HPN SCARED STUPID: Van Helsing (Hugh Dracman), Thur @ 22 EDT

Health insurance rip off lying FDA big bankers buying
Fake computer crashes dining
Cloning while they're multiplying
Fashion shoots with Beck and Hanson
Courtney Love, and Marilyn Manson
You're all fakes
Run to your mansions
Come around
We'll kick your ass in

Postby Ampersand » Thu Jun 07, 2018 11:48 pm

laserblast wrote:ahaha way to leave in the shit talk there at the end

we ain't the shit flixe for nothin
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Postby Ampersand » Fri Jun 08, 2018 2:38 pm

This Sunday (blame laserblast):
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Postby Ampersand » Sun Jun 10, 2018 12:00 pm

Tonight we descend into SUPER HELL
Check the board db or PM me to join!
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Postby Ampersand » Sun Jun 10, 2018 3:11 pm

Ampersand wrote:Bump!
Tonight we descend into SUPER HELL
Check the board db or PM me to join!
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Postby Ampersand » Sun Jun 10, 2018 8:24 pm

1.5 hours until showtime!
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Postby laserblast » Sun Jun 10, 2018 9:17 pm

aaaaand no shit a pipe just burst on our water heater

pray for the martins
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Postby Ampersand » Sun Jun 10, 2018 9:47 pm

lol likely story

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Postby kayke » Sun Jun 10, 2018 9:57 pm

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Postby Ampersand » Sun Jun 10, 2018 10:00 pm

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Postby Ampersand » Sun Jun 10, 2018 11:29 pm

Code: Select all
[22:10] <@Ampersand_> 3
[22:11] <@Ampersand_> 2
[22:11] <@Ampersand_> 1
[22:11] <impzdentist> Canibal Friends ah
[22:11] == besoin_ [183c4dda@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #hpnmovieseries
[22:11] <impzdentist> fuck i forgot to pour some johnnie for this
[22:11] <bob511> Michonne looking rough.
[22:11] <@Ampersand_> Randy Newman voice: you've got a meaaaal in me
[22:11] <besoin_> did we start yet?
[22:11] <@Ampersand_> just did
[22:11] <@Ampersand_> 45 now
[22:11] <lhs> reject all double Ns
[22:12] <@Ampersand_> 1:00
[22:12] <Trebbers> Taking five on the set of the Dragula video
[22:12] <besoin_> give me 1 min?
[22:12] <Trebbers> Skadavis
[22:12] <dan2> Ska Davis
[22:12] <@Ampersand_> 1:10
[22:12] <kayke> I'm coming into this cold, are we watching a student film?
[22:12] <impzdentist> oh man what is this going to be
[22:12] <besoin_> give me 1:30?
[22:12] <impzdentist> holy shit
[22:12] <kayke> Amp is this a home movie?
[22:12] <@Ampersand_> missed it again
[22:12] <besoin_> agh
[22:12] <besoin_> 2:00 please
[22:12] <dan2> 2:00 in 15
[22:12] <@Ampersand_> 1:50
[22:12] <impzdentist> brian wilson huh
[22:13] <Trebbers> Some places you have to make a movie to get your GED
[22:13] <@Ampersand_> 2:00
[22:13] <dan2> 2:00
[22:13] <impzdentist> oh man his sleeves dont even go all the way down
[22:13] <Trebbers> Owwwwooooooooo
[22:13] <@Ampersand_> kayke, no one involved in this film learned anything
[22:13] <kayke> super-hell spider-man
[22:13] == besoin [ac3ac90c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 260 seconds]
[22:13] <dan2> my baby blueeeeee
[22:13] <kayke> who let their baby be in this?
[22:13] <kayke> get that baby outta here
[22:13] <Trebbers> woah
[22:14] <kayke> cool shirt
[22:14] <Trebbers> ahahha
[22:14] <@Ampersand_> "you pout like an instagram starlet, booooyyyy"
[22:14] <bob511> ::Indiana Jones theme::
[22:14] <impzdentist> how did zdar get mixed up in this
[22:14] <@Ampersand_> you'll see
[22:14] <dan2> that's to warn all the other Mars Attacks aliens to stay away
[22:14] <Trebbers> They showed him zmoney
[22:14] <kayke> pocket knife
[22:14] <@Ampersand_> the answer is drugs and/or alcohol
[22:14] <besoin_> time?
[22:15] <@Ampersand_> 4:00
[22:15] <dan2> 400
[22:15] <impzdentist> i have to give them credit, a lot of these movies don't even make it to the one hour mark
[22:15] <Trebbers> Hand in the overalls
[22:15] <Trebbers> Trailer Park Boys cosplay
[22:15] <kayke> hmmm
[22:15] <dan2> guest directoion by Frank D'Angelo
[22:16] <kayke> is this SUPposed to be someone's basement?
[22:16] <besoin_> July 11th, 2006 at the hipinion lair
[22:16] <bob511> The bar at The Continental is a little low-rent compared to the rest of the hotel.
[22:16] <Trebbers> ah
[22:16] <impzdentist> well
[22:16] <@Ampersand_> oh we might be able to get a Shit Flixe exclusive rip on Frank D'Angelo's latest film, The Joke Thief
[22:16] <impzdentist> and that's a character wrap
[22:16] <Trebbers> oh no
[22:17] <@Ampersand_> hey, don't fooze the balls
[22:17] <kayke> *chopsticks*
[22:17] <dan2> oh my god
[22:17] <impzdentist> whoa
[22:17] <besoin_> yeah, really get that brake screech
[22:17] <besoin_> thanks
[22:18] <bob511> Robert Z'Dar will be performing in the Lounge Car at 1pm, 3, and 7.
[22:18] <dan2> and don't bother micing the dialogue, that won't be necessary
[22:18] <kayke> I wish I was Mr Train-man so I could go goodbye...
[22:18] <lhs> how much of the budget went to bribing that porter
[22:18] <@Ampersand_> "how about you, Bogus, you like trains?"
[22:18] <impzdentist> hahah
[22:19] <kayke> little kids?
[22:19] <impzdentist> little kids gettin head
[22:19] <besoin_> totally different cemeteries
[22:19] <lhs> love to hoop n holler while gettin head
[22:19] <impzdentist> why is this guy visiting the grave of people who died in the 20s
[22:19] <kayke> whahaahhaha
[22:19] <kayke> that butterfly was too much for me
[22:20] <bob511> "It's all Party City had, Johnny!"
[22:20] <besoin_> meanwhile at the beige lodge
[22:20] <impzdentist> lot going on here
[22:20] <lhs> ow
[22:20] <dan2> he's mad after not getting the Yo Gabba Gabba gig
[22:20] <impzdentist> AH THE DRUM
[22:20] <besoin_> is anyone just laughing pretending this is grammatron's old band
[22:20] <impzdentist> and the acoustic guitar
[22:20] <kayke> I mean... this is basically Mulholland Drive, right?
[22:21] <besoin_> i draw the line at geese
[22:21] <bob511> Ned Beatty and Silent Bob
[22:21] <@Ampersand_> ah! he's real
[22:22] <kayke> "they're not games, they're tricks!"
[22:23] <kayke> is this an elk's lodge? I can't figure out this venue
[22:23] <bob511> So Z'Dar isn't so much a cast member, as they filmed in the Eagles club he frequents?
[22:23] <besoin_> this audio
[22:23] <kayke> I've given up on hearing any words
[22:23] <lhs> retirement home cafeteria?
[22:23] <besoin_> is his name granny bob?
[22:23] <bob511> Yes
[22:23] <@Ampersand_> incredible that he lived for a decade after this performance
[22:24] <kayke> always love a fish tank with no fish in it
[22:24] <dan2> serious late period Brando vibes
[22:24] <bob511> Did Super Hell 3 kill him?
[22:24] <Trebbers> Imagine a little 10inch tall Z'dar
[22:25] <@Ampersand_> if you go down in the woods today, you're in for a big surprise... because today is the day the juggalos get to LARPing
[22:25] <lhs> holylols boots
[22:25] <bob511> Somehow still more intelligible than The Seventh Son.
[22:25] <kayke> "stole all my salt"???
[22:25] <kayke> blupo?
[22:25] <dan2> speaking of, have you watched Stiff Oddz yet amp?
[22:25] <besoin_> not too cool that they're filming this in a real cemetery
[22:26] <@Ampersand_> i would never watch that without ya'll
[22:26] <impzdentist> you know kids these days, no respect for the dead
[22:26] <impzdentist> what with their hoopin and hollerin and havin sex and gettin blow jobs
[22:26] <besoin_> i guess i'm that guy with the father who has been dead since 1925
[22:27] <besoin_> i wonder who was manning the gamestop while this was being made
[22:27] <kayke> okay so the rules are his make up gives him power? and can melt?
[22:27] <impzdentist> ah
[22:27] <impzdentist> AH
[22:27] <dan2> Cardboard Casket
[22:27] <Trebbers> Somebody stop me!
[22:27] <impzdentist> does that happen frequently
[22:27] <impzdentist> just brains poppin out in bars
[22:28] <lhs> brains, brains, they're good for your heart
[22:28] <impzdentist> i love this guy
[22:28] <dan2> don't you mean, ready for SMOOOOOKIN'
[22:28] <kayke> I don't think a zombie would have the motor skills to use a lighter
[22:29] <bob511> When you can't tell the movie footage from the BTS material.
[22:29] <impzdentist> cock weenie?
[22:29] <@Ampersand_> cock weenie?
[22:29] <dan2> Listen here, sizzle chest
[22:29] <Trebbers> aha
[22:30] <impzdentist> earX-tacy
[22:30] <impzdentist> oh no
[22:30] <Trebbers> whaaa
[22:30] <bob511> Swiped Satan's boa.
[22:30] <Trebbers> PAPA JOHNS
[22:31] <impzdentist> good lord
[22:31] <Trebbers> where is this shot
[22:31] <@Ampersand_> this movie is fueled by garlic dipping sauce
[22:31] <Trebbers> Getting West Virginia vibes
[22:31] <kayke> good old blupo
[22:32] <@Ampersand_> maybe... maybe this is hell?
[22:32] <lhs> quick, where's 412
[22:32] <bob511> How has this property not been snapped up.
[22:32] <besoin_> 412 area code is PA
[22:32] <impzdentist> oh shit i think i know where this is
[22:32] <besoin_> maybe we'll get a bug cameo
[22:32] <kayke> oh yeah can't wait for them to introduce another character and setting
[22:32] <impzdentist> yeah this is outide pittsburgh
[22:32] <Trebbers> McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania
[22:32] <impzdentist> i was gonna say mckees rocks yeah
[22:32] <impzdentist> that's where my grandparents lived and i remember that drive in
[22:32] <besoin_> nice
[22:33] <lhs> is that facial hair real
[22:33] <besoin_> jesse the deteriorated body ventura
[22:33] <impzdentist> GO SILLY MAN
[22:33] <kayke> that's what I say to homophobes too
[22:33] <dan2> Shaggy ain't standing for this shit
[22:34] <Trebbers> Is this dude like 5 feet tall
[22:34] <kayke> cherub cheeks
[22:34] <Trebbers> Z'andy Newman
[22:34] <lhs> go silly on that piano, man
[22:34] <@Ampersand_> hehe
[22:35] <kayke> "yeah!"
[22:35] <impzdentist> who said "yeah"
[22:35] <@Ampersand_> that was me, sorry
[22:35] <besoin_> what z'dar had was literally called cherubism
[22:35] <Trebbers> 'yeah'
[22:35] <impzdentist> "what" (my name is) "yeah" (my name is)
[22:35] <lhs> it can only be the fire extinguisher
[22:35] <Trebbers> "No more dead cops!"
[22:35] <@Ampersand_> lol
[22:36] <impzdentist> am i having a stroke
[22:36] <Trebbers> Waiting for Raylan Givens to come in a bust up the meth ring that gotta be there
[22:37] <bob511> Z'Dar died while appearing at a convention in the Florida panhandle.
[22:37] <bob511> Can you imagine?
[22:37] <impzdentist> lol
[22:37] <Trebbers> holy shit
[22:37] <besoin_> hmm
[22:37] <impzdentist> oh
[22:38] <besoin_> that's not even the same zombie
[22:38] <impzdentist> you gotta stop peeling at your costume dude
[22:38] <@Ampersand_> dad won't let them take the car out of the driveway
[22:39] <Trebbers> Nah, can't drive on public roads w/a DUI
[22:39] <bob511> Papa Johns
[22:39] <Trebbers> ahahahaha
[22:39] <@Ampersand_> a whole jar of peanut butter. for what?
[22:39] <lhs> one boy no cup
[22:39] <kayke> a lot of soul patches in this film
[22:40] <impzdentist> was the movie all a dream
[22:40] <besoin_> After high school, Z'Dar attended Arizona State University[2] where he received a BFA and played on the university football team.[1] After graduation, Z'Dar returned to Chicago where he was employed variously as a Chicago police officer, member of the band Nova Express, commercial jingle writer and Chippendales dancer.
[22:40] <Trebbers> This is like a 2000-1 level of soul patches
[22:40] <besoin_> a real renaissance man
[22:41] <dan2> imagine a cop pulling you over, knocking on your window, you roll it down and it's Z'dar staring down at you
[22:41] <impzdentist> whoa
[22:41] <Trebbers> He's all 'my eyes are up here' as you stare at the chin
[22:41] <besoin_> what the hell
[22:42] <impzdentist> this guy is actually a hipster from 2018
[22:42] <Trebbers> Don't you fucking point at me, movie
[22:42] <impzdentist> holy shit
[22:42] <@Ampersand_> damn
[22:42] <impzdentist> *unholy
[22:43] <besoin_> a little zing at the competition
[22:43] <dan2> if Super Hell is to hell what SuperCuts is to a barbershop, consider me terrified
[22:43] <@Ampersand_> lahaha
[22:44] <bob511> "You said this was only a three-hour tour."
[22:44] <kayke> lol
[22:44] <besoin_> satan's agents on earth take amtrak
[22:44] <kayke> the thin blue line
[22:44] <impzdentist> what
[22:44] <impzdentist> how
[22:45] <besoin_> please do it
[22:45] <kayke> if a demon falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it
[22:45] <@Ampersand_> ignitin' my lightsaber
[22:45] <bob511> Mined the sound effects from their copy of Jedi Knight
[22:45] <kayke> american horror story: PA
[22:46] <@Ampersand_> hehe
[22:46] <besoin_> what does hipinion mean to me
[22:46] <impzdentist> "just regular covered in blood"
[22:46] <@Ampersand_> haha besoin
[22:46] <impzdentist> haha
[22:47] <impzdentist> this guy actually isn't an actor in the movie, they just ran into him
[22:47] <besoin_> this movie has a lot in common with twin peaks s3
[22:47] <bob511> Like, with their car, ID?
[22:47] <besoin_> the chevy monte carlo was one of the strangest cars ever made
[22:48] <besoin_> strictly driven by maniacs
[22:48] <kayke> A+ for honesty
[22:48] <kayke> fuzzy dice and an air freshener -- bold.
[22:49] <kayke> where's yoyo?
[22:49] <bob511> USS Jiffy Pop
[22:49] <dan2> If I know yoyo, he'll be coming back at some point
[22:49] <kayke> lol
[22:49] <@Ampersand_> aahah
[22:50] <bob511> But relax
[22:50] <impzdentist> what were dimensions 4-7
[22:50] <@Ampersand_> those bangs
[22:50] <dan2> destroy the army    *turns page*  ...of the dead!
[22:50] <besoin_> is this herman cain's campaign manager
[22:50] <dan2> haha
[22:51] <@Ampersand_> "my sweet boy"
[22:51] <kayke> i've heard of big boned... but he was small boned
[22:51] <besoin_> heh
[22:51] <besoin_> do bones float
[22:51] <@Ampersand_> bone voyage
[22:51] <bob511> Aha
[22:52] <lhs> haha
[22:52] <kayke> lmao
[22:52] <dan2> this is how I want to go out
[22:52] <lhs> iiiii'm sailing awaaaayyy
[22:52] <dan2> haha
[22:52] <kayke> don't go chasing waterfalls
[22:52] <impzdentist> LOST MY TUBE - ADMIN
[22:52] <besoin_> almost forgot about rooster
[22:52] <Trebbers> NOOOOOOOO
[22:52] <@Ampersand_> Z'Dar's musical talent is totally new info to me and i love it
[22:53] <Trebbers> gif
[22:53] <kayke> LEAVE THAT GOOSE ALOE
[22:53] <impzdentist> what's with the swans
[22:53] <besoin_> jesus
[22:53] <kayke> *ALONE
[22:53] <@Ampersand_> omg
[22:53] <Trebbers> Kill them all
[22:53] <kayke> that goose is not being paid
[22:53] <besoin_> the state of vaping in 2005
[22:54] <kayke> jody joe silly joe boy
[22:54] <Trebbers> haha the sound effect preset on their casio
[22:54] <besoin_> what on earth
[22:54] <bob511> Just some SNL riffing.
[22:55] <kayke> this feels like a really bad escape room
[22:55] <@Ampersand_> or highly erotic escape tomb
[22:55] <impzdentist> this scene actually is a little lynchian
[22:55] <kayke> a+ monkey noises I guess
[22:55] <lhs> weird that they got jamie stewart for that scene
[22:55] <kayke> oh wow a boop
[22:56] <kayke> two boops
[22:56] <impzdentist> this guy wasn't allowed to actually be in the same room as her
[22:56] <besoin_> oh lord
[22:56] <kayke> :(
[22:56] <impzdentist> oh whoa
[22:56] <Trebbers> man
[22:57] <besoin_> clearly he does
[22:57] <@Ampersand_> different strokes
[22:57] <Trebbers> Better than Cries and Whispers
[22:57] <lhs> had to out-edge suicide girls back then i guess
[22:57] <kayke> I don't like this version of rocky horror picture show
[22:58] <besoin_> let's do...meth...agaaainnnn
[22:58] <@Ampersand_> oh my goodness
[22:58] <Trebbers> "Do you like puppy dogs?"
[22:58] <impzdentist> oh wow
[22:58] <kayke> of this version of gremlins
[22:58] <@Ampersand_> my boyfriend
[22:58] <kayke> *or
[22:58] <kayke> cook me a salad
[22:58] <besoin_> that curvy cd tower
[22:58] <@Ampersand_> lol i have a dvd tower like that
[22:58] <Trebbers> Halogen floor lamp too
[22:59] <besoin_> if rodin only knew
[22:59] <Trebbers> Mrs. Hellfire
[22:59] <@Ampersand_> omg at Planet of the Apes remake poster
[22:59] <@Ampersand_> big Tim Burtonhead lives here
[23:00] <Trebbers> ahhahahah
[23:00] <impzdentist> the hannibal poster
[23:00] <bob511> Awww
[23:00] <impzdentist> ahahahahaha
[23:00] <kayke> lMAMAAOALMAO
[23:00] <Trebbers> nonono
[23:01] <@Ampersand_> loool
[23:01] <lhs> it's fine
[23:01] <kayke> "mmMMMmm"
[23:01] <impzdentist> there is a lot going on here
[23:01] <Trebbers> the fuck
[23:01] <kayke> :(
[23:02] <impzdentist> title drop
[23:02] <Trebbers> AVOID THE NOID
[23:02] <@Ampersand_> hopefully anvil drop soon
[23:02] <impzdentist> haha
[23:02] <kayke> lol treb
[23:02] <impzdentist> "Love Theme from SUPER HELL"
[23:03] <kayke> super hell looks a lot like rural PA
[23:03] <impzdentist> accurate tbh
[23:04] <kayke> gotta wear comfy shoes to super hell, there's a lot of walking
[23:04] <impzdentist> well it's all those inclines that really kill you
[23:05] <@Ampersand_> hot as super hell out here
[23:06] <impzdentist> audience surrogate
[23:06] <@Ampersand_> rock with anger
[23:06] <kayke> angry rocking chair is a big mood
[23:07] <lhs> wonder what's going on in the black elk lodge rn
[23:07] <besoin_> wait a minute...who suggested this movie?
[23:07] <kayke> clockwork tangerine
[23:07] <lhs> someone who hates us
[23:08] <besoin_> clockwork.midi
[23:08] <besoin_> wasn't it laserblast?
[23:08] <@Ampersand_> yes
[23:08] <impzdentist> oh hiiiii blupo
[23:08] <besoin_> can't help but notice laserblast isn't even here!
[23:09] <@Ampersand_> he said his water heater burst
[23:09] <@Ampersand_> i don't buy it
[23:09] <impzdentist> imagine being asked to be in this
[23:09] <bob511> They shrank the Skipper
[23:09] <kayke> imagine agreeing to be in this
[23:09] <@Ampersand_> what this film presupposes is... maybe art is bad?
[23:09] <besoin_> 19 minutes to go
[23:10] <kayke> super hell seems nicer than regular earth
[23:10] <kayke> it's got a kind of historic vibe
[23:10] <kayke> no one is fucking a monkey
[23:10] <kayke> they have nintendo
[23:10] <impzdentist> nintendo cereal?
[23:10] <Trebbers> It was good
[23:11] <kayke> I think I went on a field trip to super-hell when I was in 4th grade
[23:11] <@Ampersand_> this is somebody's specific kink
[23:12] <kayke> I want to see signed consent forms from everyone in this movie
[23:12] <bob511> I just spent a week camping in Florida swampland.  I think that mattress looks damper.
[23:12] <Trebbers> Feel like these people would be so much worse w/out cameras
[23:12] <kayke> I want to talk to everyone in this movie's moms
[23:13] <kayke> b roll of a dog they saw
[23:14] <@Ampersand_> damn, how'd they get mom's basement to fly?
[23:14] <impzdentist> what % of this cast is dead by now
[23:14] <bob511> Lots of cardboard, it seems.
[23:14] <impzdentist> gotta be at least 20%
[23:14] <lhs> excuse me, this is a no-smoking space craft
[23:14] <kayke> this is the worst episode of mighty boosh I've ever seen
[23:14] <bob511> What percentage of this cast has been fired from Spirit Halloween by now?
[23:15] <kayke> lol
[23:15] <@Ampersand_> lol
[23:15] <besoin_> 13 minutes to go
[23:15] <besoin_> wasn't that a long 6 minutes
[23:15] <kayke> did this movie change formats or was it always square?
[23:16] <@Ampersand_> if Z'Dar plays us out, it'll all have been worth it
[23:16] <impzdentist> there better be some yuengling in this scene
[23:17] <kayke> I could go for a yinger
[23:17] <kayke> and a cheese steak
[23:17] <kayke> and for this movie to be over
[23:18] <kayke> was that a fake soul patch?
[23:18] <Trebbers> AHAHH
[23:18] <impzdentist> whoa
[23:18] <@Ampersand_> nothing about that man is real
[23:18] <besoin_> is this still the space craft
[23:18] <Trebbers> I think they landed
[23:18] <impzdentist> no they landed it
[23:18] <kayke> stairway to heaven
[23:18] <kayke> stairway to super-hell
[23:19] <impzdentist> oh no it's the police
[23:19] <Trebbers> Meanwhile
[23:19] <impzdentist> what
[23:19] <besoin_> speaking of b roll
[23:19] <kayke> Is this Salem?
[23:20] <kayke> Amp, does this look like the mall in Salem?
[23:20] <besoin_> salem's second best bill maher impersonator
[23:20] <@Ampersand_> not sure
[23:20] <@Ampersand_> kayke and I saw Suicide Squad at the Salem mall
[23:20] <bob511> Entertaining Tilted Kilt staff on their smoke breaks.
[23:20] <kayke> that is true.
[23:21] <@Ampersand_> which would be a very appropriate connection
[23:21] <Trebbers> A magician hired these guys to do his promo video and this is what they gave him
[23:21] <besoin_> ASMR
[23:21] <@Ampersand_> yeah i'm going to fall to sleep to this later
[23:22] <impzdentist> whoa
[23:22] <impzdentist> it's winter now
[23:22] <kayke> 6 months later
[23:22] <besoin_> the skeleton and the guy jumping on the geese were the best parts
[23:22] <@Ampersand_> agreed
[23:22] <@Ampersand_> DUCKS... ON A LAKE!
[23:22] <kayke> smoke on the water, skeleton in the river
[23:23] <besoin_> mom's kielbasa
[23:23] <@Ampersand_> lol
[23:23] <bob511> They replaced that kielbasa into the fridge without mom noticing.
[23:23] <@Ampersand_> chipmunk snuff
[23:23] <kayke> this guy has a thing about eyes
[23:24] <impzdentist> really want to hear a neighbor in the background going "SHUT UP"
[23:24] <Trebbers> "It's a school night!"
[23:24] <besoin_> a long way from the ASU football team
[23:24] <kayke> a granny's love
[23:25] <@Ampersand_> my lord
[23:25] <bob511> "And remember, I did two more of these."
[23:25] <@Ampersand_> i hope you've enjoyed tonight's anthropological study
[23:25] <bob511> Neither of those things are true, Johnny.
[23:25] <impzdentist> wow
[23:25] <kayke> this grandma doesnt know she's in this movie
[23:25] <Trebbers> "So you've decided to learn the organ"
[23:26] <dan2> and the concept was?
[23:26] <kayke> ska davis
[23:26] <impzdentist> the organ lady laughing is shades of that three second youtube of the old guy walking in front of the camera and laughing
[23:26] <bob511> William (Bobby)?
[23:26] <kayke> mike (tony)
[23:26] <@Ampersand_> Taco Supreme
[23:26] <impzdentist> oh my god he had a baby and named it ethan allan poe walker
[23:27] <impzdentist> harrassee haha
[23:27] <bob511> Since when is Bob a nickname for William?  Sheesh.
[23:27] <kayke> oh no
[23:27] <impzdentist> how were there this many people in this what
[23:27] <Trebbers> Monkey Rape Victim
[23:27] <besoin_> monkey boy and monkey rape victim have the same last name
[23:27] <kayke> the monkey and rape victim were related
[23:27] <besoin_> married couple i hope
[23:27] <@Ampersand_> unlikely
[23:27] <bob511> Audio Mix: (blank)
[23:27] <besoin_> you suck, cv audio services
[23:28] <dan2> lol bob
[23:28] <bob511> Whoa.
[23:28] <bob511> A true interstate production.
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Postby laserblast » Sun Jun 10, 2018 11:42 pm

we found a 20-lb bag of brown rice that had been sitting in the same room as the water heater for four years, behind bags of old paint and spackle, since before we moved in
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Postby Ampersand » Mon Jun 11, 2018 3:09 pm

This Thursday,
trailer here
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Postby important dentist » Tue Jun 12, 2018 12:24 am


any chance anyone could up parts 1 & 2? my girlfriend will be joining and needs to catch up
"My foremost duty is to the board," Important Dentist countered. "I
cannot afford to spend that much time researching human sexuality."
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Postby Ampersand » Tue Jun 12, 2018 10:46 pm

important dentist wrote:siiiiiick

any chance anyone could up parts 1 & 2? my girlfriend will be joining and needs to catch up

I'll try to throw them up in the hpn db tomorrow
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Postby Ampersand » Wed Jun 13, 2018 9:04 am

The STALKED BY MY DOCTOR TRILOGY is currently in the 'box. Catch up before we watch Part III tomorrow night!
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Postby lefthandshake » Wed Jun 13, 2018 10:50 pm

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Postby important dentist » Thu Jun 14, 2018 12:59 am

just finished the surprisingly short marathon. ready for tomorrow!
"My foremost duty is to the board," Important Dentist countered. "I
cannot afford to spend that much time researching human sexuality."
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Postby kayke » Thu Jun 14, 2018 11:28 am

still trying to get people to call these the "stalktor" movies
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Postby Ampersand » Thu Jun 14, 2018 12:28 pm

Stalked By My Doctor: Patient's Revenge is TONIGHT!
Check the hpn db to join us!
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Postby Ampersand » Thu Jun 14, 2018 4:20 pm

Ampersand wrote:PAGING DR. BECK:
Stalked By My Doctor: Patient's Revenge is TONIGHT!
Check the hpn db to join us!
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Postby Ampersand » Thu Jun 14, 2018 8:12 pm

Two hours until the doctor comes calling... again!
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Postby dan » Thu Jun 14, 2018 8:47 pm

rubbing my hands in anticipation
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Postby Ampersand » Thu Jun 14, 2018 9:49 pm

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Postby Ampersand » Thu Jun 14, 2018 10:02 pm

Ampersand wrote:TONIGHT'S FEATURE PRESENTATION: Stalked By My Doctor 3
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Postby Ampersand » Thu Jun 14, 2018 11:40 pm

Code: Select all
[22:14] <@Ampersand_> 3
[22:14] <@Ampersand_> 2
[22:14] <@Ampersand_> 1
[22:14] <besoin> ah, already over
[22:14] <dan2_> this is so you can watch them in unbroken marathon form
[22:14] <bob511> Do you think we'll ever get an Avengers equivalent for the Stalked By Cinematic Universe?
[22:14] <Doctor_trebek> Last season on Stalked by My Doctor
[22:14] <@Ampersand_> that's his Facebook Memories video
[22:14] <bob511> Like, My Doctor, My Mother, and My Neighbor team up to stalk Galactus or something.
[22:15] <kayke_> lol
[22:15] <dan2_> new lifetime logo is bland as hell
[22:15] <besoin> that cappuccino machine is so conspicuous
[22:15] <@Ampersand_> damn they got the whole fam together again
[22:15] <kayke_> why was she sleeping with all that eyeshadow on
[22:15] <kayke_> ages the face!
[22:15] <besoin> or the wig
[22:15] <dan2_> original song you say...
[22:15] <bob511> Original song "Stalk in Love"
[22:15] <Doctor_trebek> Original Song
[22:15] <@Ampersand_> "he's the best damn surgeon on the West Coast, dear"
[22:16] <kayke_> she went to sleep looking like she's about to be on a local news show 
[22:16] <besoin> all the villains relax in phoenix
[22:16] <lhs> crashing her own funeral turned her goth, eh
[22:16] <stlkedbymydentis> he's still in jail actually huh
[22:16] <Doctor_trebek> Got off on a technicality?
[22:16] <@Ampersand_> the margarita defense
[22:17] <dan2_> yeah this is all a fantasy like his therapist from the last one
[22:17] <kayke_> 3 months and she's already at the "no secrets" phase
[22:17] <Doctor_trebek> What in the world
[22:17] <stlkedbymydentis> oh that's where that was going
[22:17] <lhs> okay this is definitely in his head
[22:17] <dan2_> *Roberts is immediately woken up by a guard knocking his baton against the bars*
[22:17] <kayke_> the headboard is disgusting looking
[22:17] <Doctor_trebek> This is already more pervy than the other ones
[22:18] <Doctor_trebek> ahaahhah
[22:18] <stlkedbymydentis> i don't think you're allowed to convince an individual juror of anything
[22:18] <Doctor_trebek> "It was complicated"
[22:18] <@Ampersand_> so silly!
[22:18] <kayke_> so so silly
[22:19] <Doctor_trebek> ahahh
[22:19] <kayke_> smart bisexual
[22:19] <kayke_> get out honey
[22:19] <dan2_> if he's going to lie, why tell her the detail about tricking the one juror?
[22:19] <besoin> stalked by my adjunct
[22:19] <Doctor_trebek> woah
[22:19] <kayke_> how did he do that
[22:19] <@Ampersand_> omg
[22:19] <dan2_> oh man
[22:19] <sideshowraheem> holy shit
[22:19] <besoin> his alter ego is literally on fantasy island
[22:19] <dan2_> Roberts is on Island Time
[22:19] <kayke_> oh fun time vacation stalktor
[22:20] <lhs> the haunted tj maxx chair
[22:20] <@Ampersand_> i have that robe
[22:20] <Doctor_trebek> What the fuck is that house
[22:20] <besoin> that ain't phoenix
[22:20] <Doctor_trebek> he has no job
[22:20] <dan2_> "sigh...third one this week"
[22:20] <bob511> Sudden Valley, Phoeniz, AZ
[22:20] <@Ampersand_> he actually killed someone in Part 2
[22:20] <besoin> shouldn't have matriculated to the university of phoenix
[22:20] <@Ampersand_> and then dissolved him in a bathtub
[22:20] <lhs> RIP uncle roger
[22:20] <@Ampersand_> guess he got away with it
[22:21] <dan2_> he's rockin up in heaven now
[22:21] <kayke_> I want the comic con exclusive aloha shirt doctor variant action figure
[22:21] <Doctor_trebek> Oh damn, Beck paid for it.
[22:21] <dan2_> lol kayke
[22:21] <@Ampersand_> i bet Dr. Beck even played bass at Uncle Roger's funeral
[22:21] <bob511> "God, mom, dad, stop stalking me already."
[22:21] <besoin> good music
[22:22] <dan2_> I'm assuming all these credentials are forged
[22:22] <kayke_> they're playing fast and loose with the whole "goth" thing
[22:22] <@Ampersand_> Dr. Feck
[22:22] <besoin> in 6 years, 90% of cardiologists will be female
[22:22] <@Ampersand_> 101b-cup? strange
[22:22] <kayke_> he was just looking at her heart
[22:22] <@Ampersand_> lol kayke
[22:22] <stlkedbymydentis> lol
[22:22] <dan2_> oh god
[22:22] <Doctor_trebek> ahahaahh
[22:23] <@Ampersand_> really nailed the teaching experience
[22:23] <stlkedbymydentis> hooooo dowgie
[22:23] <Doctor_trebek> "Victoria, step into my trunk"
[22:23] <dan2_> lol
[22:23] <besoin> did roberts have a stroke
[22:23] <@Ampersand_> he sounds drunk as a skunk
[22:23] <lhs> the mallest of practices
[22:23] <bob511> "If that were true, I would have been hired by the University of Michigan"
[22:24] <kayke_> I run this class the same way I run an operating room... into the ground
[22:24] <@Ampersand_> whoa baby
[22:24] <stlkedbymydentis> well here we go
[22:24] <Doctor_trebek> hell yes beck time
[22:24] <@Ampersand_> rockabyeeee
[22:24] <besoin> the vaguest nerve
[22:24] <kayke_> it sounds like she has viva rockvegas
[22:24] <@Ampersand_> he is so drunk. i've gotta catch up
[22:24] <Doctor_trebek> vesavatalsynope
[22:24] <stlkedbymydentis> i think roberts may have gotten a few of his teeth knocked out of place by that golf club
[22:25] <besoin> sycamore trees
[22:25] <dan2_> I hope there's a Q sort of tech guy supplying him with all his perv equipment
[22:25] <kayke_> "you've got a big ass"
[22:25] <besoin> how come the imaginary guy is sober
[22:25] <stlkedbymydentis> the good al is in the lodge and he can't leave
[22:26] <dan2_> I think the angle is that Good Eric is the stuff he's trying to drown out with alcohol, hence why he's always holding a drink
[22:26] <@Ampersand_> a man can't even practice photography in public anymore
[22:27] <bob511> Stalked By My Stalkee
[22:27] <stlkedbymydentis> dr. beck is basically jordan peterson huh
[22:27] <dan2_> when the creeper becomes the creep-ed
[22:27] <kayke_> I wanted it to just be a worm in the envelope
[22:27] <Doctor_trebek> "This sensation is odd....am I being...stalked?"
[22:27] <besoin> this is citrus college
[22:27] <@Ampersand_> ab so lute ly, dentist, tho Dr. Beck can actually perform his stated medical profession
[22:27] <kayke_> "first of all... what is buh-lud?"
[22:28] <dan2_> only 14 minutes in and this rolling hard
[22:28] <lhs> "maybe we should get a platelet of blood at dinner"
[22:28] <@Ampersand_> The Return will be hard to top, but i'm optimistic
[22:28] <@Ampersand_> "that's a skeleton, baybee"
[22:28] <dan2_> "no, that's a skeleton"
[22:28] <stlkedbymydentis> if she doesn't understand blood platelets i'm afraid she might not make a good cardiologist
[22:28] <bob511> "That's me with A president."
[22:28] <stlkedbymydentis> wait who was the president
[22:28] <Doctor_trebek> Love him given this medical terminology
[22:28] <@Ampersand_> ahahhaha
[22:29] <kayke_> take her to red lobster
[22:29] <@Ampersand_> cheddar biscuits
[22:29] <@Ampersand_> mmm
[22:29] <stlkedbymydentis> "bring it!"
[22:29] <dan2_> she's definetly the one, unlike those other two women who I thought were the one and turned out to be disgusted by me
[22:29] <@Ampersand_> love her Sex House patch
[22:29] <stlkedbymydentis> he basically has a mark corrigan level of awareness of women's feelings toward him
[22:29] <kayke_> now this is verging on goth
[22:29] <Doctor_trebek> Stalker House
[22:29] <bob511> Somehow he didn't imagine the juror falling for him, though.
[22:30] <lhs> i'd like to see him ripping a lobster apart in the bathroom while yelling "nobody cares nobody cares"
[22:30] <stlkedbymydentis> "sticking to the brain cells like my tongue is sticking to my mouth"
[22:30] <dan2_> I feel like almost legal still would get you in trouble
[22:30] <kayke_> that girl is audience surrogate and I'm worried for her safety
[22:31] <bob511> 45K/year for Southeast Arizona State?
[22:31] <@Ampersand_> maybe they got him to act by putting peanut butter on the rim of his vodka bottle
[22:31] <stlkedbymydentis> wait "almost legal"?
[22:31] <besoin> campus security office
[22:31] <dan2_> "it was just a harmless mix-up with my funpacks"
[22:31] <Doctor_trebek> ah
[22:31] <kayke_> "computer, enhance"
[22:31] <besoin> no, sh
[22:31] <@Ampersand_> "ah, a poor"
[22:32] <stlkedbymydentis> wait there's a list of people who live in a dorm on the dorm's website
[22:32] <dan2_> definite gif
[22:32] <@Ampersand_> daaaamn
[22:32] <stlkedbymydentis> ?
[22:32] <kayke_> yessss a look!
[22:32] <@Ampersand_> yeah, diggin it
[22:32] <bob511> Man, Cliff Martinez is scoring everything these days.
[22:32] <Doctor_trebek> Her 'theme' gets funnier every time it drops
[22:32] <stlkedbymydentis> love sophie's theme
[22:32] <kayke_> purple lipstick, leather jacket, mace
[22:32] <besoin> i think they're referencing the girl with the dragon tattoo
[22:33] <stlkedbymydentis> dentists!
[22:33] <@Ampersand_> The Girl With the Bride of Frankenstein Scar
[22:33] <dan2_> can you say spinoff series?
[22:33] <bob511> I don't know that Roberts can
[22:33] <@Ampersand_> aaaaahhh
[22:33] <bob511> Not with the dental work he's getting, anyway.
[22:33] <Doctor_trebek> All I have left is this teaching job and a $2m house
[22:33] <kayke_> throw him in a hole and throw away the hole
[22:33] <stlkedbymydentis> "and her"
[22:34] <@Ampersand_> his suit is Joker-esque
[22:34] <kayke_> this girl has bad instincts
[22:34] <besoin> didn't this girl realize he's a creep already
[22:34] <stlkedbymydentis> Eric Roberts Joker
[22:34] <stlkedbymydentis> omg
[22:34] <besoin> my crew
[22:34] <lhs> there needs to be a plot, besoin
[22:34] <kayke_> yes enlist the dirty boys
[22:34] <stlkedbymydentis> yung tarantino
[22:34] <Doctor_trebek> ER could totally do a decrepit DKR joker
[22:34] <besoin> i think this guy leads an acapella group
[22:34] <besoin> "we'll tune him up alright"
[22:34] <kayke_> ew no
[22:34] <kayke_> un-enlist them
[22:34] <Doctor_trebek> "Light filing'
[22:34] <besoin> this movie has men pegged
[22:34] <dan2_> half Andrew Garfield, half Haley Joel Osment
[22:35] <stlkedbymydentis> ok is this the boyfriend from the first one
[22:35] <kayke_> lmao
[22:35] <@Ampersand_> lol
[22:35] <stlkedbymydentis> wait it wasn't sex?
[22:35] <bob511> Stalked By My Mechanic and Part-Time Hitman
[22:35] <Doctor_trebek> ahahah
[22:35] <stlkedbymydentis> UH OH
[22:35] <dan2_> makes it look like that's a new play he's starring in
[22:35] <stlkedbymydentis> SOME TOUGHTS
[22:35] <Doctor_trebek> Toughs!
[22:35] <@Ampersand_> *scratches out REM, scribbles in a L*
[22:35] <kayke_> they are a west side story gang
[22:35] <lhs> he was running at him like he's in west side story
[22:35] <Doctor_trebek> Charged with elder abuse
[22:35] <@Ampersand_> "i didn't eat enough today"
[22:36] <kayke_> lmao he wants to see his classroom one last time
[22:36] <besoin> this performance
[22:36] <stlkedbymydentis> i just realized the lifetime logo changed again
[22:36] <dan2_> oooooh Golll-eeeeee
[22:36] <dan2_> that smarts!
[22:36] <kayke_> she doesn't even know what blood is!
[22:36] <bob511> Salt his arm?
[22:36] <besoin> learn something medical school?
[22:36] <Doctor_trebek> Sounded like 'saw off'
[22:36] <bob511> Oh, sew up.
[22:36] <@Ampersand_> "well, i justsohappen to have this bottle of vodka here in my desk wheeee"
[22:37] <kayke_> I don't even care if this girl gets stalked, it's natural selection
[22:37] <dan2_> DOCter
[22:37] <@Ampersand_> doctah doctah!
[22:37] <besoin> ugh
[22:38] <stlkedbymydentis> GIF
[22:38] <Doctor_trebek> gif
[22:38] <@Ampersand_> lol
[22:38] <stlkedbymydentis> can we please make that a standard gif
[22:38] <dan2_> current mood: island Eric
[22:38] <Doctor_trebek> Eric Roberts and Eric Roberts as the new Sonic guys
[22:38] <dan2_> song?!
[22:38] <@Ampersand_> yesss
[22:38] <@Ampersand_> holy
[22:38] <dan2_> ahahaha
[22:38] <kayke_> AAAAHAHAHAH
[22:38] <stlkedbymydentis> wait a second
[22:38] <Doctor_trebek> oh my god
[22:38] <@Ampersand_> his gut
[22:38] <kayke_> Is this LaLa Land?
[22:38] <dan2_> dancing in my seat
[22:38] <stlkedbymydentis> is this la la land
[22:39] <stlkedbymydentis> oh god damn
[22:39] <stlkedbymydentis> how did that happen
[22:39] <kayke_> hahaha
[22:39] <sideshowraheem> this is so crazy
[22:39] <stlkedbymydentis> phoe phoe land
[22:39] <besoin> is this a pastiche of a bunch of recent movies
[22:39] <dan2_> *hard cut to him huffing modeling glue in his car*
[22:39] <stlkedbymydentis> ok so i assume this means this is a hallucination
[22:39] <@Ampersand_> no guarantees
[22:40] <dan2_> and now a tap number by Good Eric
[22:40] <Doctor_trebek> So is this eligible for an Oscar or an Emmy?
[22:40] <Doctor_trebek> uh
[22:40] <besoin> EtOH land
[22:40] <stlkedbymydentis> grammy tbh
[22:40] <@Ampersand_> this is so poorly executed but i love that they tried it
[22:40] <dan2_> gonna steal all these moves
[22:40] <kayke_> is island doctor watching from the car?
[22:40] <stlkedbymydentis> ok
[22:41] <besoin> glad we're humanizing the stalker
[22:41] <kayke_> "thank you for learning that musical number, it means a lot to me"
[22:41] <kayke_> chokers = goth
[22:41] <stlkedbymydentis> yeah i'm very perplexed by the apparent rehabilitation of dr beck here
[22:41] <Doctor_trebek> He has to break bad
[22:42] <dan2_> failing to see how this is him being rehabilitated
[22:42] <dan2_> he's just not acting out on all his impulses
[22:42] <besoin> let's see what marco rubio here has to say
[22:42] <@Ampersand_> Frank Dean'Angelo
[22:42] <stlkedbymydentis> plus the dr looks like rick perry
[22:42] <kayke_> you and sophie have to fight to the death
[22:43] <Doctor_trebek> "It's some lyrics I'm working on"
[22:43] <kayke_> lol
[22:43] <@Ampersand_> salined to death
[22:43] <besoin> isn't that supposed to give you diarrhea
[22:43] <besoin> by movie logic
[22:44] <kayke_> her lunch looks sad
[22:44] <dan2_> please have the skeleton start talking to him at some point
[22:44] <kayke_> he poisoned her plain rice
[22:44] <lhs> if it's contact lens clear, it's the least traceable way to kill someone
[22:44] <@Ampersand_> her wig is RUINED
[22:44] <bob511> Sophie looking a little green.
[22:44] <stlkedbymydentis> ok good the dean is here
[22:44] <Doctor_trebek> WHAT HAPPENED
[22:44] <lhs> if i recall true crime tv shows
[22:44] <lhs> cleaner*
[22:44] <besoin> haha
[22:44] <dan2_> ahahaha
[22:44] <Doctor_trebek> ahah
[22:44] <@Ampersand_> she's been injecting formaldehyde
[22:45] <@Ampersand_> so goth
[22:45] <besoin> oh my god elephant tranquilizer
[22:45] <stlkedbymydentis> i like how he planted it and then pulled it out immediately and nobody saw it anyway
[22:45] <@Ampersand_> he shouldn't be good at everything medical
[22:45] <besoin> what a coinkydink
[22:45] <dan2_> I feel like she could say there's no fingerprints of hers on the drugs
[22:46] <besoin> seems like she could get the press on her side
[22:46] <lhs> or take a drug test
[22:47] <kayke_> it's not like he took an oath to "help people out"
[22:47] <kayke_> she's so goth and so strong
[22:47] <@Ampersand_> lol security
[22:47] <stlkedbymydentis> he has very feminine handwriting
[22:47] <Doctor_trebek> "I have a blog!"
[22:47] <kayke_> he's literally hiding behind that girl
[22:48] <besoin> they really seem to be making light of this
[22:48] <@Ampersand_> her secret weapon is going to be her suitemate, Gramps
[22:48] <besoin> heh
[22:48] <besoin> the register's office
[22:48] <kayke_> it's regiSTRAR mom
[22:48] <stlkedbymydentis> it is???
[22:48] <@Ampersand_> i think this is another Look
[22:49] <kayke_> this is def a look
[22:49] <besoin> when you were stalked by your pediatrician
[22:49] <@Ampersand_> "you're a horse girl, Sophie"
[22:49] <bob511> Didn't he try to kill her?
[22:49] <bob511> I guess I don't remember the details of the first movie.
[22:49] <@Ampersand_> sorta
[22:50] <@Ampersand_> he was thinking about it
[22:50] <stlkedbymydentis> my girlfriend just confirms that he did
[22:50] <kayke_> he fucked with her medication, right?
[22:50] <stlkedbymydentis> he put penicillin in her vagina pills, to which she was allergic
[22:50] <kayke_> mom is ride or die
[22:50] <stlkedbymydentis> ("vagina pills" was what my gf called them)
[22:50] <@Ampersand_> hahah whaaaat. not that was the mom
[22:51] <besoin> the donors, the budget
[22:51] <kayke_> yeah we're talking about the mom, is that not the same mom??
[22:51] <stlkedbymydentis> ah, man!
[22:51] <bob511> Yeah, I meant the mom.
[22:51] <besoin> fired by tiffany
[22:51] <dan2_> "ya gotta ease up on the sexual predation, at least for the next month"
[22:51] <@Ampersand_> they were vagina pills because mom was pre-menopausal
[22:51] <bob511> Since "he didn't try to kill you".
[22:52] <kayke_> why is this girl so all in on this old guy
[22:52] <@Ampersand_> let us not slander the good doctir
[22:52] <@Ampersand_> he only disposes of uncles
[22:52] <kayke_> shouldn't she be doing jello shots and taking naps? it's college
[22:52] <besoin> well now that he doesn't work there...
[22:52] <stlkedbymydentis> sldifughalsdkfsd
[22:52] <kayke_> this place doesn't have good doughnuts, I can tell
[22:53] <bob511> I guess they already finished their doughnuts.
[22:53] <@Ampersand_> great mozzarella sticks, tho
[22:53] <lhs> what is the correct wine pairing for a donut
[22:53] <@Ampersand_> depends
[22:53] <besoin> gewurtzaminer
[22:54] <besoin> *gewurztraminer
[22:54] <bob511> OK, she is definitely a stalker too.
[22:54] <kayke_> oh, she's christian
[22:54] <@Ampersand_> hey baby wanna get drunk and stalk?
[22:54] <Doctor_trebek> ah
[22:54] <lhs> dr daddy
[22:54] <dan2_> *Roberts pulls on collar and steam comes out*
[22:55] <bob511> Is it possible she's a crossover from a Stalked By we haven't watched?
[22:55] <stlkedbymydentis> is she wearing a wire
[22:55] <@Ampersand_> "how does 62 sound?
[22:55] <dan2_> she's from a side-story stalker movie that hasn't been made which will be a prequel
[22:55] <dan2_> at least that's what I imagine
[22:55] <besoin> now island beck is sloshed
[22:56] <kayke_> "how do you like v-necks?"
[22:56] <@Ampersand_> you should see his boat
[22:56] <besoin> welp, that's the tour
[22:56] <Doctor_trebek> Screening room?
[22:56] <besoin> haha
[22:56] <@Ampersand_> "you'd never know they film pornos here"
[22:57] <kayke_> wgagagagagaga
[22:57] <kayke_> she's gonna like it tho
[22:57] <dan2_> love how catty good Roberts is
[22:57] <besoin> is she doing a...gone...girl...or something
[22:57] <lhs> she came with the frame
[22:57] <@Ampersand_> lol
[22:57] <Doctor_trebek> Is there such a thing as stalker play?
[22:57] <kayke_> she's an android sophie programed
[22:58] <kayke_> using her new goth hacker powers
[22:58] <Doctor_trebek> Beckworld
[22:58] <@Ampersand_> disappointed it's not a waterbed
[22:58] <dan2_> she's gonna black widow his ass
[22:58] <besoin> is this part of sophie's plan
[22:58] <besoin> to stab him with a big knife
[22:58] <@Ampersand_> she's improvising
[22:58] <dan2_> maybe it becomes a race between the two women as to who gets to murder Roberts first
[22:59] <kayke_> maybe she's going to slice a cake
[22:59] <@Ampersand_> threeeeeeeway
[22:59] <sideshowraheem> oh my god
[22:59] <kayke_> that jacket looks cheap as hell
[22:59] <besoin> ehhhhh
[22:59] <stlkedbymydentis> something weird is going on here
[22:59] <lhs> ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
[22:59] <besoin> please no
[22:59] <@Ampersand_> fahntasee
[22:59] <kayke_> he's off his meds
[22:59] <Doctor_trebek> Fantasies withing fantasies
[23:00] <kayke_> or they're going to eat him alive
[23:00] <stlkedbymydentis> wowwwwwwwww
[23:00] <lhs> please no jackets from instagram ads in this house
[23:00] <stlkedbymydentis> uh
[23:01] <besoin> seems like a big hiker
[23:01] <kayke_> she looks like every woman from full house combined
[23:01] <dan2_> lol
[23:01] <besoin> perfect
[23:01] <@Ampersand_> yesss
[23:01] <besoin> hard candy now
[23:02] <kayke_> iStalkie
[23:02] <@Ampersand_> looool
[23:02] <bob511> Going to draw and quarter him with four ride-on mowers.
[23:02] <besoin> very effective gag
[23:02] <lhs> heh
[23:02] <stlkedbymydentis> so is the entire second movie totally superfluous to the plot of the trilogy
[23:02] <@Ampersand_> feels like it, sadly
[23:02] <besoin> what on earth
[23:02] <dan2_> it helps flesh out the world
[23:03] <kayke_> why did she not say amputate
[23:03] <kayke_> this is bad writing
[23:03] <dan2_> snipped by my doctor
[23:03] <besoin> forgot her homework
[23:03] <lhs> decockblocked
[23:04] <kayke_> yaaas
[23:04] <@Ampersand_> "Albert, i had no idea you were so kinky"
[23:04] <kayke_> nooo
[23:04] <@Ampersand_> omg
[23:04] <@Ampersand_> that run
[23:04] <kayke_> run in a z formation
[23:04] <@Ampersand_> awesome
[23:04] <kayke_> YES MOM
[23:05] <besoin> yeah, her phone won't give her away
[23:05] <kayke_> it's a burner
[23:05] <stlkedbymydentis> i feel like this entire movie is a hallucination
[23:05] <stlkedbymydentis> not like, a dr beck hallucination
[23:05] <kayke_> wahahahat was that
[23:05] <stlkedbymydentis> like i'm hallucinating that it wxists
[23:05] <bob511> "Shhshshhshhshshhh"
[23:05] <Doctor_trebek> joies dession
[23:05] <kayke_> I'm one of his soul mates
[23:06] <@Ampersand_> "Mrs. Peterson" sounds ominous
[23:06] <kayke_> bare foot on the fucking couch, you know they're doing it
[23:06] <kayke_> you don't just get barefoot on someone's couch
[23:06] <@Ampersand_> want. those. pajamas.
[23:06] <kayke_> lol
[23:06] <besoin> gosh who is gaslighting who
[23:06] <Doctor_trebek> ahah mom
[23:07] <dan2_> The Unimommer
[23:07] <@Ampersand_> ahaha
[23:07] <besoin> heh
[23:07] <bob511> Heh
[23:07] <kayke_> good thing mom can pull off those goth pants
[23:07] <kayke_> the store I work at sells those stupid counter containers
[23:07] <kayke_> I hate rich people decor
[23:07] <lhs> is it homesense
[23:08] <kayke_> nah it's a mom and pop shop
[23:08] <kayke_> those are from the "gerson collection"
[23:08] <besoin> she must be missing a lot of class
[23:08] <kayke_> anyway, there's a gun in play now?
[23:09] <@Ampersand_> i will protect my dad
[23:09] <lhs> did he get divorced from the mom in the second one, or did that really not happen in this one
[23:09] <kayke_> uuuu
[23:09] <besoin> did sophie punch this girl in the forehead
[23:09] <bob511> It's Arizona, there was always a gun in play.
[23:09] <Doctor_trebek> 'or more likely the rest of your life with you'
[23:09] <@Ampersand_> i'm imagining there was an annulment
[23:09] <besoin> call sheriff joe
[23:10] <Doctor_trebek> whaaat
[23:10] <kayke_> WHAAAT
[23:10] <dan2_> not to ha
[23:10] <besoin> of all the cardiology 101 classes, she walked into mine
[23:10] <stlkedbymydentis> this entire movie is astounding
[23:11] <@Ampersand_> like he doesn't have leftover acid
[23:11] <lhs> so they're going to driveby her
[23:11] <dan2_> "We have to do it Jesse, there's no other way"
[23:11] <kayke_> this is so much better than I could have imagined
[23:11] <besoin> this blonde girl is working for sophie, right?
[23:11] <@Ampersand_> ahahahahah
[23:11] <stlkedbymydentis> she's entrapping him
[23:11] <bob511> Are they going to refill the gas tank while driving?
[23:11] <stlkedbymydentis> for sure
[23:11] <bob511> That doesn't seem wise.
[23:12] <@Ampersand_> loveit
[23:12] <besoin> does anyone know this girl's name?
[23:12] <besoin> first name
[23:12] <@Ampersand_> nope
[23:12] <dan2_> I hope Island Eric gets to roam around free once real Eric is locked up
[23:12] <lhs> melissa
[23:12] <besoin> really? doesn't ring a bell at all
[23:12] <@Ampersand_> Sophie, Amy, Melissa. the holy trinity
[23:12] <lhs> they said it once
[23:12] <kayke_> I want Island Eric to fight club style take over their body
[23:12] <stlkedbymydentis> who should have directed this
[23:12] <besoin> melissa means honeybee
[23:12] <besoin> this girl stings
[23:12] <@Ampersand_> Melissa is hard to pancake
[23:13] <lhs> that license plate was filthy
[23:13] <kayke_> melissa means pancake, hard to flip
[23:13] <besoin> i'd drive directly to sugarfish
[23:13] <dan2_> "she's putting on a scorpion jacket"
[23:13] <stlkedbymydentis> yeah def in cahoots
[23:14] <kayke_> okay, so what if it was like chekov's bisexual in the beginning
[23:14] <dan2_> I dunno, I'm still banking on her being a psycho
[23:14] <kayke_> and the two girls are a couple
[23:14] <besoin> she did sleep with him though
[23:14] <@Ampersand_> a sacrifice
[23:14] <@Ampersand_> actually, i still think Dr. Beck is a virgin
[23:14] <besoin> love her assassination outfit
[23:14] <@Ampersand_> an incel
[23:14] <kayke_> she's ride or die but for who
[23:14] <stlkedbymydentis> oohhhhh
[23:14] <Doctor_trebek> This is a con
[23:14] <besoin> gone girl
[23:14] <@Ampersand_> holy
[23:14] <@Ampersand_> fuck
[23:15] <Doctor_trebek> ahahahahah
[23:15] <dan2_> ok, now shes def a fake
[23:15] <besoin> haha
[23:15] <stlkedbymydentis> lskdfhalksduflaksudhff
[23:15] <bob511> LOL
[23:15] <dan2_> whoa indeed
[23:15] <besoin> this is super hell level now
[23:15] <kayke_> stalked by my stalker's stalker
[23:15] <besoin> ehhhh
[23:16] <stlkedbymydentis> wait she's had her death faked before
[23:16] <@Ampersand_> lol true
[23:16] <@Ampersand_> how soon we forget
[23:16] <lhs> fool us once, sophie
[23:16] <stlkedbymydentis> yeah this is definitely like a number of layers happening here
[23:16] <dan2_> it's gonna turn out she just stole the skeleton from his classroom
[23:16] <stlkedbymydentis> i'm actually impressed
[23:16] <@Ampersand_> "very sketchy ring found on her finger"
[23:16] <kayke_> yeah mom knew sophie was disappearing
[23:17] <dan2_> Gaslighted by my Stalkee
[23:17] <besoin> goned by my girl
[23:17] <@Ampersand_> okay but how did they do her voice
[23:17] <stlkedbymydentis> oh yeah
[23:17] <kayke_> boombox
[23:17] <dan2_> little hair of the dog
[23:17] <kayke_> which is also how they did the explosion
[23:17] <@Ampersand_> i mean this is 100% con
[23:17] <@Ampersand_> but still
[23:17] <dan2_> without a doubt
[23:17] <kayke_> please my love
[23:18] <dan2_> it seems like it would cost tens of millions of dollars though
[23:18] <kayke_> this house is mc mansion hell
[23:18] <@Ampersand_> look at that guy's hair
[23:18] <besoin> where's island beck
[23:18] <kayke_> so silly
[23:19] <lhs> slowly turning into old dracula gary oldman
[23:19] <dan2_> he's gonna try to pin this all on Island Beck
[23:19] <kayke_> yessss
[23:19] <Doctor_trebek> ahah
[23:19] <kayke_> the thick plottens
[23:19] <besoin> meanwhile he escapes
[23:19] <stlkedbymydentis> heeere we go
[23:19] <besoin> is she wearing a toga
[23:19] <kayke_> I'm sorry I ever doubted you, bumblebee
[23:19] <@Ampersand_> are we sure her name isn't JUDAS?
[23:19] <sideshowraheem> "Did I do that?"- Dr. Beck
[23:19] <kayke_> lol
[23:20] <stlkedbymydentis> this is insane
[23:20] <dan2_> the stalkman killer is comletely insane
[23:20] <besoin> he used one syringe -- pmnly 5 left
[23:20] <besoin> 4 now
[23:20] <sideshowraheem> feel like the next musical number is coming up any second here
[23:20] <besoin> *only
[23:20] <bob511> He needs a gun that, like, fires these syringes.
[23:20] <besoin> haha
[23:20] <@Ampersand_> what if that was the same syringe. how unsanitary
[23:20] <kayke_> he lives on a horse farm
[23:21] <kayke_> that drink looked good
[23:21] <dan2_> True Detective season 3 right there
[23:21] <kayke_> those bombs were just sleeves of saltine crackers
[23:21] <besoin> practically?
[23:21] <besoin> joewjfjlsdfkl;sdklv;k'sdfgre
[23:21] <sideshowraheem> what
[23:21] <@Ampersand_> this really is what keeps Jordan Peterson up at night
[23:21] <Doctor_trebek> ...
[23:21] <kayke_> or something
[23:22] <lhs> wow
[23:22] <bob511> I can't believe she still hasn't figured out what word she has on her forehead.
[23:22] <kayke_> lol
[23:22] <dan2_> oh yeah, he said he was going to blow up my boobs as well
[23:22] <@Ampersand_> lol
[23:22] <kayke_> LOL
[23:22] <kayke_> I wanna know what love is, I want you to stalk me
[23:22] <@Ampersand_> I WANNA KNOW WHAT LOVE IS
[23:22] <@Ampersand_> ahahahaha
[23:23] <dan2_> what if this all just an even more elaborate version of the White Bear episode of Black Mirror
[23:23] <@Ampersand_> a ad look
[23:23] <kayke_> I have to pee but I can't miss any of these twists and turns
[23:23] <@Ampersand_> *bad
[23:23] <@Ampersand_> hold out
[23:23] <kayke_> this drink he has looks even better
[23:23] <@Ampersand_> turdminal
[23:23] <kayke_> each drink is more tropical than the last
[23:24] <stlkedbymydentis> does he have a third identity to get through customs
[23:24] <lhs> girl drink drunk
[23:24] <bob511> Lecture Halls
[23:24] <sideshowraheem> "I really loved her, I barely tried to kill anyone when I was with her"
[23:24] <bob511> College Buildings
[23:24] <dan2_> final scene will be Island Beck watching real Beck's casket getting lowered into the ground, while he drinks from a coconut
[23:25] <@Ampersand_> time 2 goth
[23:25] <besoin> sure is green in phoenix
[23:25] <@Ampersand_> i'm pulling for IV
[23:25] <kayke_> Island Beck is the Beetlejuice 2: Beetlejuice goes to Hawaii that we never got
[23:25] <besoin> *SHOCK*
[23:25] <kayke_> kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss
[23:26] <@Ampersand_> yea kiss
[23:26] <@Ampersand_> ahahahaha
[23:26] <kayke_> if they don't kiss this movie was made by cowards
[23:26] <dan2_> seems like an unbelieveable amount of work to pull this off
[23:26] <lhs> so it's like wild things
[23:26] <kayke_> WHAT
[23:26] <besoin> laverne and shirley disguises
[23:26] <lhs> pray we don't see his dong
[23:26] <kayke_> Are they rachel dozaling her
[23:26] <@Ampersand_> you know Beck is thinking "halfway to a threeway"
[23:26] <dan2_> I would just whack him in the kneecaps with a pipe and call it a day
[23:27] <besoin> does he have his syringes
[23:27] <kayke_> mother of dragons
[23:27] <besoin> she looks like a youtuber
[23:28] <stlkedbymydentis> i really don't know who we are meant to be cheering for
[23:28] <kayke_> that is not a "blending in" look
[23:28] <lhs> realhousewifed by my doctor stalker
[23:28] <besoin> it's pretty obvious, beck
[23:28] <@Ampersand_> i think we're team beck, yeah
[23:28] <kayke_> "best friends"
[23:28] <Doctor_trebek> aah
[23:28] <besoin> researched the internet
[23:28] <@Ampersand_> we researched the internet11//W
[23:28] <@Ampersand_> aaaaaaahhhh
[23:29] <dan2_> you know what's even easier is just killing him
[23:29] <lhs> we downloaded the internet and 3D printed a bomb
[23:29] <@Ampersand_> so sophie is a ventriloquist
[23:29] <kayke_> shaggy from scooby doo is
[23:29] <@Ampersand_> "and she looked fly doing it"
[23:29] <kayke_> why not sophie
[23:29] <sideshowraheem> "she's going to be called Qveen Herby now, and we thought you'd never find her"
[23:29] <@Ampersand_> ahahahahahahahahah
[23:30] <besoin> mel is really spilling her guts
[23:30] <dan2_> twist: this is all a hallucination by Sophie
[23:30] <bob511> Aha
[23:30] <Doctor_trebek> hojly shit
[23:30] <kayke_> he's gonna switch their butts
[23:30] <dan2_> brain swap time
[23:30] <@Ampersand_> curious w/r/t The Wrong Son
[23:30] <besoin> where'd he get all that stuff
[23:31] <@Ampersand_> "meaning tetris"
[23:31] <kayke_> lol
[23:31] <sideshowraheem> she wasn't kidding about the boob cutting
[23:31] <lhs> and then stick a hot pocket in there
[23:32] <dan2_> "is this gonna be on the final?"
[23:32] <besoin> where's mom
[23:32] <@Ampersand_> lol dan
[23:32] <stlkedbymydentis> "the wrong son" sounds good
[23:32] <kayke_> I'd watch the wrong son
[23:33] <kayke_> so confirmed they did have sex
[23:33] <@Ampersand_> disappointing
[23:33] <lhs> 911? my profession is being embarrassed
[23:33] <besoin> yeah, that'll do it
[23:33] <Doctor_trebek> So much ball trauma
[23:33] <kayke_> lol lhs
[23:34] <besoin> shoot him
[23:34] <kayke_> THE GUN
[23:34] <besoin> again
[23:34] <sideshowraheem> if a gun appears in the second act it will club a dude in the 3rd
[23:34] <besoin> gosh!
[23:34] <bob511> Maybe the brain damage will allow him to move the left side of his mouth again.
[23:34] <kayke_> he halloweened
[23:34] <sideshowraheem> ahahaha
[23:34] <besoin> the black detective shaved his mustache
[23:35] <kayke_> take off that silly ass wig
[23:35] <@Ampersand_> aaaaaaaaaaaaahha
[23:35] <@Ampersand_> "the butler!"
[23:35] <Doctor_trebek> 'You look like an Ummpa Loompa'
[23:35] <@Ampersand_> lol
[23:35] <Doctor_trebek> They both go down for 5-7 years
[23:35] <bob511> Should have sprung for the wire-rimmed glasses, too.
[23:35] <Doctor_trebek> Mom too
[23:36] <kayke_> mom-ccomplice
[23:36] <stlkedbymydentis> i'm waaaAAaaaaasted
[23:36] <Doctor_trebek> You I am possible
[23:36] <stlkedbymydentis> transition lenses
[23:36] <stlkedbymydentis> eric roberts is so close to being gramps
[23:36] <kayke_> me @ me but talking about eating burger king
[23:36] <@Ampersand_> i am actually concerned about how wasted he is
[23:37] <lhs> remix
[23:37] <@Ampersand_> lol
[23:37] <stlkedbymydentis> his brain is broke
[23:37] <bob511> He's disappointed to retire to Costa Rica, when his previous plan was retiring in Arizona.
[23:37] <besoin> shouldn't there be a third, evil beck
[23:38] <lhs> that is the evil beck
[23:38] <dan2_> next one will be Sophie teaming up with Island Beck to find real Beck's new location
[23:38] <besoin> wait what
[23:38] <stlkedbymydentis> wowwwwwwww
[23:38] <besoin> that felt kind of abrupt
[23:38] <dan2_> *cut to black*
[23:38] <kayke_> okaaaay
[23:38] <bob511> Dr. Beck will return in...
[23:38] <@Ampersand_> i mean, that's promising a IV
[23:38] <@Ampersand_> i'm content
[23:38] <besoin> he's just out there in his purple 4runner
[23:38] <dan2_> Stalked By My Doctor: Final Wars
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Postby Ampersand » Fri Jun 15, 2018 8:17 pm

This Sunday,
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Postby Ampersand » Sun Jun 17, 2018 12:03 pm

Check the hpn db folder to join!
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Postby Kevin McCallister » Sun Jun 17, 2018 12:12 pm

Okay that looks like a lot of fun.
kranky wrote:the monster mash isn't actually halloween specific and is just a monster party that could happen at any time.
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Postby donna martin » Sun Jun 17, 2018 12:50 pm

That mullet....
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Postby Ampersand » Sun Jun 17, 2018 5:08 pm

Ampersand wrote:Tonight!
Check the hpn db folder to join!
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