's harvey
[23:32] <dan2> being around Bogus has dulled this kid to any sense of Danger
[23:32] <@Ampersand_> In the spirit of It's a Wonderful Life
[23:32] <@Ampersand_> this is criminal
[23:32] <kayke> I mean, you get what you pay for
[23:33] <impdentist> well there you go
[23:34] <bob511> Top-notch security.
[23:34] <impdentist> the same music
[23:34] <donnamartin> Live! from new york!
[23:35] <@Ampersand_> "it's me, Chucky!"
[23:35] <Trebbers> ahah
[23:36] <donnamartin> tbf, a kid who can do magic might be a good draw
[23:37] <donnamartin> he's mindfreaking him
[23:37] <kayke> could there be one normal fucking adult man in this movie plz
[23:37] <dan2> so this is creepy guy number what, 8?
[23:37] <bob511> Way to be the creepy French man in a movie starring Gerard Depardieu.
[23:38] <impdentist> i hate this
[23:38] <Trebbers> Rips mask off, is Freddy
[23:38] <kayke> he comes from hell
[23:38] <dan2> The Dream Child
[23:39] <@Ampersand_> accurate
[23:39] <dan2> no Jerry's Nugget, no sale
[23:39] <impdentist> what
[23:40] <dan2> too late kid
[23:40] <kayke> 80% of his act is hugging
[23:40] <donnamartin> woah hair extensions
[23:40] <impdentist> that audience is amazed and they don't even know she was dead
[23:41] <lhs> how can the audience see anything at all
[23:41] <Trebbers> Vader yell
[23:42] <kayke> "watch him twitch" ??
[23:42] <kayke> I hate everyone in this
[23:42] <kayke> except this bird
[23:42] <kayke> he knows
[23:42] <donnamartin> that bird is the audience proxy
[23:44] <kayke> tuck his pj pants into his socks, just like he likes it
[23:44] <lhs> depardieu will have sizzurp
[23:45] <impdentist> didn't he already say he wasn't actually real
[23:45] <Trebbers> The correct reaction
[23:46] <kayke> that candle stick looks heavy
[23:46] <impdentist> what in the world
[23:46] <donnamartin> when did this become bugs bunney?
[23:46] <dan2> same year as Space Jam
[23:47] <impdentist> an acorn in a donut?
[23:47] <lhs> you know the saying, when life gives you acorns, make donuts
[23:47] <impdentist> kiss
[23:47] <donnamartin> could go for a donut right now
[23:48] <@Ampersand_> yeah this is hot
[23:48] <kayke> not afraid to have a few drinks
[23:48] <@Ampersand_> not afraid to DIE
[23:48] <lhs> that police sketch they keep drawing is pretty accurate, really
[23:48] <donnamartin> is he trying to seduce her?
[23:49] <@Ampersand_> bogie likes um young
[23:49] <dan2> Stalked by my Bogus
[23:49] <impdentist> what is happening
[23:50] <kayke> they're about to host a 1970s variety show
[23:50] <bob511> Not looking forward to the fish-fucking scene.
[23:50] <dan2> heh
[23:50] <donnamartin> i am not drunk enough
[23:51] <donnamartin> this movie cost $32M, made $4.5
[23:51] <kayke> poltergeist
[23:52] <Trebbers> woah
[23:53] <@Ampersand_> the hayjoel deathwish
[23:53] <lhs> you did it to yourself, albert
[23:53] <impdentist> it's just a regular ladder
[23:53] <@Ampersand_> no einstein, this kid
[23:53] <impdentist> just keep on climbing it dude
[23:53] <kayke> Imagine waking up on a ladder tho
[23:54] <kayke> I'd be dead
[23:54] <impdentist> oh was he sleepwalking
[23:54] <impdentist> is that what happened
[23:54] <kayke> I thought so
[23:54] <impdentist> i wasn't paying attention
[23:55] <bob511> Some weird Ghost thing going on here.
[23:55] <@Ampersand_> "got a microwaved brownie for ya"
[23:55] <bob511> "Yeah, our foster father was a real monster."
[23:56] <impdentist> i'm surprised we only got the one brief foster fam flashback
[23:56] <impdentist> kinda thought there would be more to that story
[23:56] <@Ampersand_> no need for a hearse
[23:56] <@Ampersand_> no tact at all
[23:56] <impdentist> those are dead people's graves
[23:56] <Trebbers> Just realized that Depardieu looks like he's auditioning for Doctor Who
[23:57] <donnamartin> oh no no no no
[23:57] <impdentist> don't you fucking dare address me directly
[23:57] <bob511> Just go
[23:57] <Trebbers> Don't talk to me you fuck
[23:57] <donnamartin> this is just rude
[23:57] <donnamartin> fucking french
[23:57] <@Ampersand_> Doctor Sacre Bleu!
[23:57] <donnamartin> lol
[23:57] <dan2> "ze do give us ze fingair somtimes"
[23:57] <impdentist> does he only appear to people when they're on airplanes? is that how he works
[23:57] <@Ampersand_> "by ze way, no refunds"
[23:57] <impdentist> jesus dude
[23:57] <donnamartin> no don't wink
[23:58] <donnamartin> why is he walking like that?
[23:58] <lhs> barf
[23:58] <kayke> is that kermit?
[23:58] <Trebbers> "There is another child I must attend to, Mohammad Atta."
[23:58] <dan2> *trips over tombstone*
[23:58] <bob511> "Oh, and by the way: vote FN."
[23:58] <Trebbers> Nandy Ruman
[23:58] <donnamartin> aha
[23:58] <lhs> his pockets are full of bottles
[23:58] <@Ampersand_> he is what's known as a zerial predator
[23:58] <Trebbers> ahah
[23:58] <dan2> Leon Rougebone
[23:59] <kayke> when there was only one set of footprints, Bogus was carrying you
[23:59] <Trebbers> aha
[23:59] <donnamartin> i'd like to have a chat with marc shaiman
[23:59] <impdentist> does anyone actually talk like this
[23:59] <dan2> I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I'm so, so sorry everyone
[23:59] <Trebbers> "The ancient art of teamwork"
[23:59] <donnamartin> dan, i'm starting to think you're not sorry
[23:59] <@Ampersand_> this one was good
[00:00] <@Ampersand_> the time really flew
[00:00] <donnamartin> :)
[00:00] <Trebbers> yes, very
[00:00] <dan2> I am!
[00:00] <@Ampersand_> Bogus carried the time away
[00:00] <dan2> look, we all learned a lot
[00:00] <donnamartin> it's true, i learned how to spot stranger danger
[00:00] <Trebbers> May Bogus watch over your sleep tonight
[00:00] <donnamartin> h. gordon boos is my new name
[00:00] <impdentist> yeah when i saw the run time i was overwhelmed but it really wasn't as much of a slog as i expeceted
[00:00] <donnamartin> this is true
[00:00] <dan2> don't ever look in a mirror and say Bogus three times in a row
[00:00] <@Ampersand_> lol
[00:00] <donnamartin> if you do, will he appear in your tub?
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This Thursday,
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Bump! Tomorrow night!
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Check the hpn db to join!
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Ampersand wrote:TONIGHT @ 2200 EDT
Check the hpn db to join!
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2 hours until showtime!
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this still on tiny chat?
session to session
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ratbags wrote:this still on tiny chat?

we've moved over to a simple web IRC chat, linked above
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Postby ratbags » Thu May 17, 2018 9:48 pm

i'm ready to party. i've been meaning to watch this movie for a year.
session to session
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Postby Ampersand » Thu May 17, 2018 10:02 pm

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Postby Ampersand » Thu May 17, 2018 11:48 pm

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[22:13] <@Ampersand_> 3
[22:13] <ratbags> ok
[22:13] <@Ampersand_> 2
[22:13] <@Ampersand_> 1
[22:13] <ratbags> very excited
[22:13] <ratbags> to see where nightmare meets reality
[22:13] <ratbags> at the end of the eartth
[22:14] <dan2> almost done building that greenhouse
[22:14] <@Ampersand_> LOL
[22:14] <@Ampersand_> whoops
[22:14] <@Ampersand_> lol
[22:14] <ratbags> powerful beginning
[22:14] <dan2> this chick's not very good at feeding her fish
[22:14] <Trebbers> What the fuck
[22:14] <@Ampersand_> one sun, two sun
[22:14] <ratbags> timelapse
[22:15] <ratbags> seven suns
[22:15] <dan2> what the
[22:15] <ratbags> she looks crispy
[22:15] <Trebbers> This is some sub-Army of Darkness shit
[22:16] <ratbags> the soft focus is out of control
[22:16] <Trebbers> See if he has enuf gold to upgrade from the basic chainmail
[22:16] <dan2> Jun Snuh!
[22:16] <ratbags> are we sure that is jeff bridges and not a muppet of jeff bridges
[22:16] <@Ampersand_> my goodness
[22:16] <dan2> no way will I be able to handle that voice for 90 mins
[22:16] <ratbags> holy shit
[22:17] <ratbags> a merry brawl!!!
[22:17] <@Ampersand_> Drunken Mumbler
[22:17] <ratbags> what kind of line was that
[22:18] <dan2> WORLDSTAR
[22:18] <lhs> he should be reading the stuff from civ advancements in that voice
[22:18] <dan2> I would kill for that
[22:18] <dan2> somebody get Jeff Bridges into a bunch of gambling debt so he has to do that
[22:18] <ratbags> wow that's a crazy carriage
[22:18] <@Ampersand_> she's got a case of the velociraptor
[22:19] <lhs> hairballs
[22:20] <ratbags> j bridges is way too stoned for this
[22:20] <@Ampersand_> 40 years without nail clippers
[22:20] <bob511> I always thought Moore should have been the witch from the Battle for Endor.
[22:21] <Trebbers> dreadlock dragon
[22:21] <ratbags> that dragon looks great with julianne moore's hair
[22:21] <@Ampersand_> the dragon has dreads
[22:21] <dan2> more like Julie Animorph
[22:21] <lhs> heh
[22:21] <Trebbers> Simply love to get stoned to Deadlock Dragon
[22:21] <ratbags> the big drabowski
[22:21] <bob511> Never going to conquer Westeros with those dragon-riding skills.
[22:22] <ratbags> she's not my dragon friend
[22:22] <Trebbers> William's summer internship going well
[22:22] <Trebbers> Just going to subtitle when you can't understand what Bridges is saying
[22:23] <lhs> did they cgi his mouth
[22:23] <@Ampersand_> looool
[22:23] <Trebbers> ahah
[22:23] <ratbags> this is the worst witcher adaptation
[22:24] <ratbags> so presumably this old mumbly drunk has been dragging people's teen sons away from their homes and getting them killed
[22:24] <ratbags> and no one is saying anything?
[22:24] <Trebbers> The fuck
[22:24] <bob511> Oh, not so much The Witcher as Dink Smallwood, I guess.
[22:24] <@Ampersand_> what a buncha babes
[22:24] <ratbags> pigs look insane in soft focus
[22:25] <dan2> it'd be more refreshing to see a movie where they focused on a guy who really wanted to be a pig farmer and just spend the whole movie dedicating himself to it
[22:25] <lhs> the hero's staycation
[22:25] <ratbags> yeah why does everyone always have to leave a perfectly good life of raisin their hogs in the woods
[22:26] <ratbags> i imagine its lucrative since youre the only guy with hogs in those woods
[22:26] <Trebbers> Shiv this fucker
[22:26] <lhs> how can he be hungry when his mouth is always full
[22:26] <dan2> "wrap up a pig for the road while you're at it"
[22:27] <@Ampersand_> holy cow, we're supposed to believe she's had at least 7 full grown children
[22:27] <ratbags> not just children
[22:27] <ratbags> sons
[22:27] <bob511> At least nine, I guess?
[22:27] <ratbags> she also has that daught
[22:27] <ratbags> er
[22:27] <Trebbers> What
[22:28] <ratbags> lol
[22:28] <dan2> so the kid's been having Spook Dreams?
[22:28] <ratbags> i refuse to believe there was a script for this
[22:28] <@Ampersand_> "be less horny than your father and me"
[22:29] <bob511> Heh
[22:29] <jpeen_theElder> 'eh.'
[22:29] <dan2> oh man one of the scriptwriters on this wrote K-Pax
[22:29] <Trebbers> ahahah
[22:30] <bob511> Ahlash, pur leddy
[22:30] <lhs> fuck k-pax
[22:30] <ratbags> bridges definitely owed someone a favour
[22:30] <dan2> welcome to the tutorial stage
[22:30] <@Ampersand_> "he doilied us"
[22:30] <dan2> that's what you get for breaking the magician's code
[22:30] <Trebbers> Stop saying spook
[22:31] <bob511> They really let the Haunted Mansion go to seed.
[22:31] <ratbags> i think i'm on the witches side, to be honest
[22:32] <dan2> Knave's Landing
[22:32] <Trebbers> TAVERN
[22:33] <dan2> FlowAH
[22:33] <@Ampersand_> ohhhhh
[22:33] <lhs> sidequest incoming
[22:33] <Trebbers> SIDEQUEST!
[22:33] <jpeen_theElder> starting to think this is just a promotional cut of phantom menace with new backgrounds greenscreened in
[22:33] <jpeen_theElder> you masterbate where now?
[22:33] <ratbags> oh my god
[22:34] <ratbags> ...she's extremely dangerous
[22:34] <lhs> bacon, the currency of the lands
[22:34] <ratbags> this got sexy really fast
[22:34] <ratbags> like they just met
[22:34] <ratbags> take it easy
[22:34] <lhs> she's going to get naked and give him her collectible card
[22:35] <dan2> I guess when the average life expectancy is 31 you try to fit in as much sex as possible
[22:35] <ratbags> oldest trick in the book
[22:35] <bob511> This guy is going to make a great witch-hunter.
[22:35] <ratbags> easily seduced? check
[22:36] <lhs> "thanks, they're fluevogs"
[22:37] <Trebbers> ahahhahahh
[22:37] <Trebbers> Panda Mountain?
[22:37] <dan2> question: does the bloodmoon affect the bloodcakes?
[22:38] <ratbags> he's just a ghast
[22:38] <dan2> little sex creature?
[22:38] <Trebbers> Level six creature
[22:38] <@Ampersand_> "just some gas"
[22:38] <dan2> is that really what he said?
[22:38] <lhs> heh treb
[22:38] <@Ampersand_> "sowry"
[22:38] <Trebbers> Yes
[22:38] <dan2> are these guys gonna find gear that they're too low level to use?
[22:38] <ratbags> gas is harmless
[22:39] <bob511> Bill Bradley?
[22:39] <dan2> Malkin is a good name for a very evil woman
[22:40] <dan2> this movie rules
[22:41] <dan2> I feel like we need some backstory on how Bridges and Tusk became friends
[22:41] <ratbags> that's for the spin off
[22:41] <lhs> time to level up your blacksmithing
[22:41] <bob511> I assume Tusk gave him elocution lessons?
[22:42] <Trebbers> That's just fake tapestry
[22:42] <@Ampersand_> seems like a kinda arbitrary number
[22:43] <jpeen_theElder> knew this was an unlicensed zelda property
[22:43] <ratbags> wait
[22:43] <ratbags> so he's a hundred years old
[22:43] <jpeen_theElder> sounds right
[22:43] <dan2> whoa
[22:43] <ratbags> lol
[22:43] <ratbags> fucking witches
[22:43] <Trebbers> Used up their one 'fuck'
[22:43] <ratbags> this guy is a real salty jerk
[22:43] <lhs> reading the game guide
[22:43] <bob511> "Could we get that again, Jeff?" "I'll be in my trailer."
[22:44] <dan2> why isn't he using the lava halbred there?
[22:44] <dan2> I'd equip that shit ASAP
[22:45] <dan2> is that Bridges ending up doing with Kit Harrington?
[22:45] <ratbags> he does know he has the right to refuse unsafe work right?
[22:46] <@Ampersand_> no seventh child labor laws in place, sadly
[22:46] <ratbags> "im a pig farmer!"
[22:47] <bob511> Is that how that works?
[22:47] <dan2> so is the 8th son of the 8th son even better but they just never manage to find any?
[22:47] <Trebbers> Wombs just give out at 7
[22:47] <lhs> they did but they were just mosquitos
[22:48] <dan2> Ragu, got it
[22:48] <@Ampersand_> wow, a joke
[22:48] <ratbags> ogre scrotum?
[22:49] <dan2> never gonna win the stuffed animal
[22:49] <lhs> don't invest in knife-throwing, come on
[22:49] <Trebbers> These bad guys seem pretty happening
[22:50] <dan2> only the truly perfect knife throw can defeat this evil once and for all
[22:50] <bob511> "Tomi Lahren is more your speed."
[22:50] <Trebbers> Black Ming the Merciless
[22:52] <ratbags> i smell a romance
[22:53] <@Ampersand_> they do probably stink
[22:53] <lhs> his charisma isn't high enough to access those dialog branches
[22:53] <ratbags> he doesnt find her dressing so fast suspicious?
[22:53] <Trebbers> what the fuck
[22:53] <bob511> That's said, huh?
[22:54] <ratbags> i'm putting that on my okcupid profile
[22:54] <bob511> Was that a...Cher gag?
[22:55] <dan2> poor Tusk :(
[22:55] <ratbags> whoa dude, monsters?
[22:55] <ratbags> he's your bud
[22:55] <ratbags> CUT TO:
[22:56] <dan2> Tusk you rascal
[22:56] <ratbags> kind of loving the decisions made in this film
[22:56] <dan2> I bet if you distilled Jeff Bridges piss it would disintigrate any witch
[22:57] <ratbags> why do they call it the walled city?
[22:57] <ratbags> it's got a big wall around it, boy
[22:57] == jpeen_theYngr [18016a9d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #hpnmovieseries
[22:57] <ratbags> i feel like they're fucking with eras here
[22:57] <dan2> really really want to see footage of Bridges in the recording both doing ADR
[22:58] <Trebbers> Laying down on a couch
[22:58] <jpeen_theYngr> come again?
[22:58] <ratbags> maybe you should take on that guy as an apprentice
[22:58] <ratbags> the lone survivor of thousands that caught the demon bear
[22:59] <dan2> did he just throw a chicken foot
[22:59] <bob511> I guess he hit the head this time.
[23:00] <ratbags> youre gonna sit there and tell me youve never thrown a chicken foot
[23:00] <dan2> Bill Rebane!
[23:00] <@Ampersand_> lol
[23:01] <ratbags> lol
[23:01] <Trebbers> Oh shit
[23:01] <dan2> *tap A reoeatedly to tilt cauldron*
[23:01] <jpeen_theYngr> um hello. cauldrons!?
[23:02] <ratbags> oddly tho
[23:02] <ratbags> Burn the Bear Man is the name of my new metal album
[23:02] <dan2> *Tusk walks in to piss out the bear man*
[23:02] <jpeen_theYngr> would blind dl
[23:03] <ratbags> wheres heg oing
[23:03] <dan2> "you are USZWHZYZZ to me!"
[23:03] <ratbags> i like how the bad guys are all furries
[23:03] <lhs> hate it when your party members leave because you don't meet their stupid alignment requirements
[23:03] <dan2> Streaks?
[23:04] <ratbags> finally more romance
[23:05] <bob511> "Sometimes you just dragged your feet on the rug."
[23:05] <dan2> heh
[23:05] <jpeen_theYngr> groan
[23:06] <Trebbers> wasting no time
[23:06] <jpeen_theYngr> so she def banged the master right
[23:06] <lhs> maybe her mom did and she's his daughter
[23:06] <bob511> This movie has three Oscar winners, huh?
[23:06] <jpeen_theYngr> how you like pigs?
[23:07] <jpeen_theYngr> that's fine, you don't need to like em; just their excrement
[23:07] <ratbags> the pig farmer and his witch lover
[23:07] <ratbags> a story as old as time
[23:08] <jpeen_theYngr> would buy that so hard at the airport
[23:08] <ratbags> oh shit lhs was right
[23:08] <dan2> Gandalf the Wasted
[23:08] <ratbags> lol
[23:08] <jpeen_theYngr> behind the scenes: jeff brought that fern to set with him from home
[23:09] <jpeen_theYngr> haha dan
[23:09] <bob511> ::takes a swig of novacaine::
[23:09] <Trebbers> ah
[23:09] <lhs> it really ties the clearing together
[23:09] <dan2> aha
[23:09] <ratbags> lol
[23:09] <@Ampersand_> grubhub?
[23:09] <Trebbers> crever
[23:10] <lhs> master gregory de winter
[23:10] <ratbags> *tusk walks over and pisses on the grave*
[23:10] <dan2> hah
[23:10] <Trebbers> haha
[23:10] <Trebbers> Classic Tusk
[23:10] <jpeen_theYngr> I want the vr experience of whatever fuckin place wizard jeffie grew up in
[23:10] <dan2> I hope tusk ends up being the one who saves the kingdom
[23:11] <ratbags> whoa cool hoodie
[23:11] <ratbags> if only tusk couldve said
[23:11] <ratbags> NO YOU IDIOTS
[23:11] <ratbags> THERE'S A MOLE
[23:11] <bob511> Stupid random encounters.
[23:11] <@Ampersand_> medieval potholes are gnarly
[23:11] <ratbags> this rules
[23:12] <dan2> Isn't a bogart supposed to be like a foot tall
[23:12] <ratbags> NOT TUSK
[23:12] <Trebbers> You're thinking of a boglin
[23:12] <dan2> no way on earth is Tusk gonna die to something like that
[23:13] <bob511> They promptly drown weighted down with gold and silver.
[23:13] <ratbags> usually when jeff bridges has a bogart problem its cause the joint is being bogarted
[23:13] <ratbags> am i right
[23:13] <lhs> wwwwwipeout
[23:13] <dan2> ahahaha
[23:13] <ratbags> what is he shouting
[23:13] <dan2> MIZZAWOD!
[23:14] <@Ampersand_> turns out bogarts are excellent drowners
[23:14] <ratbags> that was cool
[23:14] <ratbags> another seventh son bites the dust
[23:15] <dan2> feel bad for the poor mill that Bogart is gonna run into
[23:15] <dan2> some guy is just trying to grind some grain and all of suddent theres a Bogart clogging up the water wheel
[23:16] <ratbags> insanely unfair that the witches can become dragons
[23:16] <bob511> Gregory sheepishly puts away his rolodex.
[23:16] <Trebbers> ahh
[23:16] <dan2> he's on one today
[23:16] <ratbags> uah dannae duie easmfkil y mowart
[23:17] <Trebbers> "Now give me a minute, Tom, while I finish taking a shit"
[23:17] <lhs> how many marshmellows does greg have in his mouth rn
[23:18] <jpeen_theYngr> it's all ecig-juiced cotton balls
[23:18] <bob511> Literally every woman in this movie is a witch.
[23:18] <jpeen_theYngr> accurate
[23:18] <Trebbers> Intersectionality medieval style
[23:19] <dan2> hold on guys wait for tusk to find you
[23:19] <dan2> cause there's no way he died to getting slapped once by a bogart
[23:19] <ratbags> tusk is gonna show up while greg is burning julianne and start pissing
[23:19] <ratbags> TUSK NOT NOW
[23:19] <bob511> Ha
[23:19] <@Ampersand_> ya boi
[23:20] <dan2> so they can become dragons and hair
[23:20] <dan2> I'm sorry, hair spirits
[23:20] <ratbags> theyre gonna need the ghostbusters
[23:21] <Trebbers> Slimer's gotta be a level 1 spook, right
[23:21] <ratbags> wait are they in europe
[23:21] <ratbags> or arizona
[23:21] <jpeen_theYngr> guess theyre dealin with the americans now
[23:21] <jpeen_theYngr> damn. I would not fuck with that thing
[23:22] <ratbags> is it just me or are some of these incarnations racist
[23:22] <jpeen_theYngr> that a fuckin space weasel or what
[23:22] <dan2> that must be why they call him the master of swords
[23:22] <jpeen_theYngr> I knew we shoudna ever moved to shitteshollow
[23:23] <ratbags> they made a mistake not calling that guy BONEBACK
[23:23] <lhs> she should've summoned pigs
[23:23] <jpeen_theYngr> 'superstition', ye said
[23:23] <ratbags> puh?
[23:23] <ratbags> guh?
[23:23] <@Ampersand_> which witch?
[23:23] <ratbags> a ...w-w-w-w-wITCH????
[23:23] <ratbags> *scooby runs off*
[23:24] <@Ampersand_> momfetti
[23:24] <jpeen_theYngr> well that'll kill a saturday
[23:24] <bob511> Oh, shit, it is novacaine.
[23:25] <jpeen_theYngr> bazinga
[23:25] <ratbags> TUSK
[23:25] <dan2> TOLD YOU guys
[23:25] <Trebbers> Hell yea
[23:26] <lhs> love her, you barely know her
[23:26] <bob511> "I was TRYING that."
[23:27] <@Ampersand_> born deh whish
[23:28] <dan2> what does Ragu turn into again? a lion?
[23:28] <ratbags> KNIFE THROW
[23:28] <dan2> CUM!
[23:28] <Trebbers> Noooooooooo
[23:28] <ratbags> jesus
[23:29] <ratbags> he treats tusk like shit
[23:29] <dan2> again, it's gonna take a lot more than that to topple the tusk
[23:29] <ratbags> *ducks out of the way so the log hits tusk*
[23:29] <ratbags> TUSSSSKKKK!!!
[23:30] <@Ampersand_> softest focus
[23:30] <bob511> What is surprising about her being here?
[23:30] <lhs> obiwan kemommy
[23:30] <bob511> People are teleporting all over this movie.
[23:30] <jpeen_theYngr> this is a total dune ripoff
[23:31] <ratbags> i bet david lynch would like this movie
[23:31] <dan2> "all the pig finding pays off here my son"
[23:31] <jpeen_theYngr> the benejesserit will be arriving soon, do NOT take the option to put your dick in the box
[23:31] <ratbags> TUSK
[23:31] <@Ampersand_> he tusked up
[23:31] <ratbags> im all in on tusk
[23:32] <Trebbers> Get off that Ledge Tusk
[23:32] <dan2> I'm a bit worried they're setting Tusk up for a big hero death at the finale
[23:32] <ratbags> "fleetwood mac is gonna name an album after you, tusk"
[23:33] <dan2> "Look at me, look at me...I'm the Spook now"
[23:34] <ratbags> "this stone increases the chances of contraception"
[23:34] <jpeen_theYngr> he-ape is definitely dyin dont worry
[23:34] <ratbags> "now let me tell you somethin about the spook"
[23:34] <@Ampersand_> womb raider
[23:34] <Trebbers> ahahahh
[23:34] <lhs> get over here
[23:35] <bob511> Oh no, the magic stone is going to get crushed under all the styrofoam.
[23:35] <ratbags> thats just like...
[23:35] <ratbags> your opinion man
[23:35] <dan2> he did it!
[23:36] <@Ampersand_> damn tusk don't hurt em
[23:36] <ratbags> lol
[23:36] <ratbags> im dead
[23:36] <dan2> full on Flubber
[23:37] <dan2> oh god
[23:37] <jpeen_theYngr> brutal
[23:37] <dan2> Flamin Hot Cheetos
[23:38] <ratbags> DOTTASTAKEADRUGUN
[23:39] <Trebbers> aha
[23:39] <@Ampersand_> should have chewed your food first
[23:39] <dan2> final scene of the movie is gonna be Bridges taking a gigantic wad of dip out of his mouth and then speaking normally
[23:40] <Trebbers> "Rehersal was good, let's shoot this thing!"
[23:40] <ratbags> "why didn't you tell me that i still had that in there, MOWARTS?"
[23:40] <jpeen_theYngr> hey uh, maybe dont hold her back seein as shes a witch
[23:40] <jpeen_theYngr> next time
[23:40] <@Ampersand_> please, think of the dragons.
[23:41] <ratbags> i kind of want those gloves
[23:41] <lhs> you son of a witch
[23:41] <@Ampersand_> 10 minutes of credits?
[23:41] <dan2> so it really did get resolved by a knife throw, joke's on me
[23:42] <ratbags> an epilogue of tusk fulfilling his pissing wishlist
[23:42] <bob511> Aha
[23:42] <bob511> The magic staff turns out to be a giant zippo.
[23:42] <Trebbers> Like take the body outside?
[23:42] <dan2> the entire point of being a seventh son was just so he could wield the really broken weapon?
[23:42] <jpeen_theYngr> do u really have to destroy the beautiful furniture
[23:42] <jpeen_theYngr> was that couch just too evil
[23:45] <ratbags> haunting
[23:45] <@Ampersand_> time to die
[23:45] <dan2> I'll show you where the litter box is
[23:46] <Trebbers> "You're going to have to express his anal glands occasionally"
[23:46] <ratbags> "this whole movie meant nothing, tom"
[23:46] <lhs> he doesn't play chubby bunny by the rules
[23:46] <@Ampersand_> lol
[23:46] <dan2> wha
[23:46] <Trebbers> ahahha
[23:46] <ratbags> wow
[23:46] <dan2> you were wrong amp, only 9 and a half minutes of credits
[23:46] <@Ampersand_> what the hell is a screen story
[23:46] <jpeen_theYngr> damn guess he really is cuttin the semester to 3wks this fall
[23:46] <ratbags> of course theres a book
[23:47] <dan2> closeups of Tusk's piss particles
[23:47] <@Ampersand_> lol
[23:47] <Trebbers> They really didn't need to go to all this trouble on the credits
[23:47] <jpeen_theYngr> want that jeff bridges screensaver
[23:48] <@Ampersand_> truly a legendary picture
[23:48] <jpeen_theElder> the fabled uic library before the fire of 1507
[23:48] <@Ampersand_> THE GOOD SON on Sunday. night all!
[23:48] <ratbags> im gonna remember that one for awhile
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